Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Hermes Trismegistus [Tea Party] and Cheshire Cat

Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Hermes Trismegistus [Tea Party] and Cheshire Cat

Hermes Trismegistus [Tea Party]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12900/15393

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10143


Dark blessings (MAX): Deals 4467/5327 DMG to the 2 enemies with the highest ATK, target receives 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.

Sage of Three (lvl 70): Increases 10% of ATK speed of all allies.

Founder of Alchemy (lvl 81): Increases 15% of the EXP gained from battle.


Hermes, the very first daemon introduced with an EXP ability, is back. She is actually quite similar to her original form, albeit with boosted abilities and stats to keep up with the power creep. Doppella Gänger ’s 2 versions are included for comparison.

DaemonHermes TrismegistusHermes Trismegistus [Tea Party]Doppella Gänger Doppella Gänger [Lunar New Year]
Skill DMG1961/23414467/53272808/33493001/3579
Effect on SkillParalysis (very high – 100%)Targets receive 30/36% More DMG
Targeting2 Ranged2 Highest ATK2 Lowest HP2 Highest ATK
EXP bonus (level)10% (level 75)15% (81)
Other ability (level)All allies speed boost 10% (70)Increase DMG Dealt 25% (70)
Increase Crit DMG 15% when Mikazuki Munechika is on the team (77)
Targets receive 40% More DMG (77)
Acquired byTower (exchange items)Limited Jewel SummonLimited Jewel SummonConquest (Level Boss)

This version of Hermes is much more powerful than her original – but this to be expected given she is a Limited Jewel Summon daemon. The original Hermes was used heavily mainly because she was the only EXP boosting daemon for quite a long time. In today’s environment, many such daemons have already been released, so 15% EXP boost, while good, isn’t that spectacular any more.

For her skill, Hermes performs extremely well when compared to other 2 target hitters, even fellow LJS daemon Doppella Gänger with Mikazuki Munechika present produces less damage, and that’s not even considering Hermes’ average sized debuff. Unfortunately, beyond being the clear winner among 2 target hitters, Hermes suffers from the 2 target hitter syndrome: she does not hit enough targets to be really effective as a wave clearer – 3 target or all target hitters do that better; her damage and debuff percentage is diluted over 2 targets, rather than being focused on a single target.

She gains a team wide 10% speed boost ability on her first copy. Speed changes in game are incredibly difficult to detect. On shorter battles one might not even notice any additional auto attacks from a speed boosted daemon. One would need a stage like the World Boss to be able to measure a difference in number of auto attacks caused by speed boosts. For team wide speed boosts, one would likely be better off with Beelzebub [Halloween] with a 20% speed boost (limited to final wave), Old Clock Chronos (10% speed boost and 10% boost to battle time) or Stella: Pisces with a 15% speed boost to all allies coupled together with 10% damage boost the 2 highest hitting team members. Any of these daemons would make for better reserves to boost your team’s damage than Hermes.

In general, despite stat and skill improvements, Hermes is an EXP farming daemon at heart. While she is neither a top tier nuker nor debuffer nor wave clearer, nice stats and skill damage on a farming daemon would make for faster farming. Farming teams generally struggle to clear stages fast enough, so Hermes would solve that problem. Unfortunately Hermes’s 15% EXP ability is locked at level 81, which is higher than that of Sherlock Holmes – level 80 Sherlock unlocked a 20% EXP boost, and he can be bonded to another daemon and not take up a slot in the team itself.

For the average player the cost to acquire 4 copies (or 1 copy and 3 orbs) of Hermes for her own sake is likely to be prohibitive and poor value for resources spent. But for players pulling for Cheshire and getting enough copies of Hermes at the same time, Hermes would prove to be a staple in their farm teams.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.4 / 10 (Above average 5*)

Hermes is actually the best 2 target damage dealer in the game…it’s just that 2 targets are the worst type! Still as a farming daemon she’s very good, but for everything else she’s “whatever”. Requiring LB3 however means only likely to be obtained by people summoning for Cheshire and getting her at least once instead (like me #notsalty).

Cheshire Cat

5 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Jester (lvl 75): Increases 50% of Crit DMG

Philosopher (lvl 90): Increases 50% of Skill DMG


Cheshire Cat is an assist daemon designed for damage. She is in the same class of assist daemons as Saigyo, Basho and Eihort – they provide massive boosts for your main damage dealer without a team wide effect.

DaemonSaigyoBashoEihortCheshire Cat
Base Bond EffectSkill DMGHPAttackSkill DMG
Assist Bond35% Crit DMG45% DMG (final wave only)10% Stun on Auto40% Skill DMG50% Crit DMG50% Skill DMG
Level Unlocked736070, 8575, 90
Acquired byEvent Helper 4* (50 Mochi each, multiple copies available)Event Helper 4* (50 Mochi each, multiple copies available)Limited Jewel Summon (200 Mochi each, trade maximum 1 copy)Limited Jewel Summon (200 Mochi each, trade maximum 1 copy)

When bonded, Cheshire Cat will provide your main damage dealer a huge damage boost. Damage, Skill Damage and Crit Damage all stack together multiplicatively, so a Cheshire Cat bond takes care of 2 of the 3 different boosts. 50% boosts on crit damage and skill damage are both massive.

For example, take MLB Minamoto no Yoshitsune with 16228 ATK and 7195 Skill DMG. He has 20% DMG Boost and 20% Crit DMG boost from his own abilities, and the boosts target himself.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune bonded with: Full Skill bonds (22.5%)Basho (final wave) with 15% Skill BondCheshire Cat with 15% Skill Bond (total 20% Skill Bond)
Auto DMG194826781948
Auto Crit467464276621
Skill DMG105771365214668
Skill Crit253843276649904

Both Basho and Cheshire Cat assists would result in superior damage output for Yoshitsune vs using standard skill bonds. Basho boosts auto attacks more uniformly, whereas Cheshire Cat provides a smaller boost to auto attacks – only 1 part of her ability would be in affect, and even then only when Yoshitsune crits. However on skill attacks the Cheshire Cat assist with 2 different boosts beats that of Basho, with only 1 boost. If a crit rate booster is in use and Yoshitsune is critting often on both autos and skill, then the damage with Cheshire Cat bonded would typically exceed that of a Basho bond.

It is clear that Cheshire Cat provide the best damage assist for your damage dealer (unless your damage dealer does not use skill attacks, and never crits). The main challenge for players would be in obtaining sufficient copies of her to unlock her full potential. It is pointless to go half way and unlock only the first ability – doing so costs 200 Mochi plus 1 orb, which is already a much higher cost than a copy of Basho with his ability unlocked (50 mochi only) – and 50% Crit DMG alone is not better than 45% all DMG. For Cat to be demonstrably better than Basho, she needs to be level 90. That would require a huge amount of resources to obtain: 200 mochi plus 4 orbs, or some combination of invokers or jewel summons and winning the 50-50 against Hermes to replace orb use. Do also note that daemons limit broken via orb use are not sealable, so that means if 4 orbs are used, one cannot break Cheshire Cat up after she is unlocked to bond her to multiple different damage dealers. Orbed daemons also cannot be sold on auction at a later date unless Mitama updates the Auction House feature further.

To conclude: Cheshire Cat is an excellent assist daemon that would boost one’s damage output massively. Unfortunately she is exorbitant and extremely expensive to acquire. To get the best out of her she needs to go all the way to level 90. Otherwise it might be wiser to hoard those precious orbs, invokers and mochi and spend them on the next meta daemon that appears.

Emilio’s Rating: 9.5 / 10 (God Tier)

The best damage assist there is period, but at the cost of MLB on a LJS…ouch! Also realistically you would want 2 “real” copies to be able to split it onto two damage dealers – which means gambling with Hermes. If you have no resources it’s probably best just to pick up the 1 copy and check back in 3-4 months time to see what’s best to orb.

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