Get Ready! The October Sports Meet at the Tokyo Blue Cemetry! Event Daemon Analysis

Get Ready! The October Sports Meet at the Tokyo Blue Cemetry! Event Daemon Analysis

Hello! It’s me Emilio again this time to look at the current event daemon rewards and whether these are valuable assets for your collection or just more mochi for the future, let’s take a look, starting with the most interesting daemon, the top prize:

Holy Grail

Holy Grail

5 ★Range Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 11,200/13,365

Max/MLB HP: 9,800/11,694


Inquiring Chalice: Restores 2704/3294 HP to the ally with the highest ATK, increases target’s crit rate by 30/36% for a limited time

Grail of Miracles (Lvl 26): Significantly increases critical damage to skill targets

Miraculous Powers (Lvl 79): Moderate chance of restoring 100% HP to skill targets.


Stats wise Holy Grail is ideal. Her 11,200 attack lies above average for a 5* but remains below the highest levels – however this is necessary and important in order for her ability to target your damage dealer (even a skill bonded nuker) rather than buff herself. Notably it is less than Titania New Year (11,800), Guillotine (11,800), and Nekogami (12,000), 3 of the 4 top tier nukers. Its unfortunately tied with Leo at 11,200 and greater than Platina at 11,000 (for all the elf users) which means if used together Leo/Platina may need 1 attack bond in order to guarantee being targeted by Holy Grail, or Grail may have to be kept at a slightly lower level than max. Her 9,800 health is second for Ranged 5* only to the recently released Kongming (9,850) which allows her to be tanky enough to not require extra protection which would take away from damage dealing.

(This is rather long! Scroll down to the bottom for a tl;dr)

Taking her skill set as a whole, the 3 current daemon who boost both crit rate and crit damage are Katsushika Hokusai, Qilin, and Apollo’s Harp and so these naturally lend to the best comparisons. Before I go into numbers it should be noted that all of these 3 are very powerful daemons. Previous posts by me have highlighted the significance of stacking mixed buffs, and this is a set of daemons who give both crit rate and crit damage to your damage dealers. The question therefore is essentially how well does Holy Grail stand up to these current meta definers. Let’s take a look at the damage increasing effect of their abilities on ranged daemon:

Crit Rate Boosters

EDIT: Holy Grail’s Critical Damage boost has been tested at 60% not 50%! This makes her DMG increase 86.9% on one use and 231.4% on two uses!


Side Note:

Range daemon are taken to have 22.5% base crit rate and 200% base crit damage. This gives Range daemon a base damage % of 22.5%*2+77.5%*1=122.5%. The damage increase of a buff is therefore calculated as: [(base crit rate+crit rate buff)*(2+2*crit damage buff)+(1-base crit rate-crit rate buff)*1]/base damage rate.

Max Critical Rate is taken to be 90% (it’s considered there is a maximum limit although it’s definitive rate is unknown)

This is possibly the most interesting table I have looked at for Otogi, and it can essentially split these 4 daemon into 2 pairs: Qilin and Apollo; Katsushika and Holy Grail. Qilin and Apollo both affect all daemons. Whilst Qilin is significantly stronger (assuming a divina based team) when her skill is used once, the second use of the skill sees the effectiveness curtailed since her crit rate boost is high enough that 1 use already pushes crit rate to above 75%, so a second use does not achieve its full effect. Furthermore Apollo’s crit damage boost stacks alongside her crit rate boost, giving her a significant advantage when her skill is used twice.

This is identical for Katsushika and Holy Grail. Whilst Katsushika is essentially the best focused single damage boost in the game when using his skill once (with the exception of Gjallerhorn), Holy Grails slightly lower crit rate combined with a stacking crit damage boost means when the skills are used twice she gains a significant increase, boosting your main damage dealers output by 231%, whilst Katsushika’s second boost is cut off by the critical rate cap.

This is not to say that Holy Grail is actually the vessel with miraculous powers that we all need to try obtain. There are still advantages to each daemon. Katsushika’s ability targets two daemon to Grails 1, and his critical damage boost whilst non-stacking is permanent rather than on skill use. Grail’s advantages are her raw stats (60% more normal attack than Katsushika and 83% more health for survivability) and her stackable skill.

This leads to each being situationally superior to the other. In events where there are sustained periods of auto attacking or survivability to AoE threats is an issue Holy Grail can prove to be the better option. Adding to this the fact her skill heals (and can possibly full heal) your damage dealer she provides survivability to other daemons too whilst Katsushika provides none. On the other hand where your damage output is largely determined by short frequent skill combinations Katsushika’s stronger boost to 2 targets is a much better choice.

Team composition and how you need to use orbs will therefore also affect which daemon is preferred. If you can build a team that focuses around maximising one daemons damage output (say Leonardo) and are using large combo strings, Holy Grail is likely to produce better damage outputs by stacking her ability. If your damage is more spread between 2 or 3 damage dealers (a nuker with a pseudo nuker/AoE clearer e.g Belphegor) then Katsushika is likely to be better due to his dual targeting.


Overall then Holy Grail can certainly perform very well as a damage booster in a team set up and is strong enough to compete with longstanding top tier boosters. Her usage however has to be considered carefully with the situation in order to maximise the potential of your team.



5 ★Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7,750/9,248

Max/MLB HP: 9,000/10.739


Persistent Heat: Deal 5,388/6429 Damage to the enemy with the most HP. Target deals 30/36% less damage for a limited time.

Super Hot-blooded (Lvl 28): Significantly increases ATK speed when HP is below 50%

Kabuki Performer (Lvl 75): Sharply reduces DMG taken


Stats wise Donjuro’s attack is average for a 5* melee. Whilst his HP may also look average after taking his damage reduction passive into account he is relatively tanky with 14,812 effective health ranking 9th amongst daemon (losing out to Ghoula, Hikoboshi, Witch Ravenna, Princess Oto, Outenta, Durendal, Kogitsunemaru and Kondo Isami [Party]).

His skill is a single target nuke with decent base damage, however when considering effective damage combining passives his nuke damage output is rather mediocre at an average damage of 7,952, putting him behind even 4*’s such as Camael (8,769), AMR Rem (8,423), Amanogawa (8,109), and even further behind any decent 5* nuker including some melee ones such as Fenrir (7,971), Murasamemaru (9,441) and Balmung (9,824). Whilst he does have the added ability of reducing his targets’ damage by 30/36%, this is not really a desirable trait for a single target ability. Perhaps a more direct comparison is with Witch Ravenna and Forge Washington, all being event reward 5* melee with similar skill sets.

Danjuro and Event Single Target Daemons

Danjuro’s main advantage over the other two is his attack speed increase below 50% health, increasing his normal attack damage significantly, however this is unreliable due to its attached condition as it is nearly impossible to sustain his health at this level (he is simply going to be healed back over the 50% mark, or without a healer is going to die). Whilst he does have better skill damage than Witch, she provides a much better CC effect reducing a targets damage by an extra 17% as well as bringing a passive silence and being tankier due to her health regen. Whilst Forge looks the weakest numbers wise his 10% lifesteal means he is probably the tankiest of all 3 (lifesteal is not factored into effective health calculation) since one Nuke will heal him anywhere between 400 and possibly up to 5,000 depending on buffs. Danjuro’s raw skill damage output would be his reason for being picked over the other two then, but then consider the above list of better nukers and it may be a question of why use him.

Overall he is not a bad card, a decent nuker providing survivability to the team with his skill effect and having some himself with his passive ability. There are however other similar cards who can easily fill his role and perhaps do a better job – namely the two in the table above. If you are considering him for his nuke damage other daemon should be considered first who can do significantly more damage with their skill and perhaps altering your team for survivability through other means.



4 ★Range Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 8,200/10,054

Max/MLB HP: 6,000/7,356


Battle Aura: Increases Crit Rate to 2 allies (melee priority) by 42/52% for a limited time

Spirit of War (Lvl 21): Sharply increases skill targets Crit DMG


Well well well, what do we have here, another crit rate crit damage booster! The direct comparison is to Katsushika Hokusai again, both being 4*, both targeting 2 units. Stats wise 8,200 attack is good but nothing exceptional for a 4*. 6,000 health is relatively high but not quite the upper reaches Handscroll of Immortal Poets (6,500), Gangr Gatling (6,350), Roman Candell/Hera/Daji (6,200) or Star Mine (6,100).

Although her stats are significantly better than Katsushika, stats for this type of card are a secondary factor since her abilities define how good she is. Her crit rate boost of 42/52% is only just shy of Katsushika’s 45/55%. Her crit damage passive however is weaker, only being active during her skill’s active time and (assumedly) being only 20% compared to Katsushika’s 30%. Onyudo’s passive ability will stack however in a similar fashion to Holy Grail, leading to the same comparisons above – on a second use Onyudo will provide a bigger boost than Katsushika. Since she targets melee units also she is not affected as significantly by hitting the crit rate cap either since melee units have a lower base crit rate (although will still naturally lose some effectiveness).

The significant difference lies in the targeting however. Whilst Katsushika targets the highest attack daemon, likely to be 2 ranged units, Onyudo is unique among the crit damage/rate boosters to targeting specifically melee. This opens up a bit more freedom for teams who are reliant on a melee nuker, not having to ensure their melee unit has the highest attack in order to receive the buff allowing for multiple higher attack ranged units to also be included (a possible example being Belphegor for clearing and Joan of Arc [Fireworks] for survivability+damage boost).

Overall I would consider her a slightly weaker version of Katsushika, however still a strong daemon. If you consider that 1 use of her skill is a 66.8% damage boost to 2 targets (remember Katsushika’s was 82.9% above) this is still a large damage output boost for 1 skill orb. Her usage however is more niche due to her targetting, being aligned more to specific teams whose damage comes from melee units. Considering this is a conquest event it should be relatively easy for the majority of players to MLB her. I would suggest keeping her around in your inventory even if you don’t have a use for her right now, for if ever an incredibly strong melee damage dealer appears (which isn’t out of the realms of possibility – consider that Murasamemaru was not far off) she may very well become necessary.



4 ★Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 5,700/6,988

Max/MLB HP: 7,300/8,949


Knights Pride: Restores 801/981 HP to 3 allies with the lowest percentage of HP, increases their Defense by 30/37%

Discoverer of the Holy Grail: Sharply increases the Crit Rate of skill targets when Holy Grail is on the team


Stat wise Sir Galahad is pretty decent for a melee 4*. His 5,700 attack is above average but fairly normal for his class, whilst 7,300 health only falls short only to Lü Lingqi [Party] (7,500), although after taking passives into consideration 9 other 4* melee are tankier.

His ability is a damage reduction of 30/37% alongside a small heal, akin to most healers ability. There are actually several daemon with a similar skill within the 4* set, and they tend to have a better skill than Galahad when looked in isolation. Look at the following:

4 Star Damage Reducers

Even ignoring the plethora of 5* healers that do a better job of protecting units (Edo, Pearl, Mazu, NYG etc) all these listed above are 3 and 4* who I would argue have skills better than Galahad. Seir targets everyone and whilst he has a variable small heal he has a much bigger damage reduction. Gold Ring has a better heal, same reduction and targets all. Konohana, Ichikami and Okita [Restoration] all only target 2 however have stronger heals and significantly better damage reductions.

Galahad’s only advantage over these daemon is the additional passive of providing 20% crit rate to targets on his skill use, however this both comes at a price and is technically awkward on top. Since he targets the 3 most damaged daemon, he will likely be providing this crit rate buff to the front line daemon. This means either melee daemon or putting damage dealers upfront (who generally aren’t tanky). Furthermore this only applies if Holy Grail is on the team, who herself is already a solid damage booster which then makes team composition slightly awkward.

Overall note however that none of the daemon mentioned are even used in general (with the exception of Okita providing a good source of cheap survivability for CQ). Galahad therefore falls into a category of not really having a role to play.



3 ★Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 4,500/5,724

Max/MLB HP: 4,500/5,724


Bento Boost: Restores 1114/1414 HP to all allies


However plain my tastes are in general, one thing I dislike is vanilla cards which is exactly what Ambrosia is. Her stats are completely average for a 3* daemon, and her heal ability is in line with the 2 other 3* AoE all heal daemon: Kotatsu (1095/1395 heal) and Undine (1110/1410 heal). With no additional passives or secondary to her skill she is free mochi for all.

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