How Much does 1 Mochi Cost?

How Much does 1 Mochi Cost?



Recently I did a couple of polls on the Stella: Sagittarius review. Because Sagittarius is so similar to Aquila and they were obtained from 2 pathways, rather than rehashing daemon analysis, the bulk of the content of that post focused on the costs involved in the different way that they were acquired. Both poll results were fascinating because they provided insight into how dearly the player base valued Mochi, and also how people have dealt with a stage like Guild Conquest. In this review I shall focus on mochi and its innate cost and value.

The game largely has a number of different assets: Jewels, Mochi, SE, Soulstones, Challenge Points, Invokers and Daemons and other consumables like Magatamas and Revival Charms. They can all be converted from one form to another through different game modes. Some of the assets are more liquid than others. Example, Daemons can be converted into Mochi or Jewels via sale to the system or on the Auction House, but cannot be directly converted into SE. However, SE can be converted into many different things – directly into consumables like Magatamas and Soulstones from the daily dungeons, or into daemons through event participation. This piece reviews the different ways that one earns Mochi.

What can you trade Mochi for?

  1. Exchange Daemons (75-100-125-150-175)
  2. Limited JS Daemons (50 for 4 Star, 200 for 5 Star)
  3. Limited Event Helper Daemons (50 for 4 Star, 250 for 5 Star)
  4. Perk Up Potions (5 Mochi for 15 PUPs for the first trade everyday, increasing cost by 1 Mochi every subsequent trade) [This rate trades 1 Mochi for 15 SE]
  5. Inventory Expansions
  6. Invokers (15-18-21 etc)
  7. Magatamas and Soulstones

I will assume that if one trades Mochi for daemons the daemon is the end product. Inventory expansions and consumables are also not convertible to other assets. The SE value for each Mochi when converted back into SE is 1 Mochi : 15 SE at best.

How to acquire Mochi?

  1. Dungeons with Mochi as Completion Rewards
    1. 3* Magatama Dungeon
    2. Gosanke Dungeon
  2. Logins and Birthdays
  3. Achievements
    1. Battle Ratings
    2. Maximum Limit Breaking
    3. Unlocking Daemons
    4. Guild Donations
  4. Sale of Daemons
    1. Lunch Summon
    2. Free Summon Daemons
    3. Boss Arise Dungeon
    4. Evening XP Dungeon
    5. Auction House
  5. Events
    1. Tower
    2. Conquest
    3. Guild Conquest
    4. World Boss

3* Magatama Dungeon

The dungeon costs 30 SE to enter, and reaps 1 Mochi from the first completion every day. 1 Dungeon is available every day other than Sundays, where all 3 Dungeons of different types are available.

Rate: 30SE reaps 1 Mochi; 9 Mochi available every week.

Gosanke Dungeon

The dungeon is available during lunch time and costs 30 SE to enter. It reaps 1 Mochi from the first completion every day. The starter daemon has a 4% Chance of Dropping on each of the 3rd and 5th wave of the stage (assuming no daemon affecting drop rate is present). Up to 2 drops are possible on each run.

Rate: 27.8 SE (30 SE reaps 1.08 Mochi); 9 Mochi guaranteed battles available every week (assuming battle done once).

Players are able to force close on the Gosanke dungeon and get their SE back. If players force close until one or both copies of the starter daemon drops, the rate would be artificially increased.

Rate: 10-15 (30 SE reaps 2 to 3 Mochi); 9 Mochi guaranteed battles available every week (assuming battle done once).

Logins and Birthdays

Every 100 days of Logins on receives 50 Mochi

On your Anniversary of account creation you receive 100 Mochi

Assuming daily logins, one receives an average of 50/100 + 100/365 = 0.774 Mochi / Day

No SE Expenditure is required

Battle Ratings

1 Mochi is awarded every 25 Stars achieved in Battle. The battle ratings for each star can be achieved only once. After working through the bulk of the base content, Battle ratings are only available when new Story part is released, or during Tower events. Given the irregular pace of the Story progression, Mochi acquired from Battle Ratings will be calculated under the Mochi acquired from Tower Events.

Limit Breaking and Unlocking New Daemons

1 Mochi will be awarded for each daemon that is Maximum Limit Broken as recorded on your Daemon Scroll. Maximum limit breaking the same daemon after the first attempt will NOT reap any Mochi. The rate of Mochi earned from MLB is very low and will be ignored for purposes of this calculation.

Mochi is also awarded for every 5 Daemons of each type and rarity. After unlocking the common 3 stars from lunch summon, acquiring ‘New’ 4 and 5 stars from the Jewel Summon is an unpredictable affair. While there are new daemons released monthly via events, the rate that one can unlock Mochi from this achievement is very low and will also be ignored.

And this completes Part 1: Introduction; Completion Rewards; Logins and Achievements (Excluding Guild Donations).

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