Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Huanglong

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Huanglong


5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12600/15035

Max/MLB HP: 7400/8830


Angry Dragon Roar (MAX): Deals 1537/1837 DMG to all enemies.Targets deal 16/19% less DMG for a limited time.

Leader of the Four (lvl 79): Increases DMG dealt by Divina team members by 15% when this daemon is Team Leader.


Guild conquest brings yet another dragon themed daemon. Huanglong, or Yellow Dragon (literal translation), is the embodiment of the Yellow Emperor and the 5th symbol completing the Sixiang 四象(4 symbols). The 4 symbols include the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise, representing East, West, South and North respectively. Huanglong, representing the earth, sits in the middle of the 4, and makes thus becomes the 5th symbol in the set.

Huanglong comes with absolutely massive attack stats: 12600 matches the current stat leaders, Carbuncle and Mephistopheles [Fireworks]. Her HP is more average, relatively low even for 5 star ranged daemons. Her all target skill damage is poor, mainly because a weak damage debuff is applied together with the skill.

Huanglong has potential as Divina type team leader, with a 15% Divina DMG dealt boost covering all stages. 15% is by far the largest Divina type boost released so far. Other daemons with Divina damage boost include Ono-no-Takamura (11% final stage), Ranmaru Mori (10% final stage), and team leaders Momotaro, Amaterasu and Himiko (all 10%).

Overall Huanglong is attractive for her leader ability and massive attack stat. Her weakness would be her weak skill damage and low percentage damage debuff. Overall she is likely to excel at the very event she is released in: Guild Conquest, where pure stats are rewarded. One could potentially use her as a team leader, but her low HP makes her really fragile on the frontlines.

Emilio: A strong unit with solid auto attacks and a powerful leader ability. I have a feeling the skill damage is just slightly too low and might not quite be enough to wave clear in CQ later levels, but I would keep this card around for future proofing (if an OP divina card comes out this will likely make the team due to synergy).

Bani: Her horns are too short!

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