Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Ibaraki Doji, 6EQUJ5 and Campanella

Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Ibaraki Doji, 6EQUJ5 and Campanella

Ibaraki Doji [Railroad]

5 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

Demon Nobel (lvl 77): Increases 25% of Crit DMG by Phantasma team members. (Only take effect once to the team)

Rail Fan (lvl 90): Increases 15% of DMG dealt by Phantasma team members at the start of the final wave. (Only take effect once to the team)


The 3 starters are now making appearances as assist daemons, boosting their own types. Ibaraki Doji, as a Limited JS daemon, is undeniably a powerful assist. Here he is compared to Muramasa [Black Sakura] (a ranking daemon):

DaemonIbaraki Doji [Railroad]Muramasa [Black Sakura]
Ability 1Phantasma: 25% Crit DMGAnima: 10% DMG / Final Wave
Ability 2Phantasma: 15% DMG / Final waveAnima: 10% Skill DMG
Level Locked77, 9075, 90
Stackable Ability?NoNo

Both assists are fantastic assist daemons for their type, with a combination of boosts. Ibaraki’s boosts are better than Muramasa’s, but he is also much more difficult and costly to acquire multiple copies of – 200 mochis plus 4 orbs is quite expensive.

Ibaraki’s assist boosts is somewhat of a combination of Gemini / Aquarius and Nautilus, but targeting Phantasma only. This is a big boost – both Gemini and Nautilus are rated relatively highly as assists themselves. Having 2 boost attributable to a single assist daemon means you have the opportunity of placing more of other assist daemons on the team, further increasing damage output.

Unfortunately the main hurdle to Ibaraki is his cost – requiring MLB from the LJS puts him at the same cost bracket as Cheshire Cat.


5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 13500/16109

Max/MLB HP: 8800/10501


Parallel Universe (MAX): Deals 6002/7162 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK. Targets deal 60/72% less DMG for a limited time.

Singularity (lvl 70): Increases 50% of ATK speed.

High Dimension Being (lvl 80): Increases 50% of Skill DMG at the start of the final wave.


6EQUJ5 is a single target hitter which inflicts damage reduction on the enemy. Passively she hits at a high speed, which boosts her output from her high autos. On the final wave her high skill damage is further boosted by her second ability.

6EQUJ5 has a high skill damage, but because of the damage reduction tagged on to the skill, the damage output value is moderated, compared to a daemon like Iisuna Saburou, with pure damage.

Here is 6EQUJ5 in a table next to other non-debuffer nukers (appended from the Iisuna Saburo review):

DaemonAttack Max/MLBHP Max/MLBSkill DMG Max/MLBTrue MLB Skill DMGEffect on skillTargetingOther abilities
6EQUJ5 (final wave)13500/161098800/105016002/716215134Reduce DMG dealt 60/72%Highest ATK50% Speed boost (self)
Iisuna Saburou (wave 1)13200/15751
8000/95467230/862415026Highest ATK20% Crit DMG for all allies
Amor (wave 1 mean + final)12200/145588900/106205189/618713726StunLowest HP50% Skill DMG for 2 highest ATK on final wave
Hibiki [Sun Spear] (final wave)13000/155128200/97855081/606112808Reduce defence 411/493Highest ATKIncrease DMG taken by enemies 20%

Bear in mind that Amor and Iisuna Saburo are per wave damage boosting daemons, so the more waves the battle the harder they hit. So this comparison of 1 wave – being the final wave – is skewed in 6EQUJ5’s favour: her final wave boost is applied, whereas her comparator’s boosts have not had time to build up.

6EQUJ5’s damage reduction is very high also. Current game limits are at 85%.

I also like her kit with 50% speed boost – there are enough damage, crit damage, skill damage boosters and assists released recently such that for some players the skill and normal damage caps are breached. This speed boost is not particularly visible on the current world boss (Kinoe) due to the endless paralysis and slow that it inflicts, but may be more pertinent on other world bosses that do not hinder auto attacks to such a great extent.

Overall 6EQUJ5 is a decent single target nuker. Her kit is ‘selfish’, boosting herself only, not the team. Unfortunately, being a 50-50 in LJS with Ibaraki, it would require a mountain of invokers or orbs to acquire her or both her and Ibaraki to MLB. Is ‘decent’ good enough to spam invokers for? I would be quite reluctant.


4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8000/9808

Max/MLB HP: 7500/9195


Sins and Salvation (MAX): Increases the Crit Rate of 2 allies with the highest ATK by 42/52% for a limited time.

Opposite Existence (lvl 75): Increases 35% of Crit DMG by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


Campanella is the 2 target crit rate and damage boosting healer that we’ve all been waiting for. Her comparators are Naphula and Katsushika Houkusai and Book of 5 Rings.

DaemonClassCrit Rate % BoostTargetAbility
CampanellaHealer42/52%2 Highest ATK35% Crit DMG to 2 Highest ATK
NaphulaHealer48/59%2 Highest ATK5% HP RCR to self / 5s
Katsushika HoukusaiRanged45/55%2 Highest ATK30% Crit DMG to 2 Highest ATK
Book of 5 RingsRanged54/66%2 Highest ATK40% Crit DMG to 2 Highest ATK

In terms of damage output Book of 5 Rings would still provide the largest boost. However, frequently damage is not the only priority, and being healer class aids the teams survival, or affects targeting such that the 4 star crit booster does not get unnecessarily targeted by the opponent’s nukes (Ahem Hinoto). Campanella marries the best of both worlds – a comparable crit rate boost with very good (still) crit damage boost, to a more favourable type which favours survival.

Having a 2 target crit booster which can survive World Boss improves the potential for a 2 nuker team to maximize the abilities of other 2 target boosters like Amor, Cinderella, Alice, Raphael, Sumizome Zakura and even Yoshitsune’s passive. So far the meta has struggled with the ranged Crit boosters having difficulty with survival, and Naphula not providing sufficient Crit damage boost. Does this shift the current meta away from the single target nuker and crit rate and damage booster in Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day] and Cherry Blossom Front [Black Sakura] teams? It still seems unlikely – mainly because of the absolutely massive 100% and 90% (respective) Crit damage boosts they apply to their targets on skill activation.

This type of daemon is also a fantastic to be used on mid-SE cost conquest teams – a 3 daemon team of Campanella with 2 Amanojaku / Yoshitsune etc would clear a good deal of conquest and still survive reasonably well where similar Katsushika / Book of 5 Rings teams may struggle with survival. Throw in Zakura Sumizome, Alice, Raphael, or Gjallarhorn for even greater damage boost.

Overall, for players without crit rate boosters (ie anyone who missed Cherry Blossom [Black Sakura] or other top Crit Rate boosters), Campanella is a recommended buy – 50 mochis and MLB her with 4 star orbs. For players who already own single target crit rate boosters, Campanella is an option to explore a different type of team construction. For the completely broke player though, there always an option of purchasing Naphula from the Auction.

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  • I loved the story of this event (after the book Night on The Galactic Railway) ! ibaraki Dojo was there, Hijiri was there, Steam Locomotive, Giovanni and Campanella were awsome…. It felt special. I exchanged for Campanella and Voyager 1 (great art).

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