Exchange Daemon Analysis: Ifrit

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Ifrit


5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12000/14319

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10143


Flickering Flames (MAX): Deals 2268/2708 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority) with a very high chance of inflicting Burn.

Magical Creature (lvl 85): 100% chance of inflicting Burn to Normal attacks targets.


Ifrit is the Mochi exchange’s version of Yatagarasu [Festival], with a few minor tweaks:


Ifrit Yatagarasu [Festival] Comment
Attack 12000/14319 12000/14319 Identical.
HP 8500/10143 8700/10381 Yatagarasu is marginally tankier.
Skill DMG 2268/2708 2991/3571 Yatagarasu shows her premium value here.
Targeting Ranged Highest ATK For AoE daemons targeting isn’t that major a concern. Except that you know Yatagarasu will always hit your conquest boss while Ifrit might miss if the conquest boss isn’t ranged.
Burn chance 100% on autos, High chance on skill High chance on skill. When you’re using multi-hitter’s skill only once on the final wave of conquest, Ifirit’s 100% burn on auto helps to make sure that burn will eventually get inflicted on the boss once the mobs are cleared. With Yatagarasu there’s a chance of not inflicting burn at all, and damage lost from that front.
Other abilities See above, 100% burn on autos 10% Phantasma type DMG dealt But then Yatagarasu boosts her own auto attacks and skill attacks, and that of any other Phantasma daemon on the team with this powerful ability. And yes, this boost applies to the omnipresent Amanojaku also.
Cost and accessibility Mochi Exchange daemon, available for 2 months.

Costs 625 mochi to MLB.

Event helper 5* daemon, available for exchange for 3 days, for summon for 3 weeks.

Costs 1250 mochi to MLB if traded entirely from exchange.

Ifrit is more easily accessible than Yatagarasu. However Yatagarasu still retains an edge over Ifrit because of her higher skill DMG and her 10% Phantasma DMG boost ability.


The moment Amanojaku is used in conjunction with Yatagarasu, Yatagarasu’s boost on Amanojaku would have a greater effect on damage compared to burn. However, assuming a scenario where Ifrit or Yatagarasu were solo on a conquest stage with their respective skills used only once. Ifrit inflicts burn on the boss, 100% with her autos, but Yatagarasu fails to inflict burn with her single skill activation. I’ll assume the stage lasts 30s longer. Ifrit’s burn inflicts 999 DMG every 2s for the rest of the stage. This amounts to 999*15=14985 DMG from the status effect. Yatagarasu’s ability affects her auto attacks, which also occur every 2s. Her autos are thus 10% higher than that of Ifrit. Ignoring crits on the auto attack, this amounts to 0.1*1432*15=2148 DMG. In this situation it might be preferable to use Ifrit over Yatagarasu. However once other Phantasma daemons are present, Yatagarasu’s effect multiplies (and this figure hasn’t yet considered the additive and multiplicative effects of skill sequence and combinations), whereas the effect of the status effect varies only minimally during periods of ‘increase damage taken’ debuff.

In conclusion, with Yatagarasu no longer available it is a bit of a moot argument to say one would preferably spend 1250 mochi on her over 625 mochi on Ifrit, or vice versa. If one already has Yatagarasu [Festival] at a satisfactory limit break (lb2+), Ifrit would seldom be preferred. However, for players without a satisfactory multi target hitting daemon, trading Ifrit would be cheaper still than purchasing multiple copies of Belphegor off the Auction house (Belphy costs 270 mochi at the time of writing this piece, so MLB would cost 1350 mochi). Yatagarasu would eventually be available for trading also, but not for a long time, and would cost jewels rather than mochi.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Average 5*) – Hmmm. I don’t particularly like this card (ok that’s a lie…I like some part of it…two parts in particular). I think even an 80 Yatagarasu is significantly better. I’d even prefer MLB Roman Candell (more skill damage throughout the waves, much more skill damage final waves = better chance to kill mini bosses in one go, more auto attack damage to cover some of the burn damage difference). Of course as mentioned it comes down to availability, but short of someone being new I couldn’t justify suggesting someone pick this up. I think it would be much better to save Mochi for more impactful daemon.

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    • This is not even good art though… it’s the usual cheap men bait… I was really expecting something from both ifrit’s art (a cool one) and skills.

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