Mochi Exchange Daemon Analysis – Inaba Tenmoku

Mochi Exchange Daemon Analysis – Inaba Tenmoku

Inaba Tenmoku

5 ★ Range Anima



Max/MLB Attack: 11,000 / 13,126

Max/MLB HP: 8,700 / 10,381



Frozen River of Star Dust (MAX): Deals 2,882 / 3,437 DMG to the 2 enemies with the Lowest HP

Rare and Precious (lvl 70): Increases DMG dealt by 4% at the start of each wave

Stars of Tenmoku (lvl 85): Increases 2% of DMG dealt by Anima allies at the start of each wave


So it seems that Mitama released this with the Endless challenge mode in mind. When I first saw this daemon I viewed it as just another average 5*. 2 Target skills generally see no use as they do not provide enough damage, they are sort of stuck between AoE and single target and don’t do enough of one or the other. The fact that it’s the lowest HP targets too also doesn’t help Inaba’s case as this isn’t the most useful of targeting. You would rather hit highest ATK to get rid of problem units or highest HP so you always hit the boss. Her skill damage itself is as would be expected, in the same region as Mayflower and Doppela Gänger and nothing particularly outstanding.

All of this still applies despite the Endless challenge (Side Note: I will write a piece about endless separately, but a short summary is: not a fantastic event as is, even if a daemon is good in there that’s nice but I would rather have them good in CQ/tower) but her two passives actually make her a very good option for Endless if you want to build an Anima based team.

2% is fairly low, but it is all damage and to the whole team. This sort of automatically makes her stronger than other non Phantom options, but still far behind the ridiculousness of Otakemaru and Siren. Still she is buffing all autos, all skills, and all heals, assuming your team is Anima based. She is also giving herself 6% a wave which means she will be doing a decent amount of damage after a while. Again however compare to this to some other daemon, say Kappa, who buffs himself by 6% a wave as well, hits 3 targets instead of 2 with only a small damage output drop, and synergises with the other Phantom buffers.


Overall I still go with my initial opinion despite the new challenge mode. She does gain some bonus credit for that (and soon I will adjust all ratings to take Endless into account – although not significantly as I don’t see it as a major event) but even so she is a middle of the road daemon and I don’t see it as worth the investment.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.5 / 10 (Average 5*)


Qtphi21: Not particularly useful other than in endless mode. Good boost for Sola’s and Morin’s auto heals though.

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