Incoming! The Hunter of Demons – LJS Daemon Review

Amanojaku [Strife]

Note: This has been edited slightly from the original post! Worth Re-reading

5* Phantom Ranged

Stats: 13,100 / 8,200

MLB Stats: 15,632 / 9,785

Skill: Deal 5,695 / 6,793 DMG to the enemy with the Highest ATK and reduces its defense by 614 / 734

Ability 1 (lvl 73): Normal attack reduces targets speed by 40%

Ability 2 (lvl 89): Increases the skill DMG of the 2 highest ATK allies by 60% on the final wave

In summary I look at Amanojaku and she’s built for the purpose of World Boss. She initially looks like a glorified version of Amor. A single target nuker with a skill DMG passive to the 2 highest ATK. Amanojaku gains the additional debuff on her skill rather than a stun – but this effect is minor (in world boss you are looking at approximately +190k damage from the DEF reduction), whilst Amor’s first passive gives her better damage output on multi wave stages.

However she’s a lot more than that. Her skill damage output is very high. An effective skill damage of 15,187 is actually the second highest there is on the World Boss event (beaten only by Behemoth [Gula]), and 5th for Conquest later wave stages. This does assume her passive is targeting herself, but then if it isn’t you are buffing two other damage dealers (assumedly, don’t target a buffer please xD) by a whopping 60% skill damage instead so a win-win. Her auto attacks aren’t that great (1,915 is actually the average for all 5* ranged daemon) but this is generally of less importance than skill damage.

What really makes her however is both her passives. By having a slow on normal hit passive whilst being a single target big damage nuker she effectively allows you to run whatever team you like during World Boss stages. You no longer get locked into having to run Philosopher’s Stone to stop the boss killing you, and hence restricting your set up (although you technically still get locked into running Amanojaku, but it’s much less of a slot waste). At the same time she has the largest skill damage buff to another ally, and with skill damage being the rarest buff (damage, crit rate and crit damage are much easier to obtain right now) each additional % for skill damage has a greater effect than an additional % in something else. She essentially allows you to forever run double nukers without the fear of dying, whilst at the same time maximising your damage output.

The meta right now is definitely Divina based with 2 major assist cards benefiting them, and in Conquest you really use one of the major 4 “damage taken increased” debuffers rather than a normal single target daemon, so she has almost no place in that event. Still however, Amanojaku’s third form can make it’s way into teams regardless. Even if you double Divina nuker in world boss it’s still perfectly viable to run Amanojaku in the same team, with her second passive providing a big damage boost and her first aiding survivability massively.

Whilst she may only get used in World Boss and not other events, the fact is her set of abilities make her perfect for it and she allows significantly greater team versatility and in general higher damage outputs. She will particularly allow for greater damage outputs on the more difficult to survive World Bosses (staring at you Mizunoe). Amanojaku is a very strong daemon indeed.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.8 / 10

Momotaro [Demon Saviour]

Stats: 8,200 / 12,000

MLB Stats: 9,785 / 14,319

Skill: Increases the DMG dealt of all allies by 54 / 65%

Ability 1 (lvl 71): Increases all allies DMG by 15% when Team Leader

Ability 2 (lvl 89): Increases the ATK Speed of all allies by 15%

Man how I wish Momotaro was even better – he’s just so cool! Sadly however whilst this version of him is strong on paper, it’s difficult to justify its use.

He has the biggest DMG buff to all allies in the game by 12% (previous highest is 45/53%) and he has two passives that buff the entire teams damage further, so why isn’t he amazing? There’s 2 reasons really: 1) he’s melee with definitely skewed towards melee stats, 2) his first passive has a leader slot only tag.

Being melee and having only 8,200 ATK is actually against the trend of current melee daemon who all tend to have more ATK than HP. His normal attack output is therefore lacklustre at best (1,300). Now you might say “well he’s the buffer, he doesn’t have to have massive damage just give everyone else massive damage”, which is true in part but if his buff is now useless on himself and assumedly a healer in the team then there’s only 3 daemon left, at which point there are other 2 target buffing daemon who are even better to use and who all have damage buffing passives (Alice, Raphael, Sumizome and Kuma Doji).

The bigger issue is the leader slot. Simply put there is no way he is going to replace Sola. Healer status beats melee, and whilst his skill buff is greater, his two passives definitely do not match up to Sola’s. Would you run him and Sola? Highly unlikely to have two all damage buffers, neither of whom have considerable damage output themselves. Even if you did this means his first passive is essentially useless.

So where does this leave him? In a vacuum he’s still a very strong daemon. If he is the leader in a team he’s giving a significant damage boost to everyone (80% with his skill and first passive – plus the speed boost). Those players who have Sola however won’t find space for him, and those that don’t have Sola are unlikely to be able to get him MLB anyway. If you are a new player would you trade for 1 copy of him just to get the 54% buff? Well there is Kuma Doji in this event who’s a fantastic buffer, but as a 4* would suffer on some World Bosses. It would be difficult for me to even say yes to this. I do wish he was even stronger!

Emilio’s Rating: 8.1 / 10


4* Assist

Base Bond: Skill DMG

Assist Bond: The Enemy with the Highest ATK deals 10% less DMG at the start of each wave

Sadly we end on a limp note. There’s not much to say about this assist card. An okay defensive option for those struggling on World Boss, but then the ability unlocks on 78 on a LJS 4*, so you’re probably not going to get it, and it still has a great opportunity cost loss attached if you use it for that.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.3 / 10

11 thoughts on “Incoming! The Hunter of Demons – LJS Daemon Review”

  • If you have 1 nuker debuffer, but lacked the additional nuker/philo/amor passive amanojaku is great. Amano strife+yoshit double nuker WB goes above 30m on mizunoe. Secondary nuker for conquest she also hits cap dmg. Do keep some resources for anniversary.

  • Thanks for the review!
    about Kuma Douji, doesnt she prioritize ranged daemons with her skill? what if the whole is is ranged?
    Also will you review Perseus? if not, do you mind giving me here a mini review?

  • Ishikirimaru should have been crazy strong based on her showing in the story…quite a let down. A non-insane Amano is kind of a shock too

  • For those who came after Cinderlla like me and don’t own philosopher stone, yes, She is worth every single penny.

      • Amano 3.0 is a game-changer for WB, Double Mina does indeed do more damage, however that setup only works effectively on easy-to-survive WBs such as Hinoto. My upper damage limit rose from 28.9m up to 33.7m just by having her on the team for Mizunoe.

          • If she wasn’t paired with Momotaro in the summon, I’d probably pull for her. I bought a copy and might orb her up instead of risking a couple of hundred invokers.

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