Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Itsuna Saburou and Kane Doji

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Itsuna Saburou and Kane Doji

Itsuna Saburou

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 13200/15751

Max/MLB HP: 8000/9546


The mysterious power of Atago’s Goddess of War (MAX): Deals 7230/8624 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK.

Black Tengo (lvl 65): Increases 10% of skill DMG dealt at the start of each wave.

Heavenly way of Dakini (lvl 90): Increase 20% crit damage for all allies.


It really has been a long time since a nuker with straight damage has been worth comment. The current meta is heavy on high percentage debuffers with high skill damage providing both the debuff and skill damage, and stacking these for maximum damage. Because of the power of the current top debuffers – Amanojaku, Yoshitsune, Titanium Elf and Tokarev Pistol – single target daemons with similar skill damage but without the debuff simply cannot compete. Daemons like Snow White [Demon Hunter] and Stella: Andromeda have generally been rated ‘nice, but dead on arrival, because you still wouldn’t use her over Amanojaku’. Itsuna Saburou is a clear demonstration of the power creep at the top end of the scale – marking a new generation of single target heavy nukers in the vein of Leonardo Da Vinci and Titania [New Year]. Even daemons like Amor and Hibiki [Sun Spear] are used mainly for their abilities – Amor’s skill damage boost, and Hibiki’s passive debuff.

DaemonAttack Max/MLBHP Max/MLBSkill DMG Max/MLBTrue MLB Skill DMGEffect on skillTargetingOther abilities
Itsuna Saburou (wave 1)13200/15751
8000/95467230/862415026Highest ATK20% Crit DMG for all allies
Itsuna Saburou (wave 5)13200/157518000/95467230/862419562Highest ATK20% Crit DMG for all allies
Amor (wave 1 mean + final)12200/145588900/106205189/618713726StunLowest HP50% Skill DMG for 2 highest ATK on final wave
Amor (wave 5 mean + final)12200/145588900/106205189/618716342StunLowest HP50% Skill DMG for 2 highest ATK on final wave
Hibiki [Sun Spear] (final wave)13000/155128200/97855081/606112808Reduce defence 411/493Highest ATKIncrease DMG taken by enemies 20%
Stella: Andromeda12000/143198500/101434467/532812075SilenceLowest HP
Snow White [Demon Hunter]12900/153939300/110973813/454811376Healer
Titania [New Year]11000/140818300/91885160/615710654Highest HP25% Phantasma Crit DMG when Team Leader.
Leonardo Da Vinci11200/133658000/95464853579310329ParalysisHighest ATKSlightly reduce DMG Taken.

For reference, here are the top debuffer’s ‘True MLB Skill DMG’. This value is the expected average MLB Skill DMG output from the daemon with full skill bonds and taking into account the daemon’s own abilities and boosts on top of a baseline crit rate (22.5% for ranged).

DebufferTrue MLB Skill DMGDebuff%Targeting
Amanojaku1322960/72%Highest HP
Minamoto no Yoshitsune1383945/53%Highest HP
Titanium Elf [Furosode]1434166/79/92% (with other elf)Highest HP
Tokarev Pistol [Lunar New Year]1318860/72%Highest HP

As you can see, with their high baseline True MLB Skill DMG, previously released standard nukers without a debuff that provide even just a comparable MLB True Skill DMG output simply are not worth a team spot – one simply uses the debuffer as the nuker and fill the other team spots with damage buffers that boost the damage output of this one daemon to astronomical heights.

Itsuna Saburou will find her place in a double nuker team, providing a finishing nuke after a heavy debuff is applied. From a gameplay perspective, Itsuna Sabrou in a double nuker team would more fully utilize the large boosts provided by ‘2 highest attack’ damage boosters like Alice, Cinderella, Amor, Book of 5 Rings, with the other boost designed to apply to the debuffer. A skill use from Itsuna would also cost a single skill shard, rather than 2 from the second use of a skill from the debuffer, and her skill would do more straight damage than that of the debuffer. The down side, however, would have to be the opportunity cost of using a damage buffer to fit in a second nuker. If the team with a single buffer/nuker fits 3 other buffers and likely 1 healer for survival, one of the buffers will need to be removed to allow for the second nuker to be used.

In terms of passive abilities, Itsuna is a wave based self skill damage boosting daemon, somewhat similar to Amor. Amor’s self wave based boost applies to her damage dealt, but is variable – it procs with 50% chance. Amor’s other major weakness is her targeting – lowest HP means that brutes will need to be cleared completely for Amor to target the stage boss. Itsuna ability boosts only her skill damage – her auto attacks are not boosted. But the skill damage boost will apply reliably every single wave. Her targeting is also much better – Highest Attack usually allows her to target the stage’s boss even if there are brutes still present (unless the stage has brutes with higher attack than the stage boss, like some tower stages with melee bosses). Her second ability at level 90 provides a 20% Crit damage team wide buff. This is good and very generally functional but not particularly spectacular or unique.

The game mode that I see Itsuna performing best in is Conquest. Survival on Conquest even at higher levels is not extremely challenging, so a single healer typically suffices. The multiple waves on Conquest also allow Itsuna’s wave based skill damage to build. Her targeting is also great for stages with multiple enemies, allowing her to zero in on the stage boss. Conquest has no debuff cap – but with recent power creep in damage buffers the game’s DMG limit of 999,999 skill DMG is quickly breached by the debuffer, and a ‘third or more’ hit by the debuffer costing 3 skill shards would be profitably replaced by 2 hits from Itsuna (1 and 2 shards each).

For World Boss Itsuna can also act profitably as a second nuker – given the debuff cap on that stage (75%) is breached by a single use of Amanojaku. Even Yoshitsune with a lower debuff percentage also breaches the debuff cap on the first hit if paired with Sola (for higher level), and a passive debuffer like Alice or Hibiki. Unfortunately with World Boss being a single wave stage, Itsuna’s skill damage boost is just 10%, so her superiority over the big 4 debuffers is not that great. The stage is also challenging for survival, so at least 2 healers (or healer plus Philosopher’s Stone) typically take up 2 team spots for survival, leaving 3 spots left for boosting and dealing damage. Whether it is worthwhile to use Itsuna over a second / third damage booster for a single nuke team is the calculation one would need to make for your own team.

Itsuna is useable on Towers, her skill damage increasing every stage. However, after initial clearance, Towers are most profitable when cleared with a farming team with EXP or Drop Rate priority. Damage typically is not a major challenge in Tower.

One could also use Itsuna on the Endless Challenge stage. If used together with other wave based damage, skill damage and crit damage boosters, Itsuna would breach the game’s skill damage cap more quickly. This saves time in the daily clearance of the stage, but do note that existing daemons like Kappa and Emperor Sutoku already hit the game’s damage cap with Siren / Otakemaru / Sarayashiki / Morin on the team. Hitting the damage cap earlier simply allows one to get the daily free 100 SE faster, but otherwise serves little purpose. Challenging the Endless Challenge leaderboards still requires a HP boost oriented team.

In general Itsuna provides a breath of fresh air to revive the classic heavy nuker. This might revive the double damage dealer strategy – but of course this depends heavily on what other daemons one has available. At this point though, with the single debuffer + nuke teams heavily dependent on the massive crit damage buff from Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day], most double nuker teams are still going to need to play catch up until a crit damage and rate booster for 2 targets at the same quality as Poison S. Brew is released. (Yes, I know there are some players with double nuker running Cheshire Cat on both of them, and pairing that with Book of 5 Rings for monstrous damage, but frankly a team that depends on getting multiple copies of Cheshire to exceed the single debuffer with Poppy combination is not exactly mass market).

Kane Doji

4 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack  

Crimson Demon (lvl 80): Increases 15% of Max HP and Reduces 10% of DMG taken.


Yet another 4 star assist daemon requiring 5 copies! And yet another 4 star assist daemon that is great to aid in survival! I think everyone knows my opinion on these daemons already, so I’ll simply present the competition:

DaemonBase Bond HP Buff / DMG reductionCombined EHP boost (on healer)Level Unlocked
PtolemySkill DMG25% DMG reduction; 10% DMG Dealt reduction33.3%72
Kane DojiAttack10% DMG reduction; 15% HP Buff27.8%80
Green JasperHP15% DMG reduction22.4%80
White QueenAttack20% HP Buff20%80
EchidnaHP12% HP Buff16%69
Nibelunga RingHP10% DMG reduction15.6%70
HatsuneAttack15% HP Buff15%80

Kane Dojii is in my opinion the best of the lot, with a combination of both HP boost and DMG reduction, and no real drawback on the ability, unlike Ptolemy who penalizes your damage output for survival. To judge the daemons’ overall effectiveness one needs to combine HP boost along with DMG reduction. HP boost is a straight multiplier, but DMG Reduction differs based on the class of the daemon the assist is bonded to – because Melee, Ranged and Healer have different DMG Reduction / Take more DMG baselines. The figures provided in the Combined EHP boost column are for Healers – with 0% boost / reduction in DMG taken. The base bond HP boost is assumed to be 4% (for a different daemon type).

The calculation for combined effect on EHP is:

Base HP Stat * (1 + Base bond HP buff % + Assist HP buff %) / (1 – DMG Reduction %)

Notably because of the inverse relationship damage reduction has on EHP, the same percentage of DMG reduction would have a greater effect on EHP than straight HP boost.

The same old spiel for this type of assist daemon: veterans and whales don’t need him, but he is good for players who have to use daemons which struggle to survive stages. But with a daemon of this sort released practically every event, and with significant power creep even over a short period of time, and with 5 copies required for him to be really useful, there is no real hurry to acquire Kane Doji at this point in time.

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