Alice in the Serious Kingdom Event Daemons Analysis

Alice in the Serious Kingdom Event Daemons Analysis

Jack of Hearts

3 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 4,000 / 5,089

Max/MLB HP: 5,500 / 6,998


Secret Technique! Push the Dominos! (MAX): Deals 148 / 188 DMG to the row of enemies directly in front. Targets take 30 / 38% more DMG for a limited time.

Obstinate (lvl 64): All melee foes take 7% more DMG at the start of each wave


Jack of Hearts is the first 3* daemon to apply a damage taken debuff to multiple targets (well….more than 2 anyway, there’s also Sodehiki Kozo who hits 2). His overall power level however remains that of a 3*. Sure he’s better than average but he’s nothing exceptional and won’t see any use. The additional passive is okay, providing some additional debuff, but only targeting melee is like halving its value, and his active abilities targeting also leaves things to be desired by aiming for Rows which has its issues.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.4 / 10 (Above average 3*)

Mad Hatter

4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8,100 / 9,930

Max/MLB HP: 6,000 / 7,356


Gatling Gun (MAX): Deals 3,896 / 4,779 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Targets deal 36 / 44% less DMG for a limited time

Disparager (lvl 70): Reflects 15% of DMG taken to the attacker


Mad Hatter unfortunately is not a very mad daemon. In fact he simply screams mediocrity. Normal stats, an average skill damage, a normal debuff, and a normal (well sort of useless actually) passive. For every ability he possesses there is someone who does it better even in the 4* daemon bracket. Won’t serve of use to practically everyone in the playerbase.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.8 / 10 (Slightly Below Average 4*)

Red Queen

4 ★ Ranged Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 8,600 / 10,543

Max/MLB HP: 6,300 / 7,723


Layers of thorn (MAX): Deals 534 / 655 DMG to all enemies, decreases targets speed by 39 / 48% for a limited time.

Tyrant (lvl 75): Increases Skill DMG and Crit DMG by 40%


Wow a double 40% passive? Wait wait, it’s actually useless. 40% skill damage on a daemon whose base ability hits for a measly 534 is almost a practical joke. Her passive only serves to make her auto attacks quite decent for a 4* as she will gain more damage from being crit buffed, but with a borderline useless ability it simply doesn’t matter.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.0 / 10 (Weak 4*)


5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9,000 / 10,739

Max/MLB HP: 10,000 / 11,933


Mysterious Remedy (MAX): Heals 1,466 / 1,748 HP to all allies. Targets deal 24 / 28% more DMG for a limited time

Panacea (lvl 75): Reduces DMG taken by 10% for ranged allies. Also increases 15% of ATK speed.


Note: This is under the assumption that the attack speed passive affects all ranged, but the description is unclear. I haven’t been able to test it, however if it only applies to Elixir instead then she is weaker. She simply ends up as a niche thanks to the ranged damage reduction and can be used to aid survival

Elixir might be the magical potion to cure all ailments and revive charred brutes in the story but unfortunately her ability in daemon form doesn’t quite match up to her spectacular strength displayed in the event. Unlike the first 3 daemon in this list however she is not a lost cause!

Her stats are good for a healer and her passive is pretty damn solid, it’s just her active skill that lets her down. The numbers on it are simply too low to be used. You have to consider that even Freyr – the Divina healer from an eternity ago – has an all team damage boost of 43% at MLB. Elixir has had half of her boost traded off for the heal amount but it really isn’t a fair trade for her and everyone would prefer her to have the buff % instead.

Still her passive is actually fairly unique in providing a defensive and offensive buff to a type of daemon. In fact “reduces damage taken for ranged allies” is unique already. There have been reductions for Anima, Divina and Phantasma types already, and “reduces damage taken for Melee allies” (for example Sanada Yukimura), but Elixir is the first to help the squishier ranged allies survive. Normally if you are struggling to survive (mostly a World Boss thing) you can sacrifice a reserve slot for something that can help you defensively, losing out on damage but ensuring the survival of the team. With Elixir you can gain quite a significant defensive ability, however since she also gives 15% attack speed it’s not an all out damage loss. Of course it’s not the greatest offensive boost and a perfect team has much better options, but something like this can be a very useful addition to low and middle tier players who do not have every option available to them. There’s also some slight potential for Elixir to open up more team options that include more range daemon (e.g different builds with 1 healer 4 range), possibly synergising with those with life steal or already with damage reduction inbuilt, although I think with current daemon it would be difficult to shift out of what’s already optimal.

Overall if the active ability was a higher percent I would actually consider this fairly high tier, however as it stands Elixir ends up as more of a “not quite good enough” daemon and an optional reserve to help people out. By having the passive unlock at 75 only however, she is pretty easy for weaker players to pick up for a decent survival and damage boost, you just need to farm 3,500 drops (and be able to clear 4-10), which over the course of the event is basically a given.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.4 / 10 (Above Average 5*)

Qtphi21: She reminds me strongly of Joan of Arc [Fireworks] and the original version of Miss Santa, but as a healer rather than a ranged daemon. I have not tested this, and have yet to receive a reply from Customer Services (Goodbye BlueMars) but I believe with the phrasing her speed boost is limited to herself while the damage reduction passive is for ranged allies. Anyone able to verify the targeting of the speed boost please comment.

Qtphi21 Update: The new Customer Service operative, Lightning Bolt has responded to the enquiry about Elixir’s Speed Boost: It applies to ranged daemons, not herself. Also shout out to Kaiki for providing me with videos where the speed difference could be verified by counting autos.

As usual with mediocre healers she has PvP farming potential. Testing on Elixir still underway (I don’t have enough mags right now.)


5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12,900 / 15,393

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Smiles of an Angel (MAX): Increases the DMG of 2 allies by 75 / 90% for a limited time

Angelic Compassion (lvl 70): Increases Divina Skill DMG by 15%

Madness from the Depths (lvl 90): At the start of the final wave all enemies take 20% more DMG


Now this is more like it. The main character is also the strongest daemon and of course the ranking reward to boot (what else right?). Mitama continues the trend of having useful daemon put into the Auction House and then immediately destroying their use by having a stronger version released. First Cherry Blossom was instantly destroyed by Sola and now Gjällerhorn’s time is up sadly. There’s actually very few daemon who boost damage for 2 targets only, Lady Musk being the only additional 5* not mentioned so far, so let’s just compare them all together and see just why Alice is so good:

AliceGjällerhornLady Musk
Auto ATK/Heal1,8861,0141,316
HP Recovery002,462
DMG Dealt % Boost90%89%72%
Target2 Highest ATK2 (Ranged Priority)2 Highest ATK
Team Ability 115% Divina Skill DMG10% Melee DMG Reduction8% Anima DMG Reduction
Team Ability 2Enemies take 20% more DMG final wave2% Anima HP per wave

Lady Musk is clearly the most defensively built of the three. Healer status, a heal on the ability, and two defensive team passives. She is essentially an ideal Endless challenge daemon, but outside of this if you are looking for the best damage her lowest boost % of the three with no additional perks put her last.

Gjällerhorn has been probably the only card I didn’t rate as highly as I should have in the time I have been doing this. Two target damage boosts with a ridiculous high percentage can produce fantastic results. His 89% boost has actually been the highest percentage since his release regardless of number of targets (excluding self buffing rubbish like Ketill), the next highest being the only fairly recently released Hansel at 77%. As such he has always been around used in various teams in both World Boss and Conquest, be it in dual nuking teams or just buffing Amanojaku to dizzy heights. His downside and what kept him in check was his targeting. Ranged priority meant your team was forced to have only 2 ranged daemon. Naturally you have Gjällerhorn and one healer, so the final slot was forced to be another healer or melee daemon which did provide restrictions. Further his “Team” ability tended to only affect himself since you weren’t really running another melee daemon anyway

Now onto Alice however. So we take Gjällerhorn as a base, add a tiny percentage boost…remove his team composition restriction….and then add not one but TWO offensive passives? This is actually incredible and puts her far ahead in terms of power level. Not only that but each of her damage boosting abilities are different and all multiply with each other. An all damage boost, a skill damage boost, and a damage taken boost – this is basically an ideal combination to provide the maximum damage increase and they are all at a good percentage too. Even without using the Divina only first ability Alice is still fantastic by the increased damage taken ability alone. Furthermore 2 highest attack targeting is the best possible for her ability and leaves team composition open – with the slight exception of noting that her own attack at 12,900 is pretty damn high, although notably beneath that of Yoshitsune and Titanium Elf.

Simply put wherever teams were using Gjällerhorn before Alice is the instant replacement, much like Poppy is for Grail. With her first ability unlocking at LB0 as well she is definitely accessible and usable for more players although running an LB0 ranged daemon in certain World Bosses (the current one for a start…) is actually problematic. Overall Alice is a fantastic daemon and expect overall damage levels to increase once again.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.9 / 10 (God Tier)

Qtphi21: While I get it that there must be some Power Creep to motivate players to get newer and better daemons, destroying the value of previously meta daemons almost immediately after they are released on the Auction House really does not feel like a good idea. Better to let the game’s newer whales enjoy their AH purchase for a couple of months before releasing a replacement. I don’t like the direction the game is going with the steep power creep. For full disclosure I actually sold my LB0 copy of Horn recently, so I don’t actually have a personal reason to be upset for getting baited. It’s just that… in future players are less likely to purchase on the AH if they know that soon afterwards the game would release a superior version.

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