Galaxy Express and the Mysterious Signal Event Helper Analysis: James Watt, Hoshikuma Doji, Voyager 1

Galaxy Express and  the Mysterious Signal Event Helper Analysis: James Watt, Hoshikuma Doji, Voyager 1

James Watt

4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8582

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Machine Mechanic (lvl 80): Increases 5% of DMG dealt at the start of each wave.

Event Skill: Increase Event Points by 33% – 100%


James Watt joins Kay Kagen and Grandmaster Shinmen as an assist daemon that boosts the damage of the bonded daemon every wave. He has a bigger per wave boost, at 5%, compared to the previously available daemons’ 4%.

DaemonBase BondPercentage Boost per waveLevel Unlocked
James WattSkill DMG5%80
Kay KagenSkill DMG4%75
Grandmaster ShinmenSkill DMG4%68

This is a good opportunity for players who did not trade Kay Kagen during the game’s introduction of Assist Daemons, to get a per-wave damage booster. The availability of Grandmaster Shinmen was less reliable, being non guaranteed on the Jewel Summon. This type of daemon is critical for hitting the game’s damage caps on Endless Challenge mode.

For players who already have Kay Kagen or Grandmaster Shinmen, James Watt would help with daily clears of the Endless Challenge marginally faster. Given it is a stage that is done on auto with the player AFK, he is not a critical upgrade.

Emilio’s rating: 7.4 (Kay and Shinmen are 7.1)

Hoshikuma Doji

4 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8582

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Four Heavenly Kings of Demons (lvl 80): Increases 50% of Skill DMG at the start of the final wave

Event Skill: Increase Skill DMG by 33% – 100%


Hoshikuma Doji increases the bonded daemon’s skill damage by 50% on the final wave. This type of assist is best bonded to your main damage dealer. While 50% is a very large boost for a 4 star daemon, Hoshikuma Doji joins a very crowded field with very strong competition:

DaemonAssist BoostBase Bond BuffWave Limitation?Level UnlockedEmilio’s Rating
Hoshikuma DojiSkill DMG 50%HPFinal Wave808.1
Matsuo BashoDMG 45%HP Final Wave 608.6
Cheshire Cat (5*)Crit DMG 50%; Skill DMG 50%SkillNo75/909.7
Eihort (5*)Stun on auto; Skill DMG 45%ATKNo70/858.4
SaigyoCrit DMG 35%SkillNo737.9
Star Atop X’mas TreeCrit DMG 36%SkillNo757.9
Carbon Elf [Valentine’s Day2]Skill DMG 35%ATKNo807.7

Needless to say, Cheshire Cat as a 5* LJS assist clearly surpasses Hoshikuma Doji. She is, after all, the assist daemon that players use to top the World Boss rankings. Eihort actually has a lower percentage skill boost, but provides stuns on auto attacks as part of his skill set. This unfortunately is not particularly useful.

Among the 4 stars, Carbon Elf is a close comparator – both Hoshikuma Doji and Carbon Elf boost only skill damage and have their abilities locked at 80. The main difference between the two is whether the boost is wave limited. For Carbon Elf’s non wave limited boost, the skill damage percentage is much lower at 35%. For stages not requiring initial waves to have high damage (ie World boss, Conquest) the wave limitation is non critical and can be comfortably sacrificed for a greater percentage boost. Saigyo and Star Atop X’mas Tree have similar percentage boosts as Carbon Elf – but for Crit DMG rather than Skill DMG. The same argument can be made for them as their boosts are also non wave limited.

The most critical comparison for Hoshikuma Doji is still Matsuo Basho. Both of these daemons have final wave limitations for their boosts, hence provide a larger percentage boost compared to the other 4 stars. Basho boosts both auto attacks and skill damage, whereas Hoshikuma Doji boosts only skill attacks. Given the difference in percentage boost is only 5%, the slightly lower percentage boost from Basho which covers auto attacks as well would be much preferred. Beyond that, Basho’s ability is unlocked on the first copy, making him far more obtainable compared to Hoshikuma Doji.

In general, while Hoshikuma Doji is a good assist daemon to be placed on your main damage dealer, she does not surpass the quality of the assist daemons that have already been released. The very best of this lot is still Cheshire Cat, followed by Matsuo Basho. And given Basho’s quality and budget cost, the other assist daemons just do not compare.

Voyager 1

4 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9295

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8582

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

Space Probe (lvl 80): Increases 8% of the EXP gained from battle.

Event Skill: Increase Drop Rate by 33% – 100%


EXP! Who doesn’t love EXP and other farming assists? This one is relatively easily obtainable and it stacks too!

DaemonEXP boost %Stackable?Level Unlocked
Voyager 18%Yes80
Tree of Wisdom10% (+10% soulstones)Yes70
Sherlock Holmes20% (+15% Drop Rate)No80 (70)
Imari(Soulstones 10%)Yes80

Clearly Sherlock and Tree of Wisdom provide better boosts, but they are 5 stars from LJS, limited to a single copy via trading Mochi. Sherlock needed orbs (for many players) to unlock his boost, and Tree needed multiple copies from JS in order to take advantage of her stackable nature. Both of them were tradeable at 200 Mochi for a single copy.

Voyager 1 would cost 250 mochi to unlock, and then another 4 mochi to seal her into 5 separate copies. If the 5 copies are bonded to daemons on the farming team, Voyager would provide a 40% EXP boost. This is a massive boost but takes up almost every assist spot on the team. Fortunately there are not that many current assists that provide farming abilities so it likely still is a good idea to acquire at least 2-3 copies and top up the remainder with 4 star orbs if you have plenty of those lying around unused.

For a comparison against another 4 star assist farming daemon, we have Imari, who also stacks but boosts soulstones instead (at 20%). Soulstones typically isn’t normally as prioritized as EXP, so a higher percentage boost is fair.

More EXP means faster levelling when playing tower, and this provides mochi in return (from the level ups) and saves items in the long run. If one was willing to pay 200 mochi for either Sherlock or Tree of Wisdom previously, Voyager 1 is reasonably priced.

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