Jewel Summon Analysis: Kappa, Jiangshi, and Genji Monogatari

Jewel Summon Analysis: Kappa, Jiangshi, and Genji Monogatari


5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max Attack: 12000/14319

Max HP: 9000/10739


Suiko Claw (MAX): Deals 2179/2599 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority).

Water Spirit (lvl 60): Slightly increases DMG dealt at the start of each wave.

Cucumber Love (lvl 74): Sharply increases Skill DMG.


Kappa has broken the stat total record for all available 5 stars. He matches the current leaders in Atk stat, at 12,000 (tied with Sessho Seki and Nekogami), and beats them both in terms of HP (9000, vs 8400 and 8000 respectively).

Skill wise he joins a fairly large pool of 3 target hitters including Healers Excalibur and Kaguya, Ranged daemons Belphegor, Antikythera, Adramelech, Himiko, Medusa, and Umibozu. Amongst the later group, some of the daemons pack crowd control and status effects on top of their skill damage, like Himiko with very high chance of silence, Medusa with Petrification, Adramelech with Burn, and Umibozu with speed decrease and phantasma type stun. Kappa’s skill and abilities is pure damage, making him closest in comparison to Belphegor (Antikythera is a completely different beast, with her damage boost coming from Anima Crit DMG and self Crit rate abilities).

Belphegor starts with a higher skill damage, at 2674 (max). At level 80 she unlocks a sharp increase in skill damage. Kappa starts with a lower skill damage, but every wave, his damage dealt – this refers to both his skill and normal attacks – is increased. Past level 74, Kappa also gets the same sharp increase to her skill damage that Belphegor has at level 80. Realistically, expect 3% damage increase per wave, and the same 20% ‘sharp’ increase in skill damage. At MLB on the 5th wave, Kappa will have stats (before bonds) – 16,467/10,739, with Skill DMG 3508. MLB Belphegor has stats before bonds 13,126/8533, and Skill DMG 3839. Comparing MLB Kappa and MLB Belphegor, on the 5th wave, Kappa’s skill damage comes close to, but does not exceed that of Belphegor. However, he makes up for damage output with much higher auto attacks.

Belphegor is superior to Kappa in early stage skill use for speedy mob clearance. Also, Belphegor targets the 3 highest damage dealers, which typically include the boss on the stage, regardless of the boss type. Kappa’s range targeting is not bad, but might possibly miss hitting the boss if the boss on the stage happens to be melee type.

Overall Kappa is a top tier multi target damage dealer. However, with his availability limited to the jewel summon pool, he is far less attainable than Belphegor was, and will be much more difficult to limit break. For newer players who missed out on obtaining Belphegor from her event, and are lucky enough to draw a single copy of Kappa, it might well be worthwhile to spend 1 limit break orb on him to unlock his level 74 ability.



4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5700/6988

Max/MLB HP: 6700/8215


Full Arteries (MAX): Deals 1681/2061 DMG to nearby enemies.

Kenpo Master (lvl 67): Sharply increases DMG dealt and ATK speed.


Jiangshi has stock standard 4 star melee stats. Her skill of hitting ‘nearby’ enemies is similar to that of Dojigiri (4 ★), Scarlette Stand, Kukunochi, and Hydra. In terms of base skill damage, Scarlette Stand and Kukunochi are far superior compared to the others with 2304 and 2393 Skill DMG. At base copy, Jiangshi barely matches the freely available Dojigiri (4 ★) for skill DMG, while marginally edging her out in terms of base stats.

Jiangshi gets on par with the other 4 stars listed above, only after level 67, where her ability is unlocked. Expect to see a 20% boost to normal attacks and skill DMG. Her DPS from normal attacks will also be further boosted with a speed boost.

Overall, Jiangshi isn’t a particularly noteworthy 4 ★ daemon on release. Despite her potential in producing a reasonable damage output, generally only new players before their first 5 ★ daemon will look towards 4 ★ daemons for DPS. By the time 3 copies of her are collected, one would very likely have attained better daemons serving the same purpose.

Genji Monogatari

3 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 5400/6869

Max/MLB HP: 4250/5407


Wind Breaker (MAX): Restores 296/376 HP to 2 allies (ranged priority). Increases targets’ speed by 60%/77% for a limited time.


Like Jiangshi, there is nothing much special about Genji Monogatari’s stats. Genji Monogatari restores a small amount of HP to her allies and boosts their speed. The amount of HP restored is a very slight amount, not even reaching 4 digits. The HP restore seems like an afterthought in addition to her more significant speed boost. The speed boost is a very nice amount coming from a 3 ★ daemon. Genji Monogatari has the highest speed boosting effect amongst 3 ★ daemons. However, speed boosts, unlike attack boosts only increases a daemons’ frequency of auto attacks, and not skill attacks. This makes speed boosting daemons difficult to use in attack combination sequences with other buffs and debuffs that are more skill attack dependent. A sudden spike in speed might also make auto-skill-auto use more challenging.

Other daemons with similar heal and speed boost effects include 4 ★ Mammon (2 targets, 1058 Heal, 84% speed boost), Genjo (3 targets, 890 Heal, 42% speed boost) and Diablata (all allies, 969 Heal, 30% speed boost). Most of these 4 ★ daemons see little use outside of farming based on their other abilities (Mammon for drop rate boost ability and event drop rate booster in Jewels and the Secret Workshop event), Genjo for EXP, and Diabalata as drop rate booster for Spirit Idol Competition event).

Unless there is a major meta shift to make daemon attack speed boosts more effective, Genji Monogatari will most likely meet the same fate as most of the other 3 stars in Jewel Summon pool – that of being sold for mochi.

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