Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Mara, Astraea, Usumidori

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Mara, Astraea, Usumidori


5 ★ Ranged Phantom



Max/MLB Attack: 11,800 / 14,080

Max/MLB HP: 8,500 / 10,143


Free From Dirty Thoughts (MAX): Deals 2,367 / 2,823 DMG to all enemies

Finder of the Lost (Lvl 60): Increases battle reward drop rate by 15%

Festival of Suffering (Lvl 80): Normal attacks have a 33% to increase targets damage taken by 20% (for 8 seconds, can stack)


Mitama is beginning to spoil me. So many interesting cards in a row? What’s going on, it’s not Christmas. Do they know it was my birthday recently? Is this my gift? Let’s take a look at this new AoE damage dealer and see just how strong it is by comparing it to the current best in the same class:

Mara Phoenix (8.3) Huanglong (8.1) G. Washington (7.9)
Auto Attack 1,725 1,883 2,118 1,593
Skill Damage 4,236 3,963 3,163 3,689
Skill Effect None Burn (Low) DMG Red 19% None
EHP 9,435 9,380 8,214 8,713
Team Ability Normal Attacks apply DMG Increase Debuff 5% Divina Crit DMG per wave 15% Divina DMG (Leader) 20% Skill DMG (Leader)


So first off just looking at the numbers in the table she…I mean he…**checks**…yes, he is certainly great in multiple areas. His auto attacks aren’t special but with a base attack of 11,800 don’t lack too much either. His skill damage is actually the highest all target damage output in the game, beating the previous holder Mjölnir (4,069) by 4%. He is also the tankiest of the 4, although this is of less importance for this class of daemon (unless like George and Huanglong you have to sit on the front row).

His first passive instantly makes him a fantastic farming daemon. 15% drop rate matches Cosimo de Medici as the highest in game – and it’s on a 5* wave clearer! If you get just the one copy it should be enough to add great quality of life to story events with full farm teams, allowing for faster wave clearing and easier 3* rewards in the final stages.

So that’s all great but now for the interesting bit. Question: What makes the other 3 the current best AoE damage dealers? The answer is they’re good at what they do (clearing waves – although Huanglong possibly lacks a bit) but at the same time they provide a strong team boost (this generally applies to all daemon. The best healers have insane damage boosting passives [Morin Crit+Crit DMG, Cherry Crit DMG, Cinderella Skill DMG], the best nukers bring something else to the team [TNY Crit DMG, Amor Skill DMG] etc). All the other 3 AoE damage dealers in the table have strong team damage abilities, so the question is how good is Mara’s second ability?

We need a little bit of maths to help us here… (skip the italics for a TL;DR)


2+2 is 4, minus 1 that’s 3:

To get an idea of the passives strength we need to work out what the average debuff amount is. In other words “At any given point in time, what is the expected debuff percent that is currently being applied to the target”.


We know that debuffs last 8 seconds.

We know that daemons attack once every 2 seconds (base speed)


This means that at any point in time the debuff amount on the target is determined by the 4 auto attack hits that came in the previous 8 seconds.

Each auto attack is simply a Bernoulli Trial – a single event with a Yes/No outcome. Either the hit applied the debuff (33%), or it didn’t (67%). (use Google if you want, this isn’t a complete maths lesson….)

So with 4 attacks we are now looking at a Binomial Distribution, where the number of events is 4, and the probability of success is 33%. (keep Googling)

Since the mean for a Binomial Distribution is n x P (n = number of trials, P = probability of success), the mean number of successes for our Mara situation is 4 x 0.33 = 1.32. This means at any point in time there is on average 1.32 debuffs on the target, which at a 20% debuff per stacks means a 1.32 * 20 = 26.4% debuff on the target.

If you have followed so far, you might realise that this is for base attack speed and that the only factor that scales Mara’s passive ability is increased attack speed. This is because with more attack speed, at any point in time you will have hit more frequently in the previous 8 seconds. In essence you are increasing ‘n’ in the Binomial distribution. Doubling the number of trials (e.g making her attack twice as fast – Charles ability?) will double the effectiveness of her passive.

On another side note, this assumption excludes the first 8 seconds of hitting the boss (at t=0, you haven’t hit the boss once yet, so the debuff is always 0). Everything past 8 seconds has the 26.4% average rule



So his passive ability is approximately equivalent to the target taking 26.4% more damage constantly. This is very strong. George Washington gives 20% but only to skill attacks. Huanglong gives 15% overall damage, and Phoenix has a 25% critical damage buff for comparison. I would put Mara’s ability as better than all of these – but there are things to note!

Firstly if you are thinking CQ, normally with an AoE set up you will buff up upon wave entry, use your AoE and then nuke the boss in the initial combo (using up 12-15 orbs in the process). For Mara’s passive to apply he needs to actually hit the boss…so realistically once you use his skill to clear, you have a 33% chance for the first hit to give you a 20% debuff. If you hold off for a second hit your initial buffs may run out on your nuker. Essentially during the first combo sequence you do not get full effectiveness out of him. He will of course still provide the damage boost through the remainder of the fight in full, and I still think even with this it should provide more damage than the other 3 daemons passives.

Secondly it is of course, sadly, an RNG based ability. It could be time to do your skill sequence and he simply doesn’t apply his debuff for 3-4 hits. At the same time however you could be lucky and have a 60% increased damage taken buff for free. At the very least you will be able to see if at least 1 stack is on before you sequence (it has the same purple spiral/cloud effect that Amanojaku’s debuff has), so you could spot if you are being screwed by RNG and restart if you wish.

Finally let’s look at what I imagine several of you are saying to the screen as you are reading this review: “But Emilio, what about Charles x Mara combo? They synergise so well don’t they? Charles makes Mara’s debuff better! It’s good right? Will it give amazing damage? Tell meeee”. The answer is I think it’s okay. I don’t think they synergise completely, but it’s still not a bad outcome.

The reason being is that if you apply all your buffs with both in the team (DMG up, DMG up, Crit up, Charles speed – something like this), yes Mara will attack quicker and his debuff will start stacking, but then the slight problem is that the maximum effect of his passive comes after 8 seconds of him attacking faster while buffed…which is exactly when all the DMG, crit and speed buffs run out. In this sense it is a bit of a weird anti synergy. Personally I think both Charles and Mara will benefit from different types of new Daemons. Charles is looking for someone with a massive attack stat and that boosts raw attack damage of his allies, whilst Mara if you wanted to build an auto attack team around him would be looking for constant IAS buffs such as Beelzebub, but hopefully of a higher magnitude (for maximum world boss effect you would need 184% IAS…really not possible at the moment – and IAS is possibly capped too but I have not confirmed this).

Having said this I did make a calculator for auto attack world boss teams with Charles x Mara in mind. I considered a team of Charles, Mara, Marsha L Shrine, Cherry, Cherry with Katsu and Restless Ghost Reserve. The idea being to cycle Cherry – Cherry – Marsha – Charles buffs as a 4 orb sequence for big DMG, crit and IAS boosts for few orbs with Mara providing the increased damage taken debuff passively for free. The outcome was 6.53million damage on average. Similar to the Charles review however, this does not take into account the rockets and nukes/petrifies slowing you down. Since this set up wouldn’t have a Philosopher’s Stone either it is likely to be even more of a problem, so I would realistically expect around 5.7-5.8 million. This is still a good damage output! (and notice how none of the 3 ranged daemon are ones that are currently used – who is Amano again?), but it still doesn’t match the ease with which you can count critical hits on massive single target damage skills and guarantee a high result (I’m sure if I bothered to calculate an expected result for the Amanojaku+Cinderella team set up that I currently use it would come out as only just above 6 million, but since I can freely restart whenever I see 1-2 nukes fail to crit, I can ensure at least 6.6 million every day).

So overall just how good is Mara?I think he is the best AoE daemon in the game right now. Best area damage output, best drop rate farming passive, a fantastic team ability which also has some potential to create new set ups later (although I think the chances of it happening are limited? The raw stat attacker for Charles is more likely says my gut). What more could you ask of a daemon that is going to join the summon pool forever? Congratulations even if you only pull one copy!


Rating: 8.5/10 – High Tier



4 ★ Melee Divina



Max/MLB Attack: 6,300 / 7,723

Max/MLB HP: 6,800 / 8,336


Holy Hammer (MAX): Deals 3,703 / 4,542 DMG to an enemy (healer priority). Decreases targets speed by 45 / 55 % for a limited time

Love and Justice (Lvl 70): Increases Divina Damage and Crit rate by 5%



I do like to prattle on don’t I. Only when they’re interesting I swear! Let’s make these last two quicker then and wrap up these reviews.

Astraea is a 4* Melee single target damage dealer. This is already pretty undesirable. Her passive is actually pretty decent, sort of like a just over 10% damage boost to all Divina, but there have been quite a lot of strong passive abilities released very recently, so nowadays this level of passive probably won’t make the cut for most people. It’s not a bad card, it’s just simply not good enough to see any actual use.


Rating: 5.6/10 (Above average 4*)



4 ★ Melee Anima




Max/MLB Attack: 6,000 / 7,356

Max/MLB HP: 6,500 / 7,969


Full Power (MAX): Deals 3,095 / 3,796 DMG to 1 enemy (melee priority). Target takes 27 / 33% more DMG for a limited time

Traveler (Lvl 80): Restores 3% of HP every 5 seconds to the 2 allies with the highest ATK


Usumidori is a 4* Melee single target…hang on a minute. Yes it’s rather similar to Astraea. Just less damage, less health, less skill damage, and a worse passive. The skill effect is much better of course, but 33% is far too low to see any use.


Rating: 4.7/10 (Average 4*)

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