Jewel Summon Daemon Review: King Enma, Guo Jia Fengxiao, Nektar

King Enma

5* Divina Assist

Base Bond: ATK DMG

Assist Bond 1 (lvl 75): 10% DMG / Wave

Assist Bond 2 (lvl 90): 10% Crit DMG / Wave

If you happen to get 2 copies for the first ability then King Enma is fantastic for endless already. So far the best DMG / Wave has been James Watt at 5%, so suddenly doubling that is super good. How good is King Enma at MLB however. On a 5 wave stage then I would say he’s pretty equal to Cheshire Cat. You might say “hang on, Damage affects both auto attacks and skill attacks, but Cheshire Cat’s first ability is only 50% Skill damage so isn’t Enma strictly better by giving damage instead?”. The problem however is that Skill Damage is the rarer buff since it only comes from passives. By having a damage boost Enma’s effect gets dampened out a bit when you buff that daemon with damage boosting actives like Alice or Sola. Still however he’s adding to your base auto attacks while Cat is not, so overall it’s sort of balanced. On World Boss however, there’s only one wave which makes him very mediocre to use there.

Overall he’s amazing for Endless, great for Story, good for Conquest, and weak for World Boss. It’s a shame that the importance of the event goes up as his usefulness goes down. A strong daemon overall but competing against the other incredibly strong daemon to give maximum damage in Okita, Cheshire Cat and Toyouke – Omikami

Emilio’s Rating: 8.4 / 10

Guo Jia Fengxiao

4* Divina Assist

Base Bond: Skill DMG

Assist Bond (lvl 70): 20% Divina Skill DMG on the Final Wave

In line with a bunch of 5* Stella Daemon in Aquila, Sagittarius and Orion, but with a slight difference of only activating on the final wave. Odd that Divina gets a slightly different treatment but hey whatever. Solid assist but nothing spectacular, just as all the others were.

Rating: 7.7 / 10


4* Anima Range

Stats: 7,000 / 6,200

MLB Stats: 8,582 / 7,601

Skill: Heal 4,509 / 5,531 HP to the ally with the Lowest % HP. Reduces DMG Received by 45 / 55% for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 79): Heal the ally with the Lowest % HP by 50% at the start of each wave

It’s basically very similar to Cosimo de Medici…but without the farming passive. A.k.a without a reason to be used. Weak Daemon

Rating: 3.1 / 10

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