Event Helper Analysis – Farewell Rooster, Hello Year of the Dog: Kagami Mochi, Yatagarasu, Miki Sake

Event Helper Analysis – Farewell Rooster, Hello Year of the Dog: Kagami Mochi, Yatagarasu, Miki Sake

As it neared the end of 2017, Sola, Mira and Master were together once again in the Bureau of Occult, reviewing the incidents that happened this year.
“It’s been an eventful year,” Mira commented.
“Yes, so much has happened since I became a Spirit Agent,” Master concurred.
“My life has changed a lot since i first met you, Master,” Sola chimed in.
“Did you make any New Year resolutions?” Mira asked Sola.
Blushing, Sola nodded.
“And? Did you achieve your resolutions?” Master enquired. “I didn’t know you made New Year resolutions.”
“Well, I’m not telling!” Sola admantly refused. “It’s a secret!”
“If you won’t tell, then we shall guess!” announced Mira.
Master chuckled at the suggestion. “Ok Sola, tell us how many resolutions you made, and Mira and I will guess, and you tell us whether we are right or not!”

Kagami Mochi

Kagami Mochi

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9100/11158

Max/MLB HP: 6500/7969


All Ages Throwdown (MAX): Deals 3105/3715 DMG to current target. Target receives 18/22% more DMG for a limited time.

Divine Dance (lvl 51): Sharply increases skill DMG.

Event Skill: Increase Skill DMG by 33% – 100%


Wasn’t there just another debuffer released a few weeks ago? And another one available in the exchange (junk though it may be)? Oh well, the more the merrier, it seems, for debuffers. This time it’s a 4★ event helper, which usually means it has potential. Mitama has a habit of releasing event helpers that are quite powerful in their own right. However, this does not appear to be the case this round, at least not for Kagami Mochi.

Debuffers Version Kagami Mochi

Rather than repeat the entire table of debuffers, this is a comparison to the leading debuffers amongst 3★ and 4★, plus Rudy Red Nose, an event helper debuffer who was released exactly this time last year. As expected, Kagami Mochi measures up poorly compared to Amanojaku, who is still the undisputed leader in terms of debuff percentage. Even a fairly dated daemon like Rudy Red Nose presents a far more appealing debuff percentage.

What with even a new Jewel Summon entry like Shomakyo given a relatively modest 39/47% debuff, and more readily obtainable Hattori Hanzo and Fafnir with 30/36% debuffs, it looks like Mitama has firmly reigned in the high debuff percentages that were previously assigned to daemons like Amanojaku (another event helper) and Magic Mirror. 18/22% actually seems worthy of a 4★ when 5★ are getting 30/36%. However, this also means that Kagami Mochi receives a rating in line with Fafnir and Hattori Hanzo, making her comparatively useless.

Other than the debuff percentage, Kagami Mochi compared to Amanojaku is marginally superior in attack stats, HP, and even skill damage (thanks to her level 51 ability), but inferior in targeting. ‘Current’ targeting can be challenging to use, brute clearance is necessary prior to debuff skill use to ensure correct targeting of the boss. But all of that pales in importance due to the vast difference in debuff percentage, making Amanojaku preferred under all circumstances.

Also, as Skill DMG helper on a tower event, she serves minimal purpose to players who are well able to clear towers without her aid. Perhaps her presence might make it possible to clear the final stage with a full farming team, but that is hardly a priority for most players. Only very new or casual players might find her event ability useful in clearance of the event storyline.

Nex Rating: Junk

After much persuasion, Sola finally admitted to having 3 resolutions for 2017, and the guessing game finally began.
“Hmmm… resolving to lose weight is a very common New Year’s resolution,” Master started.
“Of course not! That’s one wrong guess!” Sola cut in gleefully.
“Hold it! I didn’t say that you resolved to lose weight.”
“Given it’s Sola…” Mira added.
“Yeah, *weight* is hardly a problem…”
Mira and Master glanced knowingly at each other.
“I’ll bet,”
“That one of Sola’s resolutions,”
“Was to grow TALLER!”
Mira and Master were spot on, of course…


Yatagarasu [Festival]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12000/14319

Max/MLB HP: 8700/10381


Fireball Shot (MAX): Deals 2991/3571 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK, with a high chance of inflicting Burn.

Gods’ Guide (lvl 80): Moderately increases DMG of all Phantasma allies.

Event Skill: Increase Event Points by 33% – 100%


Last event we saw the ranking daemon, Takamura, provide a Divina all damage boost (11%) limited to the final stage. This round the event helper pulls a one-up on him, but for Phantasma type and the boost (albeit 1% smaller) affects all waves of a battle, with no trade off like Astaroth’s 5s of Silence. It was a very similar scenario 2 events back: Muramasa [Halloween] was one-upped by Restless Ghost [Christmas II] – the event ranking daemon slightly superseded by  the helper 5★ daemon released the next event.

Yatagarasu [Festival] is a 3 target damage dealer who inflicts Burn at high chance. This compares directly to Adramelech and Roman Candell. For blunt skill damage and wave clearing ability, comparison to Belphegor and Kappa can be drawn.

Yatagarasu has been tested to provide a 10% Phantasama type all damage boost. This makes her one of the better reserve daemons especially for players running multiple Phantasma daemons on team, however it still pales in comparison to the damage boost provided by Astaroth (25%).

5 Star 3 target hitters

Looking at the numbers, Yatagarasu [Festival] has a damage output that is in line with the bulk of the top tier damage focused 3 target daemons. The main advantage Yatagarasu has over the competition is the team boosting ability. The only other daemon here which boosts other daemons on the team is Antikythera, boosting Anima Crit Damage. Unfortunately Anima type does not have as many daemons that are strong in the current meta to benefit from her Crit Damage boost.

Yatagarasu can potentially replace Belphegor on conquest teams, and would synergise particularly well with other Phantasma type daemons like Titania (New Year), Nekogami, Satan, and Amanojaku. Her team wide damage boost would stack on the final wave with that of Astaroth (most often used on reserve). The main challenge would unfortunately be acquiring 5 copies to MLB Yatagarasu – 1250 mochi is a lot to spend on trading a single daemon. Whether she is worth the invokers / jewels / mochi / orbs to acquire as an upgrade over Belphegor would have to depend on the individual player’s existing deck, and available resources. Players who stand to benefit most from her are those who use a Phantasma type nuker (like Satan), use a Phantasma type debuffer (like Amanojaku and Azi), do not have MLB Belphegor or a satisfactory alternative, and do not already have lb2 Astaroth and other top tier reserves.

Nex Rating: A whale’s Belphegor.

“I’m sure you won’t guess my second resolution!” declared Sola, after admitting that despite resolving to grow taller, her height had stubbonly remained the same.
Mira and Master shared another speaking glance.
Mira nodded, “So, if it’s such a hard guess, time to give a hint.”
“Like, to what aspect of your life does it pertain?” Master prompted.
After thinking for a moment, Sola declared decidedly, “Work.”
“I see. Then it has really got to be about becoming a better Spirit Agent.” Mira concluded.
“Yeah, be a better spirit agent than Hijiri!” Master teased.
“I resolved to get better at fighting brutes so that I’ll beat that arrogant Hijorin and Echo!”
Mira and Master looked at each other, and then back at Sola.
“Ooops,” Sola gasped.

Miki Sake

Miki Sake

4 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6400/7847

Max/MLB HP: 6650/8154


Drink Distributor (MAX): Restores 2571/3151 HP to the 3 allies with the lowest percentage of HP.

Timely Response (lvl 55): Slightly increase DMG dealt by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.

Event Skill: Increase Drop Rate by 33% – 100%


I had a moment of deja vu when I first encountered her art. She looks almost identical to 3★ Ambrosia released during the Holy Grail event.


Her stats are fairly good for 4★ healers – they tend to average 6000 in both Attack and HP at MAX. But this is probably a symptom of general power creep than any credit to Miki Sake herself. For skill she simply recovers HP for 3 targets. Therefore compared to Isis (who heals all targets 1582/1942) and Ono-no-Komachi or Wakatoshi who both heal and shield their 2 targets (1592/1952; 41/50% and 1691/2071; 30/37% respectively), Miki Sake’s HP recovery skill is of a larger quantity.

She can be considered for use on the reserve for her damage boost for the 2 highest ATK allies. With the ‘slight’ multiplier (assumed 5%), the outcome of her damage boost is likely to be very similar to that of other ‘moderate’ Crit DMG boost reserves like Ame-no-Uzume. Also to consider that Brynhildr has a similarly described damage boost ability, but affects all her allies. Overall she is OK on reserve, but definitely not top tier.

As drop rate helper, she is probably the best value for mochi – she increases the return on the SE spent in terms of item drops. However, how desirable the drop rate booster is will depend on the quality of the daemons properly released for the event.

Nex Rating: Junk

“So, after resolving to get taller, and to get better at fighting brutes, what else is there?” Master reflected.
“You can’t trick me into telling anymore!” Sola was firmly silent this time.
“Well, what else does Sola like to do?” Mira probed.
“Her favourite hobby would have to be watching Anime,” Master said. “But I don’t see how she can make a resolution on that.”
“Do you have a favourite book or movie, Master?” Mira changed the topic.
“Of course. Why would you ask?”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to read that book or watch that movie again?”
“Yes, that would be nice.” Master nodded.
“Sola probably has her favourite Anime series, so she most likely resolved to find more time to watch some of those on top of staying updated!”
And as usual, Mira was right on the money.

What did YOU resolve to do in 2017? Did you achieve your goals?

DB Wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This will be the last review released in 2017. We’ll be back in 2018.

24 thoughts on “Event Helper Analysis – Farewell Rooster, Hello Year of the Dog: Kagami Mochi, Yatagarasu, Miki Sake”

  • I love Nex`s overwhelming comments and ratings about daemons! Not going beyond 5 words per sentence and his favourite word ever: JUNK

  • Is it worth buying 2x more copies of Yatagarasu for the passive (I have one copy right now), when I have MLB Belphegor, MLB Satan, MLB Amano? I use Restless Ghost [Christmas] and Poison S. Brew as reserves during conquest since sadly no better reserve… have about 650 mochi.

      • Thanks for your hmreply Nex! Sadly, I actually don’t have Chronos at LB1 so unfortunately I can’t use his passive, hence I’m stuck with Poision S. Brew… no Katsushika or any good alternatives either :/

        Hm, in the case that I use Yata + Belphegor to speed clear tower and not purely just reserve, would that make her more worthwhile to buy since Yata would synergise well with Belphegor? I do have other AOEs but they are either 1) not Phantasma or 2) deal a minuscule amount of damage in comparison…

        Also I have one orb… better to spend it on Chronos LB1 or buy one copy of Yata and then use orb her to get her to LB2?

  • What does Yatagarasu’s passive include? Like both, autos and skill? And for CQ mode, would it be better to use him or Shuten as a leader? I’m constructing a Phantom team since Satan is my nuker and the wave clearing + helpful team oriented passive is very much needed. My Belphegor is only LB2 so for tower Yatagaratsu would be useful too…

    Also, I have Astaroth, planning to LB2 her for her passive and send her to my reserves, my guess is that the passives would stack additively, no?

    • Increase damage dealt affects both autos and skills.

      Yatagarasu’s ability will stack with Astaroth’s. Or at least it should. If it doesn’t then it’s a bug.

      You should try a mathematical exercise in stacking the buffs for Shuten team vs Yatagarasu team. Which turns out superior depends a lot on the other members you plan to use – whether other crit damage and crit rate daemons are to be used or not.

      • Thank you for your answer! I was doubting a bit because after making some math (thanks to your stacking buff/debuffs post) focusing in Satan with like 6 different teams, I found one that got marginally better results for her without Shuten or Yata (lol). Second place would be the team with Shuten tho but then there’s the fact that Satan has that horrible bug of her with the crit dmg stack, which as far as I know hasn’t been corrected???

        Anyways, at the end I was like “YOLO”, had almost 200invokers sitting in my inventory, thought I could get LB1 Yata, buy maybe a copy for mochi and orb the rest… Or maybe… Maybe my deep need for Philo or Orpheus would be satiated *sobs*. Apparently, RNGsus heard my prayers since I got Philo (finally) and orbed the f*ck out of her with 3 of the 4 orbs I had (lol, had been waiting for a moment like this like since forever). LB1 Yata is now sitting, looking at me like I’m a traitor but I can’t be bothered~

        Sorry for the rant lmao I’m just too happy lol Thank you for your analysis! They are always useful~ Merry (late) christmas (?)

  • Imma poor f2p… Currently using lb3 Kappa (my only good AOE lol) I guess I also can lb2 yatagarasu… Should I do that ??Who is better…

    • Do you have a phantom type nuker and debuffer to synergise with Yatagarasu? If you do then Yatagarasu will provide a team boost that is synergistic with them, making her better than Kappa. However his own LB3 Kappa is no slouch either. If you need the Mochi and orbs for other priorities then you might want to give Yatagarasu a miss.

    • If you have both Bel and Anti MLB already you hardly need Yatagatasu. But then it would be a slight upgrade if you use Yatagarasu plus Bel rather than Bel plus Anti because they synergize.

      Do remember on tower events the boss on each stage has a type. And the ideal team would at the very least not be weak towards the boss type. So you’ll need at least one daemon of each type for the entire tower to play leader.

      And of course resources. It really depends on what you have and whether you can afford. If you’ve got plenty, then go for it if you like. It’s a marginal increase you are likely to see.

      Look at the recommendations, take that into consideration for the amount of utility you’ll get from Yatagarasu – Players who stand to benefit most from her are those who use a Phantasma type nuker (like Satan), use a Phantasma type debuffer (like Amanojaku and Azi), do not have MLB Belphegor or a satisfactory alternative, and do not already have lb2 Astaroth and other top tier reserves.

      • I’ll take her, my Belphegor is MLB but my Antiky is only 75.

        Actually I got lucky enough that I got her on my 5* invoker right after reading this topic lmao

        Now for each type, idk if I do have much options, I usually just swap Kondo and Ravenna as leader or Antikythera.

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