Jewel Summon Daemon AnalysisLady Musk, Grandmaster Shinmen, Dryad

Jewel Summon Daemon AnalysisLady Musk, Grandmaster Shinmen, Dryad

After Sola’s release MLB+15 levels, ie 105 for 5 stars,and 95 for 4 stars are gaining relevance. So I have placed the base stats for the daemons into Ashla’s Stat Calculator and generated the figures for reference. For set ups without Sola then refer to the standard Max and MLB stats as usual. Because both the MLB and MLB+15 stats are generated through the calculator, and we do not have the resources to acquire and max every single daemon released, the numbers may differ from what they are in-game because of rounding error. Ashla has worked hard to make the calculator as accurate as possible but small differences cannot always be helped. This is not to say the numbers are completely wrong. They should be good enough to illustrate a comparative difference between daemons during comparison, even if they are not accurate to the last digit. If minor discrepancy triggers you and you own the card and know the precise stats (unbonded) which differ from what the calculator generates for us, you are welcome to take a screenshot of the daemon and send it to us for update. Contact us via LINE. Please comment below if you would like to see more MLB+15 stats, or if we should stick with the typical Max/MLB setup (it keeps things cleaner). 


4 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB/MLB+15 Attack: 7200/8827/10047

Max/MLB HP/MLB+15: 6200/7602/8653


Noisy Echo (MAX): Deals 2729/3349/3814 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Target takes 45/55/63% more DMG for a limited time.

Master of Yamabiko (lvl 69): Increase 10% of DMG dealt by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


Dryad is a 4 star nuker-debuffer that increases the damage received by the opponent. I’d like to consider her a mini/budget version of Minamoto no Yoshistune, especially with her ability that increases the damage dealt by 2 of your highest attack allies. This ability is a budget version of Yoshi’s much more extensive 20% DMG dealt and 20% Crit DMG boost to the same 2 highest attack allies.

There are multiple similar 4* single target debuffers:


Daemon Attack HP Skill DMG Debuff Targeting Other Abilities
Dryad 7200/8827 6200/7602 2729/3349 45%/55% Highest HP Increase DMG dealt by 10% to 2 highest attack allies
Amanojaku 9,000/11,034 5,600/6,866 3174/3889 60%/74% Highest HP Skill inflicts Virulent Poison
Stella: Reticulum 7,900/9,685 6,200/7,601 2393/2935 45%55% Highest ATK Increases Skill Damage 30%
Ugo 7,800/9,562 6,300/7,723 2729/3347 36%/44% Highest ATK Increases Critical Damage 75%
Danzabura Tanuki 8,300/10,175 6,300/7,723 2729/3347 30%/37% Lowest HP Increases Critical Damage 60%
Zauber Kugel 7,900/9,685 6,400/7,846 2561/3141 30%/37% Lowest HP Increases Skill Damage 10% Increases Critical Damage 50%
Georgius 6,700/8,215 5,500/6,744 2116/2596 45%/55% Lowest HP Increases Attack Speed 5%

Decrease DMG taken by all melee allies 5%

Rudy Red-Nose 8,350/10,238 5,560/6,818 2838/3479 36%/44% Current ‘Slightly’ Increases Phantasma allies’ Skill Damage
Daji [Seductive Swimsuit] 8,500/10,420 6,200/7,602 1671/1996 35%/42% Lowest HP ‘Significiant’ Stun chance on skill
Marshal Tianpeng 6,900/8,459 7,600/9,317 2561/3141 24%/30% Highest HP Increases Skill Damage 35%

Increase DMG dealt 20% when another JTTW is on the team

Arondight [Sports Meet] 5,600/6,866 6,500/7,969 4262/5225 15%/18% Lowest HP ‘Sharply’ Reduces Damage Taken
Usumidori 6,000/7,356 6,500/7,969 3095/3796 27%/33% Melee Life Regen 3% / 5s for 2 highest attack allies
Kagami Mochi 9,100/11,158 6,500/7,969 3105/3804 18%/22% Current ‘Sharply’ Increases Skill Damage
Dragonia Killa 5,150/6,314 6,450/7,908 1691/2071 34%/42% Current


For very new players without any debuffer at all, Dryad is a good daemon to start with. She has a decent debuff percentage, on par with Stella: Reticulum, recently released for a limited time via an event. However as a simple 4 star she does not compete with the premium 5 star debuffers like Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] or Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Lady Musk

5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack/MLB+15: 9000/10739/12043

Max/MLB HP/MLB+15: 9800/11694/13115


Healing Aroma (MAX): Restores 1466/1746/1956 HP to 2 allies with the highest ATK. Targets deal 60/72/80% more DMG for a limited time.

Strengthen (lvl 75): All Anima team members take 8% less DMG.

Secret Incense (lvl 90): Increases 2% of Max HP to Anima team members at the start of each wave.


Lady Musk is a healer with a 2 target damage boost and slight heal on her skill. Her boost percentage is quite high.


Daemon Attack HP DMG boost HP recovery Targeting Other abilities
Lady Musk 9000/10739 9800/11694 60%/72% 1466/1746/1956 2 Highest ATK allies All Anima team members take 8% less DMG

Increases 2% of Max HP to Anima team members at the start of each wave.

Sola [Sun Idol] 9,000/12,035 9,500/12,704 45%/53% 525/626 All Increase all allies Crit DMG by 40% when leader

Increase all allies level by 15 when leader

Otakemaru [Pure Love]


11,000/13,126 8,700/10,381 45%/53% All Decrease all enemies ATK speed by 10% at wave start

Increase all phantom allies Skill DMG by 25% at wave start



7,900/9,428 9,300/11,097 74%/88% 2 Ranged Reduce DMG taken by all melee allies by 10%
Shosoin 8,900/10,620 9,000/10,739 45%/53% 4863/5801 Highest ATK Increase Anima allies Crit Rate 3% at wave start.

Heal Anima allies by 10% at wave start.


As a healer-booster her damage boost is higher than the all target boosters recently released like Sola and Otakemaru [Pure Love]. Her boost percentage is higher compared to single target damage booster Shosoin, but Shosoin packs an absolutely enormous heal (which in most situations is unnecessary). In a direct comparison with 2 target booster Gjallarhorn, Horn provides a greater percentage damage boost but without any HP recovery. But more importantly Lady Musk’s targeting of the 2 highest damage dealers makes her a good deal more reliable and predictable on teams with more than 2 ranged daemons. For Horn teams the challenge is to use exactly 2 ranged daemons, more than that the targeting is random among the ranged. For Lady Musk teams one can bring 4 ranged daemons and have the same 2 key damage dealers receive her buff each and every single time.

Like Otakemaru [Pure Love] and Shosoin, Lady Musk’s abilities make her ideal for the Endless Challenge. 8% damage reduction across all Anima allies, combined with a stacking 2% per wave increment to HP of Anima allies means that an Anima based frontline would be ideal for taking on the Endless Challenge. At this point the Anima type is still missing a wave based skill damage boost (like what Phantasma has with Siren and Otakemaru [Pure Love]), so the current top Endless teams tend to use a hybrid of Anima and Phantasma daemons. The Anima daemons (including Sola as leader) tank, while the Phantasma daemon(s) along with Siren sit at the back to deal out massive skill damage. If  such an Anima type wave based skill damage booster is released, pure Anima teams would very likely dominate the Endless mode. The competing alternative being the release of a wave based Phantasama HP booster for pure Phantasma teams.

While Lady Musk on her own is a good healer and damage booster – I would prefer her to Gjallarhorn simply for the easier team building because of her targeting – other than in Endless challenge mostly one would still prefer Sola because of her full team boost, 40% Crit damage boost and 15 level boost. Furthermore, to acquire Lady Musk only for Endless mode, with her HP boosting ability locked at MLB, one  would need to spend large amounts of either invokers or jewel summons or orbs or a combination of those. And all for a game mode that provides only 100 SE a day (but you can get that more quickly doing 1-34 3 times than trying for 100 in 1 shot). Of course whales would MLB her off the bat, but for the average free to play or microtransactions player, unless one is missing all of Sola, Otakemaru, Orpheus, Horn and even 4* alternative Aka ‘Red’ Chochin [Halloween 1] and desperately needs a damage booster then splurging on Lady Musk might be a bit of an extravagance.

Grandmaster Shinmen

4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7200/8827

Max/MLB HP: 6200/7602

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Father of the Sword Saint (lvl 68): Increases 4% of DMG dealt at the start of each wave.


When Assist daemons were first introduced, the first batch consisted of Saigyo, Kay Kagen and Niccolo Paganini. At that point, Kay was deemed to be decent especially for your wave clearer for 10 wave tower stage, or 6 wave level 200 on conquest. I think many players skipped her, not anticipating the arrival of the Endless Challenge.

Grandmaster Shinmen is the solution for players who did not summon or trade for Kay Kagen. A quick comparison would show they are almost identical:


Daemon Kay Kagen Grandmaster Shinmen
Base bond effect Skill DMG Skill DMG
Type Anima Divina
Ability 4% DMG boost / wave 4% DMG boost / wave
Level locked 75 68
Acquire Limited: Event helper

Summon or trade 50 mochi

Jewel Summon


Their main abilities are identical. Hence their use would mainly be in the Endless Challenge. Shinmen would be preferred on Divina daemons and Kay on Anima daemons, but a small difference in their base bond effect is unlikely to be of significance. It was perhaps more expensive to unlock Kay’s ability, needing 1 more LB compared to Shinmen. But one could trade for multiple copies of Kay with mochi, as opposed to being limited to the jewel summon or orbs as with Shinmen, so to me that is almost equal.

In short, Shinmen is a Kay clone. If you missed Kay and need her for the Endless Challenge, Shinmen is an opportunity to rectify that gap.

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