[Leaks] #254 – 257

[Leaks] #254 – 257

254: Kirin
Skill: Restore HP to 1 ally with the lowest HP and increase target’s Crit rate for a period of time.
Passive1: Reduce DMG received.
Passive2: At the start of every wave, increase the Crit DMG of all Divina allies.
Otogi Kirin
255: Cat God
Skill: Deal DMG to current target and reduce their speed for a period time.
Passive1: Normal attacks have a slight chance of inflicting Stun.
Passive2: Increase DMG dealt when HP is below 50%.

256: Ao Guang
Skill: Deal DMG to all enemies.
Otogi ao kuang
257: Elf: Selenium
Skill: Restore HP to yourself and remove all negative statuses.


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