Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Doppella Gänger, Shosoin, Inspector Zenimaru

Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Doppella Gänger, Shosoin, Inspector Zenimaru

Doppella Gänger

5 ★ Phantom Range

dopplla ganger


Max/MLB Attack: 12,700 / 15,154

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Tracer (MAX): Deals 2,808 / 3,349 DMG to the 2 enemies with the least HP

Me (Lvl 70): Increases DMG by 25%

You (Lvl 77): Increases Crit DMG by 15% when Mikazuki Munechika is on the team


Well would you look at those stats. Juicy right? 12,700 is a record and 9,000 HP on a ranged daemon is pretty high end. That makes this the best daemon for GCQ if you MLB it. Sadly however that’s about it. Doppella is essentially a beefed up version of Beelzebub [Original], but with less skill damage. Sadly there is little to no use for double targeters, so while Doppella sits alongside Beelzebub and Mayflower as the best of the bunch, the bunch itself isn’t very appealing to begin with. For completeness sake, let’s compare the three:

Doppella Gänger

(With Mikazuki)



(4th wave)

  Auto Attacks

2,320 (2,448)



  Skill Damage

6,282 (6,628)







  Team Boost



20% Crit DMG All


So as you can see they are relatively equal. Beelzebub has the greatest skill damage (and to be fair if there ever is dual bosses/a need to hit 2 targets 7,257 is the best there is so she would be a good shout for the team), Doppella has the greatest autos (7th (4th with Mikazuki) compared to everyone) and HP, and Mayflower whilst lacking relatively in damage herself provides a high tier team boost.

Overall then sadly, the humongous stats aren’t enough to cover the fact that she won’t see any use except for a new player who pulls her by chance.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.6/10 (Slightly above average 5*)



5 ★ Anima Healer



Max/MLB Attack: 8,900 / 10,620

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Great Mother (MAX): Restores 4,863 / 5,801 HP to ally with the Highest ATK. Targets deal 45 / 53% more DMG for a limited time.

End of the Silk Road (Lvl 70): Increases Anima Crit Rate by 3% at the start of each wave

Big Mama (Lvl 80): Restores 10% HP to Anima team members at the start of each wave


This is actually more like it. It’s been quite a while but this is another high tier 5* healer, not quite the level of the one and only Cherry but definitely one with great potential, although fairly unable to release all of it right now. Let’s do another comparison:

Shosoin (4th Wave)

Cherry Orpheus

Chochin (4*)

  Auto Heal


                1,316                                1,389               


  Skill Heal


None None


  Skill ATK Boost

53% (1 Target)

52% (All) 50% (All)

70% (1 Target)

  Team Boost

3% Anima Crit/Wave

20% Crit DMG All None (Farm Only)




10,023 10,143



Of the 4 Cherry is obviously the dream. Just 1% less damage boost than Shosoin but to all allies not just 1, and providing a high tier team damage boost she’s simply incomparable. Shosoin compared to Chochin (4*) and Orpheus provides better survivability to herself (highest HP), her target with what is essentially a full heal every time and through better auto heals. The cost is a lower damage boost through her skill.

Chochin was undersold slightly I think as the 70% damage boost is the second highest in the game, so when the majority of the damage in a team comes through one source (looking at you Amanojaku [Valentine]…) this can create massive increases in overall damage output. Orpheus’ ability is a fantastic all around boost. What Shosoin has over both of these however is a secondary team damage boost through her passive. 3% crit rate per wave is pretty significant. After a standard 4 waves this is 12%, greater than say Platinum and Aurums 10% boost. With the final tower stage being 10 waves the passive is as much as 30% crit rate which is actually ridiculous. The reason why this isn’t amazing right now however, is it’s Anima only, and Anima as a whole isn’t strong enough meaning it is currently overshadowed by Phantasma’s damage output.

Realistically for the future however Anima only needs 1 very high end nuker to end up with a pretty high damage output team. Take for example:




Another buffer with low crit/high crit dmg/raw damage (Harp, Gjallerhorn, Grail?)

The missing nuker


Quiver and Shosoin combined provide 26-44% crit rate passively (4-10 waves – I’m not sure how many waves conquest will be now with the new changes). With crit damage reserves and a high tier nuker this could definitely compete. The only real expensive part would be the AoE since none are from events.

Overall then how good is Shosoin. I would say if you ignored all other cards and looked at these relatively it would be Cherry >> Orpheus => Shosoin > Chochin. All it would take however is 1 more high tier Anima card for Shosoin to possibly become healer of choice.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.4/10 (High Tier)


Inspector Zenimaru

4 ★ Divina Range

Inspector Zenzimaru


Max/MLB Attack: 7,400 / 9,072

Max/MLB HP: 5,700 / 6,988


Encircle (MAX): Deals 3,791 DMG to 1 enemy (melee priority), decreases targets speed by 21 / 25% for a limited time.

Tenacity (Lvl 71): Increases Skill DMG by 75% at the start of the final wave


Zenimaru is essentially a 4* glass cannon. Her weak stats are compensated but her incredible passive ability to boost her skill damage output. With skill bonds on the final wave her skill comes out as 10,823 effective damage. This actually ranks 9th out of everyone, and is higher than notable daemon such as Nekogami, Titania [New Year]. Guillotine, and Platina. That is not to say Zenimaru is better than these other daemon of course. They all provide significantly higher auto attack damage, team boosts, self survivability and generally don’t require the final wave.

There isn’t really a reason to pick her up however. An older player will likely have many single target damage dealers that are better, and a newer player would have to use 3 4* orbs to unlock her potential since only 1 exchange is available. Possibly if you are relatively new, do not have a good damage dealer and have the orbs available/pull her by chance it could be worth doing it.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.4/10 (Great 4*, overshadowed by lots of same class High tier 5*)

13 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Doppella Gänger, Shosoin, Inspector Zenimaru”

  • One thing, I calculated some cq dmg at [healer]/amano(5*)/amano(5*)/yata(5*)/katsu for party and asta/amor for reverve. (the best member I can think of at CQ) Result was cherry>orph>freyr>shoshoin(10wave). even when assuming shoshoin’s ability works with thase party members. shoshoin (10wave) as reserve was worse than asta/amor/RG(christmas). Increasing crit rate is great for sure though…. I think it will take a very long time for shoshoin to be effective.

    • *Thase -> those

      (If possible, increase comment font (when typing) please. It’s hard to read what I’m typing. Posted comment is readable .)

    • Well it’s obviously a bit hard to comment without seeing your calculation to see if anything is wrong but in any case::
      – You”ve chosen a set up/scenario where multi target buffers will generally be superior
      – You have reserves which benefit multi target buffers more (notice in the review I said critical damage reserves, not amor or asta)
      – Your team set up hardly plays to Shosoin’s passive strength. Massive damage from 1 daemon with Grail over Katsu would be much better. Members with Critical damage passives would give significant damage boosts (hence Antikythera was mentioned first in the review as it’s preferable).
      – Shosoin still needs an anima nuker to succeed
      – Don’t know if you factored in normal attacks or just calculated the damage from the skill combination. I have a feeling it’s the latter because the former should definitely give Shosoin the edge over Freyr and possible Orpheus too.

      Maybe you can try calculate it for different scenario’s and report back :3

  • I am susprised that not many people like Doppelganger in terms of its base stats. Though I won’t pay the 200 mochi for her, I will be keeping an eye out for her when she turns up in auction.

  • Shosoin art is godly, like, damn. Inspector Zirconium is more of a cute-kind. And I was underwhelmed by Doppelganger’s one, mostly because her lore in the tower is kinda lame and I much prefer her Ayakashi’s badass counterpart.

  • Thank you for you reviews! It had been a while without reading so many of them >< Ah, Shosoin was very much needed after a long while without 5* healer buffer but the fact that I'd need to orb her dissapoints me a bit… I'd much rather wait for Cherry in Auction and orb her instead. But still bought her because she's pretty, potencially useful and a solid hp bond kkkkk

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