Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Cherry Blossom Front, Neon Elf & Poison S. Brew

Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Cherry Blossom Front, Neon Elf & Poison S. Brew

Mid-conquest, Mitama has released a set of 3 Jewel Summon Daemons. April is the season for Sakura, so 2 of the 3 daemons are Cherry Blossom themed. What is unusual about this Jewel Summon is the time limited nature of these daemons. Normally only the event helper daemons are time limited, with an opportunity to trade 50 mochis for each 4 star on the last 3 days of the event. Other new joiners of the Jewel Summon pool are released at increased draw rate initially, and thereafter remain among the pool of Jewel Summon daemons available. The one time Mitama released limited 5 star JS daemons was during Christmas 2016. For Christmas, there was a boost to 5 star draw rate and invokers released daily for all active players. There was also a chance to trade the 3 limited Christmas / New Years daemons for mochi (125 each, 1 copy only). There is no such opportunity for this set of Jewel Summon daemons.

It is clear that this set of daemons are targeted towards stimulating whale spending on Jewel Summons.

Cherry Blossom Front

5 ★Healer Phantasma



Max Attack: 9000

Max HP: 8400



Warm and Carefree (MAX): Increases DMG dealt by all allies by 43% for a limited time.

Song of Spring (lvl 77): Sharply increases Crit DMG by Phantasma team members



Well, we just saw Orpheus released into the JS pool a few weeks back, and now Mitama has power creeped the damage booster healer daemon further. Cherry Blossom Front has slightly less stats compared to Orpheus (9500/8500), but provides 1% more boost to team wide damage dealt.

More importantly, Cherry Blossom Front carries a Phantasma team Crit DMG boost in contrast to Orpheus’ and Freyr’s resource farming passives (boost to XP, boost to Soulstones). If used together with Titania NY, who also has a similar passive, the Crit damage of Phantasma team members would be increased to astronomical amounts. Where a team damage boosting healer is used on tower or story stages, Freyr and Orpheus with their farming passives provide good returns for soulstones and experience respectively, but on battles against conquest bosses, no soulstones or experience is gained. This makes Cherry Blossom Front the preferred damage boosting healer especially for Phantasma based conquest teams.

With Cherry Blossom Front, the conquest team setup ‘Faerie Dream’ would be updated to: Titania NY, Cherry Blossom Front, Amanojaku, Kastushika Houkusai, with Astaroth and Chronos in reserve (ally another Amanojaku, or even Belphegor). Expect this team to do record breaking damage with heavy crits from the Phantasma hitters.

Neon Elf

4 ★ Ranged Divina



Max Attack: 8000

Max HP: 5500



Sugary Dance (MAX): Increases DMG taken by the 3 enemies with the highest ATK by 43% for a limited time

Dancer (lvl 60): Moderately increases the attack speed of all melee allies



Neon Elf’s skill is similar to Magic Mirror and Lemegeton, in the sense that she applies a debuff on the opponents, but does no damage. The major differences between the 3 daemons are the number of opponents receiving the debuff, the amount of debuff applied, and targeting priorities (51% to current target for Magic Mirror, 43% to 3 targets of highest attack for Neon Elf, and 31% to all opponents for Lemegeton).

Stats wise Neon Elf has good attack and HP for a Ranged 4 star daemon.

As an elf, expect Neon to trigger Titanium Elf’s passive when used in reserve (unlike Mata Hari, whom we all know to be Nickel Elf in disguise). Compared to using a 2 star (Nickel or Helium) elf in reserve, Neon would serve some minimal purpose besides triggering Titanium Elf’s passive, by boosting the attack speed of your melee daemons. However, if you happen not to use any melees on the team together with Titanium Elf, then using Neon would be no better than using Nickel or Helium.


Poison S. Brew [Flower Viewing]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma Anima 

Incredibly, Poppy changes type! Unlike Restless Ghost who changed type from Phantasma to Anima (Sakurada Mon) with a reason given by the game that she has been cleansed, and is no longer a Restless Ghost, Poison S. Brew has changed type from Anima to Phantasma, with no reason given! 

P.S. 12th April 2017, on the last day that she was available to be summoned, Mitama corrected Poison S. Brew’s type back to Anima, and provided 2 invokers as compensation. m


Max Attack: 11500

Max HP: 8400



Drinking for the Blossoms (MAX): Deals 1773 DMG to all enemies

Nectar of the Gods (lvl 58): Moderately increases allies Crit DMG

Drinking Party (lvl 75): Sharply increases Skill DMG



I was hoping for an event featuring Poison S. Brew, similar to how the other story daemons have had events where event limited versions of them were released. Unfortunately Poppy comes back for a very limited time and with minimal chance for most non cash spending players to obtain her.

Poppy has been upgraded to a 5 star, with 5 star appropriate stats to match. The 11500 attack is very high, more than even what Leonardo has. Only Sessho Seki (12000), Guillotine (11800), Philosophers Stone (11800) and Titania NY (11800) have more base attack than she has.

Compared to her 4 star version, Poppy no longer inflicts virulent poison, but deals light damage to all enemies instead. The 1773 DMG is average for an all-target hitter, and is identical to the skill damage that George Washington provides. Other comparable daemons include Mjolnir, QSH Tomb, Gilles (Knight), to name a few.

Poison S. Brew retains the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ team wide Crit DMG passive that her 4 star version also has. 4 star Poppy’s passive unlocks at level 38, but this version requires players to level Poppy further to 58 to unlock the same passive.

Comparing Poison S. Brew to George Washington, both recently released all target hitters with identical skill damage, Poison S. Brew comes up tops because of her versatility in team positioning. Both Poppy and George have abilities that can boost their own skill damage unlocked at level 75. George bundles a team wide skill damage boost from the leader spot, while Poppy bundles team wide Crit damage boost from any position. Leader skills are usually most powerful, but can also be limiting when needing to take on stages where the leader would have type disadvantage.

Poison S. Brew further boosts the options for Phantasma team, with Titania (NY) leader, Cherry Blossom Front, and Astaroth (on team or in reserve).   Anima crit stacking team, with Mayflower or Pearl for leader, along with Antikythera and Philosopher’s Stone.

14 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Cherry Blossom Front, Neon Elf & Poison S. Brew”

  • There’s also Yuki Onna/Christmas Tree, which is a Phantasma to Divina change… I wonder why Xmas Tree isn’t an Anima?

    • I didn’t notice that they are the same, just thought that they looked similar. I’m happy getting one Christmas Tree from free summon because I really like Yuki Onna. And I wonder why Christmas Tree is not Anima too.

      • Yep Xmas Tree is just Yuki dressed up for a “special someone” and armed with cheesy Xmas jokes instead of puns 🙂 Maybe it’s Divina b/c Xmas trees are inherently good and festive ? Nope, I got nothing. XD

  • I have to say to the whales Thanks you! Because of you Mitama can keep giving us this amazing game so please enjoy these amazing cards like the loli cute Neón Elf or the límited poppy. All of you deserve to enjoy this rewards for your efforts!

    Now i will go back to sell three stars to get ready for kukunomochi. ^^

    P.S. I am being serious when I say thanks you there was not sarcasm on my comment. Mitama has a business and we can enjoy F2P thanks to you.

  • At first the topic picture didn’t make sense, and then it did! All I can say is that I wish these demons were more available, or available for longer so more people had a chance at getting them. I’m sad to potentially miss out on PSB.

  • Hello Again.

    Poison S. Brew [Flower Viewing] is a Phantasma demon. Another demon that to add to the spookyphantomcritsfest?

    Cherry Blossom Front is Princess Saho cousin. But supercharged and phanatasma themed…

    And i need that elf now.

    With this whale stuff is really worth for freeplayers to enter in events? Yesterday I burn all my stored summon tickets (11) Only two kukunochis (YES!!!) 9 mochis (Fu*********k!!!) By the time i catch Ravenna, Mitama released Ghoula . I’m so pissed off… and i’m feel so sad and very disillusioned… sob… I PLAY the game, others PAY the game. How unffair. Anyways… it’s joust a game.


    • Thank you for the correction. I didn’t notice the Anima > Phantasma change for Poison.

      Drawing 2 event helpers from 11 invokers is not a bad draw, that’s fairly average given the advertised 18% 4 star draw rate. You may be sore about 11 invokers, but there are cash players who have pulled many hundreds of dollars worth of Jewel Summons but also fail to acquire these daemons.

      If you are a free player you have to consider the accessibility of each daemon. Daemons released via event and exchange are far more accessible to higher limit break at much lower cost compared to their Jewel Summon counterparts. Jewel Summon is premium, and whales who pull for them spend much much more than the free players or low cash players who focus mainly on events. It is therefore natural that the Jewel Summon daemons are slightly better versions of their free versions available from event.

      Don’t salt over whale pulls – after all they pay Mitama to continue to run the game. Don’t begrudge other free players for lucky invoker pulls either (some people do get lucky, but only very few of them).

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