Limited Jewel Summon Review – Morin Khuur, Red Ridinghood, Aks Goldsilver

Limited Jewel Summon Review – Morin Khuur, Red Ridinghood, Aks Goldsilver

For a change I am going to do this review in reverse order, save the best til last as they say 😀


Aks Goldsilver

4 ★ Melee Anima

Aks Goldsilver


Max/MLB Attack: 6,400 / 7,846

Max/MLB HP: 6,900 / 8,549


Which One? (MAX): Increases the Damage received by 2 random allies by 55 / 67%

A Goddess’ Challenge (lvl 26): Increases Attack Speed by 25%


The stats for a 4* Melee are good. The attack speed makes Aks have the 3rd best auto attack amongst its class (but really it’s still 4* melee..the auto attacks don’t particularly matter) and 6,900 is a fairly high HP stat.

The skill isn’t that bad either. A 67% debuff is the 3rd highest behind the 2 Amanos (74% and 72%), and it applies to two targets. Unfortunately it comes with 0 damage. Perhaps when a time comes where we need to kill 2 bosses at once this could be useful, but realistically this adds to the list of not good enough to be used.

Rating: 5.9/10 (Above average 4*)


Red Ridinghood

5 ★ Ranged Divina

Red Riding Hood


Max/MLB Attack: 12,000 / 14,319

Max/MLB HP: 9,200 / 10,978


Tough Talk (MAX): Deals 4,348 / 5,186 Damage to the enemy with the lowest HP with a moderate chance of Silence

Mob Moll (lvl 60): Increases Critical Damage by 15%

Scarlet Hood (lvl 85): Increases Damage by 30%


It’s another nuker! Which sadly means unless it’s incredibly OP it will likely see no use thanks to Amanojaku. Ridinghood hood ends up being pretty similar to Nekogami so let’s look at a quick comparison:


Auto Attacks

Skill Damage Skill Effect




10,674 Silence (Moderate) 10,212
Nekogami 2,678 10,725 Decreases Speed 36%



So overall Red Ridinghood has less damage but is tankier than Nekogami – who is no longer used thanks to… I feel like a broken record at this point, I’m going to make her like Voldemort – “she who shall not be named”. It is sad because there are a lot of nukers at this sort of level now, high level autos and skill damage, but they’re all simply overshadowed as damage dealers so unless they come with something to benefit the team (like Amor or TNY’s passives) they pretty much won’t see use.

(The list of dead Nukers currently stands at: Yaobikuni [who may have uses in future due to tankiness], Satan, Leo, Nekogami, Carbuncle, Snow White, Red Ridinghood…)

Overall despite her relatively strong auto attacks her skill damage does lack a little bit comparatively to the other nukers (who are all 11-12.4k with the exception of Nekogami and Carbuncle).

Rating: 8.2/10 (High Tier…still…I guess…)


Morin Khuur

5 ★ Healer Anima

Morin Khurr


Max/MLB Attack: 8,700 / 10,381

Max/MLB HP: 8,800 / 10,501


Teaful Performance (MAX): Increases the Critical Chance of the ally with the Highest ATK by 60 / 72%

Alluring Melody (lvl 70): Increases the Critical Damage of the 2 allies with the Highest ATK by 10% at the start of each wave

I love Sükh (lvl 90): Increases the Critical Chance of the 2 allies with the Highest ATK by 5% at the start of each wave


Okay onto the one I waited for. So a couple of months ago I sent Mitama around 15 daemon ideas. The daemons had varying skill sets and the general idea was trying to diversify the game alongside power creeping slightly in order to try move away from the Amanojaku is everything meta. Among these ideas was the following daemon:


Hephaestus (God of Craftsmen) (4*)

Range Divina

Attack: 7,400

Health: 7,100

Active: Sharpen Blades – Increases all allies damage by 26%

Passive 1: Constant Upgrade – Slightly increases critical rate (6%) and Moderately increases critical damage (10%) of the 2 allies with the highest attack at the start of each wave when this daemon is team leader.


Boy does that passive look familiar. The thing is though, for this card the idea was that whilst the passive is incredibly strong, it came alongside a relatively weak 4* daemon and the leader requirement meant 2 things:

  1.  Carrying an almost dead weight in the team in order to obtain the powerful passive blocking the daemon from just being shoved in reserve slots
  2.  Blocking doubles being run (borrowing a friends) to get 2 at the same time.

Mitama however has put these passives on a 5* healer and without the leader restriction, which to me already makes this card incredibly strong. Let’s try see just how much so.

The current top tier passives/reserves for damage boosting are I think everyone would universally agree in order are:


Cinderella (55% Skill Damage – 2 Highest ATK – Final wave)

Amor (50% Skill Damage – 2 Highest ATK – Final wave)

Restless Ghost / Katsu (30% Critical DMG – 2 Highest ATK)


Morin meanwhile on wave 5 will provide 25% Critical rate and 50% Critical damage to the 2 highest attack daemon. It shouldn’t be difficult to see that this is much better than Restless Ghost or Katsu. In fact on a daemon without critical rate or damage boosts this is equivalent to a 59% damage boost to both skill attacks and normal attacks, so I would argue is actually the best reserve there is. Even by wave 2 having 10% Critical rate and 20% Critical damage is better off than 30% Critical damage RG and Katsu provide. This is however only for conquest (okay sure in tower this is even more ridiculous with double the buff after 10 waves, but I think everyone should really be running farming daemon for that event…). World boss is 1 wave only so you would only be getting 5% Crit and 10% Crit damage. Whilst this isn’t a terrible passive there are certainly enough other options out there (the 4 above being a good start).

Even at just LB0 – so buying the 1 copy for 200 mochi, having 10% critical damage per wave beats out RG and Katsu since the last wave is the most important one, and you’re simply gaining an extra 20% critical damage for the boss stage. I can’t say at LB0 whether it is strictly better than Amor or Cinderella since it will depend on teams and there are too many variables, but it is approximately equal, whilst providing benefits through the wave clearing stages.

I think the best way to view the passive is that on wave 5 you have a 25%/50% Crit rate/DMG boost to 2 targets constantly. This is a bit under one Grail skill (36%/60%)…to two targets…for nil cost, so it’s almost like saving buff orbs (don’t have to use that second Grail ability for 2 orbs now) to either use more different buffs (+dmg) or another damage ability within your sequence to generate even more damage.

So that’s the passive, what about the active skill? With it being a massive critical rate boost you can almost view Morin as a healer version of Grail with a slightly different toolkit. Grail provided 72% crit and 120% crit damage with the use of 3 orbs. Morin provides 25% crit and 50% crit damage constantly at nil cost, but the skill allows you to maximise your highest attack daemon’s crit rate for 1 orb.


Let’s talk real shenanigans though – and the real reason I think this card is ridiculous – do you even need to press her skill? If you use Morin in your reserve and borrow a friends, by the 5th wave you have 50% Crit chance and 100% Crit damage to your 2 damage dealers – equivalent to a 100% damage boost to both. Since both will be at ~72.5% critical chance (possibly higher depending on any innate crit or other daemon in the team), and have a juicy critical damage amount, the only remainder is to add flat damage boosts and then fire away. A crit buffer is no longer required (it has essentially been replaced by Morins within the team) so to maximise you are really looking for big flat damage boosters. Gjallerhorn (89% – 2 range), Aka Chochin (72% – Highest ATK), Cherry (52% All), Orpheus (50% All) are all good choices.

A rough calculation says that Amor, Amanojaku and Gjallerhorn alone with the double Morin boost and Cinderella as the second reserve, with a skill sequence of Gjallerhorn, Gjallerhorn, Amano, Amano, Amano, Amor, Amor (12 orbs) should deal 1.85million damage on average, and closer to 2.2mil if you count crits/get lucky. The issue with such a team would be clearing waves fast enough to have enough time for 2 combos (Gjallerhorn makes is very restricting in who that last slot can be in the team unfortunately, and there aren’t many good melee/healer wave clearing options).

Note: I haven’t tried to optimise this in any way, it was just the first idea I had. Have fun yourself trying to make better scenarios!


Essentially the core of this team is one Morin reserve, one Morin in team, Amanojaku [Valentine] and a Nuker (Hey maybe those dead ones above can get some use!). The final two slots in the team go towards whatever suits your daemon collection best (damage buffers, or wave clearers) and the second reserve is whatever gives the most damage to the two damage dealers.


Side Note:

Remember that silly Anima dream team from the Shosoin review? How about:



Morin (borrowed)


The Missing Nuker

Reserves: Cinderella, Morin

44% Crit rate wave 1, +13% crit rate/20% crit dmg per wave to the 2 highest attack daemon? Are they actually going to do it?? GIVE US THE NUKER!


So how good is Morin overall? Honestly I think it opens up a new pathway to incredibly high damage figures, and with indiscriminate targeting it’s flexible in team compositions too. The one downside that hasn’t been mentioned is the second passive unlocks at MLB…on a LJS daemon….ouch! Add to the fact the 100 summon is a 50/50 that makes it a VERY big price to pay. For people who can’t afford it though I would honestly suggest getting the single copy for 200 Mochi and using the LB0 version as a reserve or possibly in your team depending on composition. The critical damage boost alone in reserve is better than RG/Katsu in conquest, and even an LB0 version can act as a strong crit buffer in your team if you lack Grail and/or Katsu.

Emilio’s Rating: 9.3/10 (God Tier)

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