Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Satan and Tree of Wisdom

Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Satan and Tree of Wisdom

Satan [Christmas]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 13000/15513

Max/MLB HP: 8200/9786


666 (MAX): Deals 1773/2113 DMG to all enemies.

Rage (lvl 70): Increases 20% of Crit Rate and 20% of Crit DMG.

One who opposes God (lvl 90): Increases 10% of skill DMG at the start of each wave.


Satan is back during Christmas once again, this time as a Limited Jewel Summon rather than the event boss. She retains her innate boost to her crit rate and damage, but swaps her single target skill for one that hits all enemies. Her second ability makes her particularly useful for multi wave stages especially Endless Challenge. Unfortunately that second ability requires Satan to be MLB to be unlocked, which limits her availability to whales and players willing to splurge on invokers or multiple orbs on her.

DaemonHPAttackSkill DMGMLB True Autos (Abilities + Crit Considered) MLB Effective Skill DMG (15%/22.5% skill bonds + Abilities + Crit Considered)
Satan [Christmas] Wave 18200/978613000/155131773/211315513*0.1*[(0.575*1)+(0.425*2*1.2)]= 24742113*1.325*[(0.575*1)+(0.425*2*1.2)]=4465
Satan [Christmas] Wave 58200/978613000/155131773/211324742113*1.725*[(0.575*1)+(0.425*2*1.2)]=5813
Kintaro [Yokozuna] Wave 19500/1133611000/131261466/1746Targets deal 30/36% less DMG for a limited time19751746*1.25*1.075=2346
Kintaro [Yokozuna] Wave 59500/1133611000/131261466/1746Targets deal 30/36% less DMG for a limited time19751746*1.65*1.075=3096

When compared to other multi target hitters, Satan turns out to be a very good all target hitter, on par with other LJS multi target hitters like Shiva. Like Shiva, she simply deals a huge amount of damage by herself, without providing further team boost (Mara’s debuff on hit counts as a team boost). Kintaro [Yokozuna], the free player’s alternative released recently falls far behind in terms of damage output, both because of his melee status (lower crit rate), and the damage reduction ability attached to his skill.

Even on the first wave Satan produces a commendable skill output that would be effective for wave clearing. It only takes 2 waves for her damage output to surpass Shiva, who has stable damage over waves. Satan will also benefit from the wide range of Phantasma type wave based skill and crit damage boosters like Siren, Otakemaru, Sarayashiki and Leviathan. Her high base attack also means she will benefit from Morin Khurr’s targeting for her crit rate / crit damage abilities. All this means is that Satan on a Phantasma based Endless Challenge team would hit her damage and skill damage caps earlier, which makes for faster Endless Challenge runs.

While undeniably the top all hitter, her skill set is skewed towards the Endless Challenge, which simply provides a source of SE for players who are keen to engage in that game mode. Clearing faster does not reap greater rewards other than time saved, but I believe most of us simply set our Endless team and then leave the game to do something else while the stage is running. For wave clearing on tower and conquest, stable triple target hitters like Mercury Aurum Elf generally suffice – there isn’t that great a need for the AoE to produce that much skill damage.

Tl;dr: Satan is the best all target hitter designed for Endless Challenge without a team boost. However it is extremely costly to acquire her second ability. Good mainly for whales.

Tree of Wisdom

5 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

The golden fruit (lvl 70): Increases 10% of the EXP gained from battle. Increases the number of soulstones received from battle by 10%.

Paradise lost (lvl 85): Increases own level by 5.


Mitama must have realized that the player base loves farming assists, with Sherlock Holmes proving really popular when released. With the Tree of Wisdom we unlock the bulk of her abilities on the very first copy.

DaemonTree of WisdomSherlock Holmes
Ability (level 70)10% EXP10% Soulstones15% Drop rate
Ability (level 85 / 80
respectively )
Increase level by 520% EXP
LimitsNone? Only take effect once

Noticeably missing from Tree of Wisdom’s ability description is the ‘Only take effect once to the team’ limitation. So far the limitation means that one can receive a maximum of 2 boosts from Sherlock (one copy of your own, and one copy from your ally). Having 6 copies of Sherlock bonded to your entire team and reserve only activates a single Sherlock boost. But for the Tree of Wisdom it means that one could bond 6 copies to every single daemon and reserve, and add 1 more from your ally, and receive a massive total of 70% EXP and 70% Soulstones from the bonded assist alone. Of course that means you need to have drawn 6 copies of Tree of Wisdom yourself, orbs do not count since players are not able to seal the orbed daemon.

Tree’s second ability boosts the main daemon’s level by 5. This translates into an approximate 4% boost to all of Attack, HP, Skill damage. Any sort of level boost is good, but given that Tree is most likely going to be bonded to another farming daemon, and most of their skills aren’t that fantastic, one is simply reliant on the extra Attack and HP to farm faster and more safely. I think it is a nice ability to have, but hardly worth orbs or many invokers to acquire.

I will recommend trading 1 copy of Tree of Wisdom for your EXP farming team if you are able to afford it. However acquiring multiple copies would be a splurge for those with limited resources. EXP so far has proven to be an investment that keeps on giving back – faster level ups means decreased item usage especially on Towers.

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