LJS Review – Flying Nimbus, Hikoboshi, General Juan Lian

LJS Review – Flying Nimbus, Hikoboshi, General Juan Lian

Before I start off apologies but I’m not getting pictures now 🙁 I just have to make do with what I can get, so all I have is Nimbus! Let’s get straight into the reviews then:

*edit by qtphi21: found Hikoboshi image but still missing General Juan Lian

General Juan Lian

4 ★ Melee Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 6,200 / 7,601

Max/MLB HP: 7,300 / 8,949


Red Rain (MAX): Deals 1,430 / 1,754 DMG to all enemies.

Fighting Monk (Lvl 40): Increases DMG by 15%

Journey to the West (Lvl 70): Restores 5% HP every 5 seconds when one of the “Journey to the West” is on the team.


Respectable stats for a 4* melee being near high end for both, and his two passives boost both his offense and defense respectively – although the latter comes at the cost of another one of those weaker members being on the team.

Still by himself his auto attacks are decent for his class (top 10), his tankiness is respectable even without another member, although with the regen active he is second only to Snow White among 4* (and actually 11th out of all daemon…). His skill damage is sort of average however, and does not come with any additional effect so can be considered relatively weak.

As a 4* he is fairly strong and well rounded but is let down slightly by his ability. Not bad, but as usual for anything that isn’t a 5* – if it’s not broken it’s not getting used.

Emilio’s Rating: 5.5 / 10 (Above Average 4*)


Hikoboshi [Formal Wear]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 9,300 / 11,097

Max/MLB HP: 10,600 / 12,648


Unyielding Determination (MAX): Deals 1,238 / 1,476 DMG to nearby enemies. Targets receive 32 / 38% more DMG for a limited time.

Grasping Grip (Lvl 55): Reduces DMG received by 20%

A New Legend (Lvl 83): Increases DMG by 25% when Orihime [Formal Wear] is on the team


Oddly enough this is actually an almost identical review to General Juan above. His stats are giant for his class – 10,600 HP being the second highest in game (behind Mikazuki Munechika at 10,800), and 9,300 attack on a 5* melee is the highest there is. He also has one passive for offense and one for defense…and one requires an additional daemon to be on the team.

The boosts are naturally bigger than General Juan’s since Hikoboshi is a 5*. His damage reduction on his massive HP stat makes him very tanky – 4th highest effective health pool in game (just behind his old version in 3rd funnily enough). The damage boost comes from having Orihime [Formal Wear] on the team, who as said in the previous review is a decent daemon but nothing special for her class. At least it’s not a completely wasted slot, although the majority of players will have much better options.

Once again however, the skill let’s the card down – this time though in an even bigger fashion. The damage output from his ability is just bad, even with the Orihime boost on top. It does of course come with the damage taken debuff but even so it’s simply weaker than similar abilities seen before (Arsene Lupin being the most recent obvious one). Even worse is the targeting. Nearby enemies is awwwful. It gets skewed by movement, can’t be cast instantly on a wave, and just simply has a small area (nearby might as well read “standing right next to him”).

Overall then he’s effectively coming with an ability that will never be used so is almost a dead card in himself in the team. Bonus points for stats and tankiness, but realistically not a 5* that will see any use. The couple themselves are almost like a couple to be used by starting players – one DPS and one tank – but the requirement to get them (especially Hikoboshi to get the couple buff..) is far too high.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Below Average 5*)

flying nimbusFlying Nimbus [Awakened]

5 ★ Range Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 13,400 / 15,990

Max/MLB HP: 9,400 / 11,217


High-Speed Transport (MAX): Heals 3,209 / 3,828 to ally with the Highest ATK, increases targets speed by 78 / 94% for a limited time.

Furious Flyer (Lvl 44): Increases ATK speed by 30%

Magical Moving Cloud (Lvl 75): Increases Crit Rate of skil target by 50%.


Now this is clearly the most interesting of the three and the reason why I imagine most of you have clicked the review to read it. The stats are obviously monster and the highest in game – although this currently creates a slight problem with her own targeting (although aiming at herself isn’t terrible I suppose – just the slight anti synergy since she already has her own speed buff).

Her effective autos are super high thanks to her additional speed passive – coming in 3rd at 2,546 (Nekogami is 1st at 2,678 and 10th is already as low as 2,232). Her health is slightly lower but still relatively high for her class. Without a defensive passive she can still stand by herself.

No one cares about that though since the question with this daemon is clearly how good is her ability. I think the two best comparisons to make (separately for different reasons) are to Holy Grail and to Charles D’artagnan.

Let’s start with Grail:

Grail’s ability gives:

36% Critical Rate & 60% Critical Damage on use (+a nice heal)

This is approximately equal to (on a unit with no self buffs, assumed 90% crit rate cap):

87% Damage boost to Autos and Skills (1 Grail use)

231% Damage boost to Autos and Skills (2 Grail uses)

Nimbus on the other hand gives:

50% Critical Rate & 94% IAS (+a slightly bigger nice heal)

This is approximately equal to (same assumptions):

173% Auto attack boost, 41% Skill attack boost (1 Nimbus use)

347% Auto attack boost, 55% Skill attack boost (2 Nimbus uses)

So on one use Nimbus provides a huge Auto boost but only half the skill boost of Grail, and on a second use Nimbus doesn’t actually lose a lot of efficiency on her auto boost, but the skill boost is very small thanks to her first skill giving the ally already near maximum critical rate. Grail on the other hand is much more rounded in her buff and provides solid damage from one buff, and incredible overall damage from two. The problem currently is that there is no daemon to take advantage of Nimbus’ strengths. Similar to when Grail was released, my review said she is amazing when the majority of your teams damage came from one source. Grail was never really used well until Amanojaku [Valentine] was released, and now suddenly she is the buffer of choice. Nimbus currently lacks that high end auto attacker to take advantage of her ability. Add to this that skill damage really has a significant advantage at the moment with the introduction of Cinderella to the game on top of Amor still hanging around, and it’s clear that the auto attack meta still lacks a couple of pieces to work fully.

The second comparison was to Charles since he is auto attack focused. The two of them have different uses clearly. Nimbus really shining with one defined damage dealer, whilst Charles provides a big overall team boost. In the Charles review I said that his skill was akin to dealing 140,000 damage (as a theoretical maximum, but more likely it’s ~120,000). This was assuming there were 2 Gjallerhorn buffs and 2 Morin passives active. Double Morin will push a ranged crit rate to 72.5% leaving the crit rate boost part of Nimbus’ skill being wasted, so let’s assume the same critical damage buff (100%) but no crit rate buff and see the damage.

To do this I’m going to use a theoretical daemon however. One with 13,500 attack (to use MLB Nimbus), no IAS boost, and 35% damage boost to self to make their autos roughly equivalent to Nekogami. With 2 Gjallerhorn buffs and 100% critical damage their autos are 9,774 damage, so before Nimbus skill they will do 9,774 * 4 = 39,096 damage. After Nimbus’ skill they will do 8 attacks of 18,528 damage, or 148,224. This means Nimbus’ skill use has provided approximately 108,000 damage. Whilst not quite as high as Charles’ one it is still a high end damage output from her skill use. There is also the additional massive heal as an added bonus it should be noted.

Overall then what am I getting at and how good do I think the card is. I think it’s a strong card and a fantastic buffer. She has some flexibility in using her skill once or twice depending on situation, provides good damage herself through her autos and can survive things such as world boss nukes. Similar to Charles however her potential is unrealised currently. I think Charles will have a slightly easier time becoming used since an all around passive like Cinderella’s but for auto attacks would bring him forward quickly. Nimbus on the other hand is kind of looking for a specific partner much like Grail was, but one focusing much more heavily on auto attack damage. I think that partner will be harder to come by, but one advantage of Nimbus is that the vast majority of her strength comes at level 75. This means if you are worried it’s easy enough to pick up the one copy for 200 Mochi now and simply wait to see if she is ever useful in the future, as using her would only cost 1 orb.

I pray for the day a full on Auto attack daemon is released.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.4 / 10 (High Tier)

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