Mochi Exchange – Stella: Perseus Review

Edit: I missed a bond out on my initial figures ><

5* Assist Anima

Base Bond: HP

Assist Bond: Increases Own Level by 15

So to figure out if this is good yet or not we first have to figure out what exactly 15 levels gives you. It adds approximately 14% to your base ATK and HP stats, aswell as your skill damage and or skill effect percentage. So for example if this was put on Minamoto no Yoshitsune (at lvl 90), his base attack would go from 16,229 to 18,199, his base HP from 9,665 to 10,839 (and then 11,381 from Perseus’ base HP bond), and his skill damage would go from 7,159 (excluding skill bonds) to 8,027. If for example we put it on Alice, her stats would also increase by 14%, and her skill buff would go from 89% to 100%.

Okay but is this any good? The answer is (meme reference) “Well, yes…but actually no…”. To showcase some examples (and to show just how insane daemon like Okita Soji [1st Unit] are) here is the minimum Crit Value from Yoshitsune on my world boss team – but changing the assist bond on him (minimum because I’m ignoring random MLB buffs which occur and cannot be accounted for):

With Okita Soji [1st Unit] lvl 90: 725,000

With Okita Soji [1st Unit] lvl 70: 685,600

With Saigyo: 568,500

With Perseus: 578,100

With Giant Panda: 545,400

So clearly Okita is absurd and still super good even at lvl 70 (so everyone should have picked up the 1 copy, particularly if you didn’t have Cheshire Cat), but ignoring him Perseus on your damage dealer gives slightly more of a damage boost than Saigyo on crit, and has the extra advantage of giving more damage on non crits and improving the survivability of that unit by quite a significant amount to be fair.

Now what if I change the bond on my Alice to Perseus instead. Well (keeping Okita lvl 90 on Yoshitsune) the damage becomes:

With Raishodo: 725,000

With Perseus: 703,300

What Perseus ends up being is a Jack of all trades master of none. He gives you some damage, he gives you some survivability but there are much better damage providers and much better survivability assists if you want to keep a particular unit alive. He’s not a bad assist by any means in the grand scheme of things, if you consider that he’s providing almost the average EHP boost that defensive assists gives and giving a decent damage boost on top that’s pretty decent, but his real downfall is the price. LB3 for this effect means 450 Mochi, and that simply is not worth it by a long shot. Consider that Leo was 175 Mochi, Saigyo would have cost 200 Mochi, Raishodo 200, Okita (lvl 70) was 200 Mochi etc…and you can see that the return on the invested Mochi is simply no where near as great. Even though he’s a fairly decent daemon I would save your Mochi for something better/more cost efficient in my opinion.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.7 / 10

6 thoughts on “Mochi Exchange – Stella: Perseus Review”

  • i thought he was pretty good… not for the level boost in itself but because it allows you to unlock abilities if you don’t have a daemon at MLB (or whatever level you need to unlock the ability)? eg. if you have LB0 Sola you can use it to unlock her abilities?

    • Pretty sure that was tested when Sola was released and it doesn’t work like that sadly. Your actual daemon needs to have abilities unlocked already.

  • Wouldn’t he be pretty great on Sola, that isn’t going to be doing damage anyway? Just to up her buffs and survivability.

    • He’s actually better on damage dealers than he is on buffers, since he boosts their base damage/skill damage which then gets buffed/multiplied by everything else (notably 100’s of crit damage %). But then you can see just how far behind he is 1 copy of Okita who was half the price.

      If you put him on Sola all you’re really getting is more auto heals on Sola, giving Sola more HP (who doesn’t actually get hit that much in most world bosses – only Mr. Roboto), and making her buff 66 or 67% instead of 60. That’s only a 6-7% damage buff, when you can just use Raishodo and get 35% Crit DMG instead. I used Alice in my example above because Perseus has the largest effect on her (since she has the biggest % buff), and he still lags behind.

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