2nd Anniversary Event Helper Daemon Analysis: The 3 Starters

2nd Anniversary Event Helper Daemon Analysis: The 3 Starters

Finally it’s here. Otogi’s second anniversary begins with a bang, with three pretty lovely looking daemon at your doorstep. The starters have all finally been buffed up to 5* versions – but how strong are they and should you be chasing them? (or maybe you just grab them anyway because art prevails over everything :D). Let’s find out looking at our beloved Meowster first.

Important to take note the dates of the [Otogi 2nd Anniversary Special Episode: Incident of the Surprise Assault at the Sakuma Mansion] event and the dates of the Mochi Exchange for the helpers.

  1. The event will run from 22nd August to 5th September, the halves split equally as usual.
  2. However, the helpers will only be available for exchange from the 18th September to 21st September.
  3. They are also the guaranteed daemon from the Jewel Summon until 5th September. 

This means that if you want a helper daemon for this event, whether it is for points (Okita) or drop rate (Muramasa), you will need to get it from Jewel Summon, you cannot rely on trading for helper at the last 3 days of the event. This also leads to query as to whether there will be a Limited Jewel Summon during the second half of the event, and if there is, will the LJS daemons be among the guaranteed daemons, or NOT? Also, what purpose would there be in making the helpers tradeable only AFTER the completion of the event? There has been some speculation that there might be a second special event following this first one? And possibly with the same set of helpers affecting both events? 


Muramasa [2nd Anniversary]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 13,800 / 16,467

Max/MLB HP: 8,000 / 9,546


Demon Essence (MAX): Deals 3,199 / 3,816 DMG 3 enemies (Ranged Priority)

The Great Three (lvl 80): Increases Anima Damage by 20% when Team Leader.


The first really obvious thing is that attack stat. 13,800 is big…really big…the biggest. The third highest attack stat in the game is 13,000 – so Muramasa is 6% higher than that. On top is her passive giving her 20% more damage. This means her basic autos effective damage come in at 6th highest overall, so pretty good stuff there.

For a three target skill, 3,199 base damage is also the highest there is in game, second being Yatagarasu at 2,991 – who has been many people’s AoE of choice for the last 6 months and can be classed as the best 3 targeter currently available. Given this let’s do a full on comparison of the two, as well as an old school 3 targeter who is also available in the Auction House – Belphegor.


Muramasa (Leader) Muramasa

(Not Leader)

Yatagarasu Belphegor
Auto Attacks 2,421 2,017 1,929 1,608
Skill Damage 6,872 5,726 5,890 5,576
Skill Effect None None Burn (High chance) None
EHP 8,880 8,880 9,658 7,938
Team Ability 20% Anima DMG None 10% Phantom DMG None


The reason for including leader and not leader options is because the leader slot is beginning to be highly contested (and if leaks stay true, I imagine you will not be using any of these three daemon in this review as leader – our beloved Sola will be guiding the way for a long time to come).

So in a head to head if Muramasa is your leader daemon she beats the current best 3 targeter Yatagarasu in all areas (bar EHP, but that’s almost irrelevant), and far outclasses Belphegor by a factor of around 30% whilst providing a significant team boost. Even without the leader slot she is still better than Belphegor in all areas, and comparable to Yatagarasu but worse off overall having lost her team buff.

As a leader compared to Yatagarasu we are talking better autos, more skill damage, and a better team ability so, an easy win right? Well… sort of. The sad part is that currently Muramasa doesn’t have anyone noteworthy to buff and this is her only real problem. I always prefer looking at daemon as they stand without considering how things are currently, because the meta can always shift (just look at how now a lot of teams have 4 healers in them…) and I would never like to have the feeling of having skipped a daemon because it was useless at the time only to have it become super strong later, but this is sort of what Muramasa is. She’s the best 3 targeter on paper and I will rate her as such, but will I use her over Yatagarasu? No. Why? Because Amanojaku and Siren alongside Yatagarasu is not going to be shifted by 1 daemon alone. But what happens if an Amanojaku’s or Siren’s equivalent in Anima type gets released? Muramasa could very well suddenly become the AoE of choice.

Overall she’s certainly a powerhouse standalone, so is she worth spending those precious Mochi on? 3 copies would certainly be good enough, and if your other option is Belphegor from AH (currently 220 mochi per copy) then Muramasa is by far the better option. If you’re Mochi rich and want to safeguard for the future then go for it even if you won’t use her now. For an average player who’s sort of in the middle, I think it’s a judgement call for you. At the very least in all cases you have a long time to think about it with the exchange dates being in 4 weeks, which is after the completion of the announced event (is that a whisper of double event incoming? Hold on to your hats people!).


Emilio’s Rating: 8.7 / 10 (V. High Tier)


Ibaraki Doji [2nd Anniversary]

5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 9,300 / 11,097

Max/MLB HP: 9,500 / 11,336


Monstrous Crush (MAX): Deals 1,961 / 2,339 DMG to all enemies with a moderate chance of inflicting Silence.

The Great Three (lvl 80): Increases Phantasma Damage by 20% when Team Leader.


Ibaraki follows a similar skill set to his 4* version, with an all enemy skill that silences and retaining his melee status. This skill set now makes him most comparable to AoE daemon such as George Washington and Shuten Doji, so let’s see how they stack up compared to each other, all of them being set as team leader:

Ibaraki Doji George Washington Shuten Doji [Bridegroom]
Auto Attacks 1,432 1,593 1,781
Skill Damage 3,470 3,689 3,629
Skill Effect Silence (Moderate) None Poison (Moderate)
EHP 12,255 8,713 9,239
Team Ability 20% Phantom DMG (Leader) 20% Skill DMG


20% Crit DMG


As would be expected, his damage output is worse off than the two comparators largely because he is melee. So despite having a higher base skill damage, his lack of critical rate makes him suffer a bit. He is naturally more tanky however, and his passive is actually arguably the best out the three, especially in the current meta where Phantasma dominates. As a balance then he is sort of roughly equal, although I would prefer the other two simply for the range status and higher attack stats which make them easier to target with buffs (Morin and Cinderella for example would struggle to hit Ibaraki).

I think the way to look at Ibaraki is that he’s not particularly special, and it would be hard to justify using 750+ Mochi on him compared to other daemons. There are quite a number of different daemons that do the same job to the same degree or better that either have been available recently or are currently available still – albeit some would be harder to MLB off the bat (Mara, Phoenix, Shiva, Huanglong, George, Shuten, Azuchi, Poison S Brew [Flower Viewing], Astaroth…). Given this although he is a decent daemon I wouldn’t recommend using resources to obtain him.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.8 / 10 (Above average 5*)




Okita Soji [2nd Anniversary]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8,000 / 9,546

Max/MLB HP: 10,000 / 11,933


Fiery Slash of God (MAX): Deals 5,605 / 6,793 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Target takes 30 / 36% more DMG for a limited time.

The Great Three (lvl 80): Increases Divina Damage by 20% when Team Leader.


And last but not least there’s Okita flying the Divina flag into battle. Sadly however he’s fighting a very difficult battle. As a single target daemon with an increase damage taken debuff he has very stiff competition to fight off for a team slot. His advantage is the team passive which is actually quite unique among this class of daemon – Lucky Quiver is the only 5* debuffer with a team ability (although I suppose their skill in itself is the team ability, giving everyone extra damage on the target). I think a good comparison is to the very recently available Orihime who was an event reward:


Okita Soji Orihime [Formal Wear]
Auto Attacks 1,231 1,866
Skill Damage 10,077 8,227
Skill Effect Increase DMG taken 30/36% Increase DMG taken 36/43%
EHP 12,901 10,381 / 12,583 (with Hikoboshi)
Team Ability 20% Divina DMG None


Overall I rate these two very similarly although Okita’s team passive gives him the edge by making up for his lower debuff % with some extra damage. However, if he is similar to Orihime then that means he’s sadly outclassed by a lot of other daemons just like Orihime was in her review, Quote:

“It’s not that Orihime is a bad card – she’s still a nuker with a debuff which has always been the best type of card. It’s just that out of all the high end ones she’s realistically bottom of the pile. If this is one of a new players’ first events then she is a fantastic pick up, and only one copy unlocks all of her damage. For long time players however she is unlikely to beat any of the other options available (FYI I also have TE and Azi as higher rated).”

Orihime was a much easier pick up, and in needing 3 copies to unlock his passive I wouldn’t recommend a newcomer doing this for Okita. It would be much better to focus on your other types of units (buffers, healers etc) and continuing to borrow friends’ Amanojaku where possible to maximise your damage in CQ, and do your best to get through towers (you should be able to do that with a basic deck plus a borrowed shield healer like Siren). Okita’s outcome therefore is similar to Ibaraki’s – whilst he isn’t a bad daemon overall it’s not worth the resources to obtain him.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.1 / 10 (Mid-High Tier 5*)

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