Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Murasamemaru, Phoenix, Kyuso, Penny Needles

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Murasamemaru, Phoenix, Kyuso, Penny Needles

Into this batch of Jewel Summons, Mitama has released 2 5 ★ daemons with huge stat totals – Murasamemaru and Phoenix. Could this Stat power creep be a hint of what is coming in the near future? Here is a closer look at Murasamemaru, Phoenix, Kyuso and Penny Needles.



5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9000/10739

Max/MLB HP: 10100/12052


Frostbite (MAX): Deals 6400/7637 DMG to the enemy with the most HP.


For Murasamemaru, what you see is exactly what you get. This is a daemon with pure high stats and absolutely no extra bells and whistles, no damage increases to work out at all.

9000 attack is the highest among all Melee daemons to date. 10100 HP surpasses the previous top HP daemon, Nekomata. The massive HP stat makes Murasamemaru relatively tanky amongst daemon despite having no additional defensive buffs. The base skill DMG is also higher than Leonardo’s (4853), Titania (New Year) (5160), Knecht Ruprecht (5576), Guillotine (5081). However, after melee typing (lower Crit Rate, lower DMG received, 5% boost from skill bonds rather than 7.5% on ranged daemons) is taken into account, and after abilities and corresponding range typing are taken into account on the other daemons, Murasamemaru does not surpass the current top single target dealers on the leaderboard for damage output, and approximately matches Balmung’s damage output after Balmung’s abilities have been taken into consideration.

Having said that, with the leak about total hard stats possibly being of importance in upcoming Anniversary event, Murasamemaru’s monstrous pure stats might shine, especially if leaks turn out to be true.

Overall Murasamemaru is a pretty decent daemon, but suffers from a “jack of all trades master of none” problem. A melee daemon who isn’t a specialized tank, a burst damage type daemon who doesn’t specialize in all out damage. For relatively new players or those with few good cards pulling Murasamemaru could be a decent pick up and useful short term card, providing a missing element to team set ups (and with no passives to unlock LB0 is actually relatively powerful compared to other LB0 cards). Veteran players however are likely to have better individual daemons for each role and so will be unlikely to find use for her, unless as above the new event type has some sort of stat calculation.



5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12000/14319

Max/MLB HP: 8450/10083


Dance of the Hurricane (MAX): Deals 1773/2115 DMG to all enemies, with a low chance of inflicting Burn.

Auspicious Beast (lvl 30): Sharply increases Skill DMG

Divine Bird (lvl 78): Slightly increases Crit DMG dealt by Divina team members at the start of each wave


Phoenix also joins the jewel summon pool with a massive base stats. 12000 is the top base attack stat, matching Sessho Seki and Nekogami (although taking into account passives Nekogami is by far the most damaging normal attack daemon), and surpassing Guillotine, Titania (New Year) and Philosopher’s Stone in joint second place (11800). Phoenix’s HP at 8450 is also very good for a ranged daemon, although Kappa still holds the top HP stat for ranged daemons at 9000.

Where Phoenix becomes a little more ordinary is in his Skill DMG. 1773 base Skill DMG is quite average. It is the very same all target damage that George Washington, Commodore Perry [Demonic], Gilles De Rais [Knight] and Poison S. Brew [Flower Viewing] start with. Similar to George Washington and Poison S. Brew, Phoenix’s first ability increases his Skill DMG by 20%. Azuchi,  another daemon with a skill that deals damage to all enemies combined with a low chance of inflicting ‘burn’, has her skill damage start at 1852, but is further increased with a moderate crit rate cum damage ability which affect her autos as well as her skill damage. Azuchi would do more damage than Phoenix on the first stage, but on the 5th or 6th wave of a battle, with Phoenix’s per wave Crit DMG boosting ability stacking sufficiently, Phoenix’s damage output will outshine Azuchi.

Mjölnir still tops the ranks for all target hitting daemons in terms of raw skill damage output. However, George Washington, Poison S. Brew, Azuchi, and now Phoenix all pack useful abilities that can affect the rest of your team. George boosts the entire team’s skill DMG, Poison boosts the entire team’s Crit DMG, Azuchi protects the Anima team, and Phoenix boosts the Divina team’s Crit DMG.  Phoenix here stands out with much better base stats compared to the rest.

Like the other Auspicious Beast, Qilin, Phoenix boosts the Crit DMG of your Divina team members every wave of the battle. Initial waves see marginal improvement, but with the boost stacking every wave, long battles are where they shine. Pure Divina teams would be at an advantage with the escalating Crit DMG boost from both Qilin and Phoenix. There should be 2 more ‘Auspicious Beasts’ in the set – Dragon and Tortoise; they might well be given similar abilities by Mitama when Mitama decides to release them.

Overall Phoenix is a very good all target damage dealer with a nice ability that boosts the Divina team, and is slightly (only slightly!) better than all the AoE daemon listed above. However, with multi target damage dealers being fairly common in the jewel summon pool and from events (Belphegor, George Washington, and to a lesser extent Shuten Doji and Mayflower), Phoenix is nice to have but not critical.



4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5950/7294

Max/MLB HP: 6660/8165


The Rat’s Soul (MAX): Restores 2403/2946 HP (to self). Targets deal 36/46% more DMG for a limited time.

The Spirit of Defiance (lvl 60): Deals sharply more DMG


Kyuso has relatively good stats for a 4 ★ melee, and has a skill that restores her own HP and increases her attack. Her level 60 ability increases her damage output further. Other 4 ★ melee daemon with self HP recovery abilities include Elaphure and Daidarabotchi. Elaphure and Daidarabotchi have time based HP recovery abilities rather than damage boosts, upping their tanking credentials. Dom Pedro Aquamarine also has a HP recovery (1503/1843) skill with damage boost (51/63%) – lower healing ability but greater percentage boost compared to Kyuso.

Overall, as a hybrid self heal and self booster Kyuso does not serve as well as a tank as Elaphure or Daidarbotchi. And has a poorer self boost than Aquamarine. A self boost for a melee 4 ★ is also somewhat of a waste, with ranged daemons being much better at providing damage output. One would much rather take 3 ★ Azukiarai and have her buff your team’s top damage dealer, than make use of Kyuso’s ability. With much better options and specialized daemons in each field, Kyuso is likely only useful for new players with very limited daemons.


Penny Needles

3 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5450/7313

Max/MLB HP: 4300/5770


Sweetest Snare (MAX): Deals 2121/2846 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK and decreases target’s’ speed by 43/57% for a limited time


Penny Needles has relatively high stats for a 3★ – only really losing out to the starters (who are equivalent 4 ★ anyway). However, her skill damage is compromised for a single target hitter – Tokarev Pistol and Yoichi’s Bow both hit for 3003 DMG. This is in exchange for some damage reduction with the slow debuff. However, even Okita Soji and his single target hit with stun for crowd control does 2713/3453 DMG. Perhaps her one saving grace is her targeting – she hits the enemy with the highest ATK rather than Okita’s skill hitting his current target. Other than that she joins the majority of 3 ★ daemons as mochi fodder, with no real use.

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