Otogi 3rd Anniversary Event – Helper Daemon Review

It’s anniversary time! As usual the three starter daemon are back in 5* forms to be our helpers in the event, and they all have leader slot passives again, but are any good enough to overthrow Sola? Let’s find out, and since they share a lot of similarities I am going to be a bit different and review them all at the same time, lets go!

Muramasa [3rd Anniv]

5* Anima Ranged

Stats: 13,888 / 8,888

MLB Stats: 16,572 / 10,606

Skill: Deals 4,467 / 5,238 to 2 enemies (ranged priority)

Ability 1 (lvl 70): Gives Anima allies 25% DMG when Leader

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Gives Anima allies 15% Skill DMG per wave

Ibaraki Doji [3rd Anniv]

5* Phantasma Melee

Stats: 13,888 / 8,888

MLB Stats: 16,572 / 10,606

Skill: Deals 2,682 / 3,199 DMG to all enemies

Ability 1 (lvl 70): Gives Phantasma allies 25% Crit Rate when Leader

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Gives Phantasma allies 15% Skill DMG per wave

Okita Soji [3rd Anniv]

5* Divina Melee

Stats: 13,888 / 8,888

MLB Stats: 16,572 / 10,606

Skill: Deals 7,979 / 9,518 DMG to the enemy with the Highest ATK

Ability 1 (lvl 70): Gives Divina allies 50% Crit DMG when Leader

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Gives Divina allies 15% Skill DMG per wave

So stat wise they’re all really good. 13,888 is the highest ATK stat in the game, and 8,888 HP is a solid amount. With Muramasa being ranged she has the better auto attacks of the three, on the same level as Amanojaku [Valentines] and Yoshitsune (when she’s leader) and enough HP to live relatively comfortably in world boss. With Ibaraki and Okita being melee they have much greater survivability (about 35% more EHP) but have weaker auto attacks due to their low base crit rates. Having said that their auto attacks aren’t even that bad, with Ibaraki’s crit passive putting him at 2,196 dmg (25th highest), and Okita being more an average 5* at 1,906.

All three have a 15% skill damage per wave to all allies of their respective types (Phantasma, Divina, Anima). This is obviously a great passive in any event longer than 1 stage. For conquest this is 75% skill damage to a team on floor 200 which is super good and can even be used just as a reserve, and in towers this could be 150% skill damage on the last floor – although you really want to try use all farming daemon here and we just got Wild Star Thorn who is likely the daemon of choice for clearing.

Now to look at their notable differences, the first passive that requires the leader slot and their skills, and in doing so summarise each daemon. Muramasa’s passive is the least interesting at 25% damage to Anima. It might be uninteresting but it is still a strong passive, infact the best percentage for this type of passive boost there is and it will multiply with the skill damage passive nicely. Still she ends up as the weakest of the three since her skill is a 2 target ability. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very high damage 2 target ability, but it’s still not good enough. On wave 1 her skill is 11,218 Effective damage – just slightly less than Leonardo and Snow White who are single target daemon. On wave 4 it’s 14,889 which is actually more than the holy quarter of Amanojaku [V], Yoshitsune, Tokarev and Titanium Elf [Furisode]. The problem is where is this useful? World boss? well not really because it’s only 1 wave so the damage isn’t high enough yet, and it’s effectively better to keep Sola. Conquest? Well not really because you would rather use one of the four debuffers so that every nuke after the second one hits the damage cap. Tower? Well not really because you would rather hit more targets with a slightly weaker AoE, although it’s not bad here. I find Muramasa weird in that she looks good on paper but then there isn’t really a place for her, similar to Momotaro recently who in the end she shares the same rating as.

Ibaraki Doji comes with a 25% Crit Rate buff to Phantasma allies as his leader passive. Finally! A team wide Crit Rate passive that’s a big number! Is it good enough? Well it does lead to potentially the possibility of teams without crit buffers/an actual auto attack team. However the other units needs to have a self Crit Rate boost already otherwise they just don’t have a high enough Crit Rate. Take for example daemon like Nekogami, Satan, Andromeda etc. With Ibaraki leader they have 67-75% crit rate all the time. This still however is under the cap of 85%, so for Ibaraki’s passive to shine more there needs to be other Phantasma daemon with a 30-35% self Crit Rate buff, or you need to use something like Bach on your buffer who will give the final push to the cap. What about his skill then? Well he’s an all targeter that packs a big punch! His base skill damage of 2,682 is the highest for an all targeter in the game, and so even on the first wave (where he only gets one stack of his skill damage passive) his effective skill damage is 5,510. This is just above a fourth wave Satan [Xmas 3], and over 20% more damage than all the other all targeters. Infact 5,510 is almost closer to the top 3 target daemon with Mercury Elf at 6,452 and Antikythera at 6,166. By wave 4 Ibaraki is at 7,418 effective skill damage which is just miles past the others. Overall I think he’s strong but he does need better partners for world boss and there is a question of where do you need a big AoE anymore anyway? I think it would be fine to carry him during world boss (without using his skill) but I’m not sure if such a team really competes with a proper Sola team anyway (I think in the end you need stronger daemon than the old ones with self Crit Rate buffs currently available). For conquest he is a fantastic clearer, but if you are a high end player you probably don’t use an AoE anyway. For tower he would be fantastic as a clearer, but I would still want to use Wild Star Thorn now for the drop rate boost. I think Endless is actually where he’s best suited, but as always said before this the least important thing in my opinion, but who wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes less in total with the phone AFK.

So the final daemon is Okita Soji for Divina teams. His passive sadly is a measly 6% crit damage boost to them…wait…wait what’s that? It changed? To FIFTY PERCENT?? That’s one hell of an upgrade! Sola has sat at the top of the tree forever because her two passives were crazy, her skill was solid, and as a healer she ended up being essential. Okita now has a Crit Damage passive that’s actually strictly better (in an all Divina team anyway…), and a second one that’s super good as well. Is his skill up to par too? Well how does 7,979 base single target damage sound – pretty good to me! This is 10% more than Iisuna Saburo who’s second, and over 20% more than anyone else. On wave 1 his effective skill damage is 14,229 – higher than the holy quartet (well – equal to Titanium with another Elf in the team), but he actually has a further advantage over them in that this effective skill damage takes everything into account (as it should), so Okita’s is hampered by his low base Crit Rate. If I change just the Crit Rate stat to be 85% (the cap) for both Okita and Yoshitsune (who’s normal effective skill damage is 13,839), then Yoshitsune becomes 23,047, while Okita shoots up to 33,408 – over 40% higher, and this is just on wave 1! The more waves the more his other passive stacks and the better he gets. Hold on however, there is a problem. Okita’s base Crit Rate is 7.5%, which means you need to apply a 77.5% Crit Rate buff for him to hit the cap…The only thing close to that is Book of Five Rings…with Sola as the leader buffing her up to 75% – awkward! So Okita sort of ends up being similar to Ibaraki in a way in that he’s definitely super strong in his daemon type, has the potential to possibly be used over Sola, but actually requires a missing piece to maximise his potential.

So let’s have a small summary of each daemon for completeness:

Muramasa: Solid passives and fantastic skill damage…for a 2 target daemon. This normally means useless but she’s definitely far above the other 2 targeters.

Rating: 8.1 / 10

Ibaraki: Great passives on the best wave clearer in the game. Potential for a new type of team set up, but likely needs better allies to complete (or a MLB Bach…which is fairly rare)

Rating: 8.4 / 10

Okita: Super passives, super skill. Actually the best single target daemon in the game (that doesn’t have an increased damage taken debuff). Still needs a better crit buffer to help him/MLB Bach again.

Rating: 8.9 / 10

So can Sola finally be overthrown by any of these? Well almost, but the reason she’s still a 10 on the ratings is her flexibility (in that her passives always apply to everyone), healer status making her almost a given slot, but above all the fact that the 15 levels to everyone significantly boosts offense and defense in World Boss, which is where these daemon will struggle to replace her. There is however, another newcomer to be reviewed soon who might just do it (despite still not helping with survivability xD)…a new Queen has possibly arrived!

3 thoughts on “Otogi 3rd Anniversary Event – Helper Daemon Review”

  • MLB Morin with Sola also gives 80% crit rate. Not bad but I’ll stay with my Amano I guess. I’m more interested in Mikado 😀

    • My head was stuck on 2 target daemon since two nukers is the team of choice in world boss. There’s also Marsha L Shrine (73% to 3 targets) but aims for range, Turkey Lurkey [Xmas 3] with 73% to 1, and Poison S Brew [Valentines 2] with 72% to 1 target.

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