Otogi Daemon Effective Stats Spreadsheet

Otogi Daemon Effective Stats Spreadsheet

Effective Stats

People have long considered certain daemons to be “stronger” attacker or perhaps tankier than other daemons, but are your gut instincts correct? Rather than provide a broad or subjective opinion, we’ve calculated the effective stats of every daemon for you! “But I can see the daemon’s stats already!” you may say. Lets take the following example:

“Effective” HP looks at the true HP of the daemon.

A melee daemon with 10,000 HP, 20% DMG reduction and 10% HP MAX increase passives will have an effective HP of 10,000 x (1+0.10)/(0.925-0.20) = 15,172 …  a whole 52% increase!

This sheet provides the effective HP of every daemon at Max level as well as MLB. We also list out the effective (true) DMG of every daemon’s normal attack DMG and single/multi target skill DMG based on critical rate, critical damage, attack speed, damage and skill damage boosts. The beauty of this sheet is that it’s completely objective, based on numbers and formulas.


You can view the sheet via tiny.cc/otogiestats.


Assumptions used:

  • Some daemon (e.g Mayflower) gain a stacking boost with each passing wave. We have assumed 4 waves for all our calculations as approximately the average number of waves faced.
  • Some daemon have Health Regeneration as a passive. This means their Health Pool and hence Effective Health constantly increase over time. We have therefore assumed a timeframe of 60 seconds when determining their Effective HP.


04/03: Critical Damage calculation updated

03/03: True Damage and Effective HP at Max Level added


For more information on the mechanics behind these calculations, take a look at Advanced Battle Mechanics.

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  • Thanks for the hard work. It’s a nice idea, but is there a version that doesn’t use icons? I was trying to decide if it was worth 2LB-ing Minister Ichikami by comparing her against my other 3/4/5-star Anima cards, but I couldn’t create a relevant filter because of the icons.

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