Otogi Daemon Lore~ With a TwIsT~ Week 2

Otogi Daemon Lore~ With a TwIsT~ Week 2

Author’s foreword: Welcome to the Second week! Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in 2 entries this time just like last time. Quite frankly, some Daemons just have more depth to them than others~ and one simply cannot do these daemons justice even with events fully devoted to them. Welcome, to my spin on their own hero’s journey~


~Welcome to the Coffee Mug Weekly Corner of Absurd Storytelling~

*Disclaimer* Daemons listed are in no apparent order. Length of story is also random lol. I also take requests for Daemons that you wish for me to spin a tale of my own [in]sanity. These Daemons must be confirmed Otogi release (either in the past or will be in future) and have no ties with their AGG counterpart, if any. In case you wonder just how true these may be; in my world, they happened 100%~ :3

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Leonardo Da Vinci – The gifted, the cursed, and the Endless/5* Divina

Leonardo Da Vinci 

This was what they call him. “The inbred born of the harlot that corrupted the hearts of nobles, the likes of which we spat on.” From an early age, Leonardo Da Vinci was ostracized by his much dumber, fatter, bigger, and freckly Italian classmates. They simply could not tolerate someone who had family issues, small in stature, and meek, yet smarter than them in every possible way, to the point where he was too smart to be bullied. Even the teachers had to seek help from alcohol, opiods, hallucinogens, and the Church (the last three often go together) just to maintain their ego under the fusillade of questions from an eager and curious teen that was Leonardo. In fact, more people his generation ended up making pizza and pasta later in life. Strangely enough, there was the occasional plumbing family business here and there, usually operated by brothers.


Growing up surrounded by a sea of mediocrity, Leonardo often questioned why he was born into this world of pipe-dreamers. Why his father would rather shuffle him through so many mentors than to spend any day with his own son. Why his mother would work out in the fields and in their home every day, never a word of complaint. In the end, he concluded that if he could not vacate from the oppressing environment, his mind would hit a glass ceiling and everything that gave him meaning and purpose would be permanently destroyed. He might as well go bake pizza in a hut at this point.


Thus began the transformation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life as he left his family behind and found a rundown workshop from which he began his life’s work. The rest as we knew was history, to be found in Wikipedia or the History Channel… or was it? Welcome to the secret life of the Boy Genius. Since a young age, he had been blessed with an extraordinary sight, allowing him to “see” ideas and concepts that were either way ahead of its time or at a completely different spectrum of reality. As he ascended into adulthood, Leonardo had inherited strange visions and dreams of worlds and civilizations beyond even his comprehension. The most absurd of these were the technologies he had observed – men wielding the power of heat and light freely and aggressively at their disposal.


In one particularly intense afternoon in the Florence Summer, Leonardo had a dream as he napped. In it, he was a part of a team of diverse individuals wearing gaudy outfits and peculiar metallic rods and staves that propelled condensed forms of brilliant light across long distances. This group of reckless revolutionaries that he was a part of had ninja’d into a militant empire’s base in order to steal the blueprint to a weapon of mass destruction. They were engaging in a firefight against the Empire’s elite troopersan army made up of men wearing distinct white armor that glint under the sunlight and white helmets with black visors that covered their faces. While Leo’s team were experts who made every shot count, they were few in numbers. Meanwhile, the Empire’s so called Elite could be more accurate shooting blind. However, because they came in default survival mode – endless waves, even their best would eventually hit something or someone.


It was the first time in Leonardo’s life that he had felt truly alive, driven to the corner as he and his comrades fought and fell without any reason except for the word: Hope. Even as he clutched the cold steel in his hand and aimed it through the tide of enemies, feeling the recoil of his weapon with each pull of his trigger, he could not fight back the unprecedented exhilaration and ravaging despair knowing that he might fall any moment in this dream that was all but real. He saw that humanity had not changed much even in such a preposterous future, but most of all, he saw the power of technology that allowed men to not fight on the battlefield with horses and mere flintlocks when they could harness the power of light and sun into these death-rods. What flipped Leonardo Da Vinci’s world upside down, however, was when at the very end, as “Hope” had flown off into the deep blue heavens, he also witnessed the end of his dream.


The sky and land and sea – the impassible horizon – vaporized into pure oblivion from a single beam of pure viridian light. From the distance, Leonardo could faintly make out a giant celestial orb much like the sun in the sky, hovering in silent indignation, before the horizon erupted into a nova of blinding heat and scorching light. Ah, so this is death, and the feeling of an ant under the boot of man. Those were his last thoughts as his world shattered, his flesh vaporized instantly, and his existence became mere particles under the merciless onslaught of the star that brought death.


Alas, that was not the end of such a story; for it was a dream that Leonardo was destined to wake up from. As his hat slipped off and startled doves flew out of the opened windows into the sunny blue, Leo recalled everything as he looked toward the sun. That fire in his heart had rekindled into a raging inferno – the desire to create the unfathomable. Time quickly flew by as Leonardo devoured the Vatican archives and all the remains of the great library of Alexandria, exhausting all resources from his mentors as he pleases, in an almost demonic fanaticism.


Even as Leonardo continued to uphold his status as the greatest artist and inventor of his time, he was ceaseless in invest his time and passion into recreating the star that swallowed all, as all were equal before it. It was in his legacy that in order to prevent any more innocent deaths and the destruction caused by human strife and war, he must create the single weapon that will not bow down to any sovereignty, and only operate under the highest of contingencies and to cast judgment upon all who sin – regardless of status – for the sake of humanity and all that was good. He believed the dream was a divine act of God, for him to feel the almighty anvil of judgment from the star that screamed death, so that he would feel it, understand it, and ultimately, create it, so that it will not be the weapon of man, but an enforcer of the law and order that protect the innocent and the weak from those who usurp and corrupt.


In the end, no one knew if Leonardo Da Vinci had ever come close to actualizing such ambitious and insurmountable phantasmagoria. He had never dared to discuss such a venture with any of his colleagues and contemporaries, even to his deathbed. Even so, he had continued to believe that this was his reason for living, a noble purpose behind a devastating power that would shape the world. However, even as his body left mortal soil, the blessing and curses that defined Leonardo Da Vinci continued even as he became a spirit. In fact, he had kept all documents of his research in absolute secrecy, and had continued his research since his death for the next 500 years.


After what felt like an eternity yet only the passing of a mere second, Leonardo Da Vinci had finally achieved his dream with his ingenuity and his immense pool of spiritual energy. A spark of genius the universe had never seen, he was second to none in the living or spiritual realm: he connected the energy flow of the logical world, the power of faith and veneration in the realm of the divine, and the power of emotions and memories in all objects and spirits into one focal network. Drawing from this network of energy flow, he alone was capable of transmuting that incomprehensible power into the exalted light that will exact divine judgment upon all those who bear the mark of evil and chaos – a living weapon aptly named the Death Star.

tl; dr: Leo was and is and will always be a Certified Timeless and Worldly Badass

The Messenger of God is next~ stay tuned.


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