Otogi Update: Endless Mode

Otogi Update: Endless Mode

It has been many months since Otogi received a new game mode with the introduction of Guild Conquest. A much needed new game mode has finally been introduced: Endless Battle.

The Endless Battle can be accessed from the ‘Event’ page and ‘Challenge’ tab. The rules are as listed:


  • Open all day, infinite waves
  • Auto battle mode
  • No type restriction
  • No time limit
  • No battle limit
  • Each battle cost 1 SE
  • Only available to Spirit Agents who are Lv 10 and above


  • 1 SE will be awarded after clearing each wave.
  • Awarded SE will be tallied after the battle.
  • Up to 100 SE can be awarded per day.
  • During battle, one can tap on the ‘END’ button at the top left corner to tally ahead of time.


  • Spirit agents will be ranked based on the most number of waves cleared.


I attempted a round of the Endless Battle, and for those who have not attempted it, here is a video of an endless run (until my daemons died). Feel free to skip it if you have already attempted the mode yourself.

Initial thoughts on Endless Mode

  • The battle has infinite waves, so daemons with abilities that activate every wave likely perform best. This includes daemons like Siren, Morin, Otakemaru [Pure Love], Kappa, Amor, Qilin, Phoenix etc.
  • Kay Kagen, with her 4% boost to damage every wave, is a generally preferred assist bond for this mode.
  • ‘Final Wave’ abilities like those on Cinderella, Amor (that 50% skill DMG boost), NYG, Edo Castle etc do not activate
  • The boss of every stage has a huge amount of HP, so bringing a debuffer like Amanojaku will increase the speed of clearance of the mode. Perhaps this mode will see the proliferation of multi-target debuffers who have so far been neglected.
  • The stage boss and brutes can have status effects like Burn, Poison, Stun, Silence etc applied to them.
  • Skill damage hits a cap at 999,999. Even if you stack boosts further it no longer increases beyond this level.
  • The auto battle system does not chain skills like one normally would in manual play. It seems to prioritize team wide survival skills, preferentially activating Siren and Sola over damage dealing skills like Amanojaku and Kappa. But it always usually waits until the skill cool down is reset, so the skills never seldom go past costing 1 skill shard. It uses shards immediately as they drop, so you end up cycling through each of your daemon’s skills.
  • Every run allows you to earn the reward of 1 SE per wave. You do not need to get to wave 100 to earn 100 SE per day. It is possible to run 1-50 twice (at 2 SE cost),  or 1-33/34 three times (at 3 SE cost) and earn the 100 SE reward available (net 98 and 97 SE gained).
  • Ranking in this mode is like with the Guild Conquest ranks: good for reputation, recruiting, but otherwise inconsequential in terms of the reward that one receives.
  • While players are not ranked by speed, it seems to be the practical limitation for this mode. In my opinion, even if one has a team that is able to tank and grind to 100 in one shot, but that team takes a long time to do it, one is likely better off with a team that does 1-35 in 10 minutes, and be done collecting your daily extra 100 SE with 3 x 10 minute runs. Because the HP of the bosses increase so much each subsequent wave costs more time for the team to clear, even for teams consisting of daemons that receive boosts every wave.
  • 100 SE daily isn’t that much, especially when it costs a good deal of a real life commodity to acquire – time (and battery life). It is good though, for F2P players to have a new source of SE to farm Challenge Points and Mochi with, especially with competing demands on free SE from Guild Conquest and regular events.
  • While I am pleased that there is finally a new game mode introduced, one can’t seem to do all that much with it – the battle is entirely automated. Perhaps this forces ‘new’ team construction strategy – to optimize teams for automated battle, which players so far have had no need to do.

Well that’s it for my initial thoughts on the new game mode. Perhaps more will be written on this topic once more testing have been completed.

16 thoughts on “Otogi Update: Endless Mode”

  • I think it will be of your interest to know that Amaterasu’s passive now increases all divina’s dmg dealt by 8% at the start of each wave.

    • Wow really? That’s not on my spreadsheet or the wiki. Infact annoyingly they both say different things. I have it as melee enemies take slightly more damage and wiki says just 8% more dmg to divina once. They actually changed it? That would make some Divina teams a lot more viable for this mode (and infact even conquest with Yoshitsune)

    • Most unfortunate then that when she was released it was translated as something else. And judged based on that (melee enemies take more damage).

    • Can you provide a screenshot or video showing Amaterasu’s passive ability as you have described?
      If you have a screenshot please show both first and second abilities.
      If you do a video please have Amaterasu along with another divina skill damage daemon, and activate that daemon’s skill on every wave (do a mag farm stage).

        • Better yet, I found it while checking at the Amaterasu of a random player, you can just do the same. Their username was ReRe.

          • Unfortunately I don’t happen to have a Discord account.

            But I have checked ReRe’s Amaterasu. The English version does indeed say that she increases Divina DMG per wave. But when the language version is changed to Chinese it is still ‘melee foes take 8% more DMG at the start of each wave’, which was the ability that she was initially released with.

            Time to contact customer service, I guess.

          • I’ve had a reply from BlueMars that Amaterasu’s skill is the one in the Chinese version and that they will correct the translation. You can check the ability on Amaterasu again and see that it is reflected accurately now.

  • Suddenly, Sola as team leader isn’t so useful anymore!
    Best to get a daemon type or team ability that works every wave

  • I could see a card with a passive of like “30% chance of reviving one dead card to 50% hp at the start of each wave” being very useful if they ever release a card like that.

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