Otogi World Boss Team Comp Guide

Otogi World Boss Team Comp Guide

After a year, Mitama finally released a new type of event for Otogi Spirit Agents. This gives us great excitement as there are plenty of content to write about and things to experiment. This article will be the first of a series of guides for World Boss, as we explain how to build the right World Boss team comp.

Main Team Notes

The standard team composition for World Boss is as follows:

  • 1 nuker/burster
  • 1 offensive healer
  • 1 crit buffer
  • 1 dmg buffer/debuffer
  • 1 wildcard

Below, we list a few examples. The list is not exhaustive, but is a list of daemons we recommend.

Nukers: Titania NY, Nekogami, Leonardo da Vinci, Knecht Ruprecht, Guillotine, Platina Elf, Forge Washington, Ravenna, Murasamemaru, Mayflower

Offensive Healers: Cherry Blossom Front, Orpheus, Freyr, Princess Saho

Crit Buffers/DMG Buffer: Katsushika Hokusai, Qilin, Harp, Ame-no-Uzume, Azukiarai,

Debuffers: Amanojaku, Titanium Elf, Azi Dahaka, Magic Mirror

Wild Card: Philosopher’s Stone, Miss Santa, Joan of Arc [Fireworks], Nekomata, Aya Waka, or extra tank or healer for survival: New Year Game, Luminous Pearl, Mazu, Edo Castle, Asclepius, Orihime, Ravenna, Forge Washington

Reserve Notes

LB2+ Astaroth: 

Astaroth the perfect unit for teams running Phantasma nukers and Cherry Blossom Front. Astaroth boosts dmg (and heals) permanently by 25%.


Lb1+ Chronos:

Otogi World Boss Chronos

Here’s some math on the power of Old Clock Chronos reserve for world boss.

Each unit attacks at a rate of 1 hit/2 seconds

5 mins = 300 seconds = 150 hits from each unit.

Chronos 10% timer and 10% speed boost means each unit attacks 1hit/1.8 seconds.

5 mins = 330 seconds = 183.33 hits from each units. That’s an increase of 33 hits per unit, or 22% more hits from each unit as opposed to not having Chronos.

22% more hits can sort of mean that the entire team just received a permanent 20% dmg buff.

This math does not factor in slow or units getting cc’ed, but assuming in both case there are equal number of slow and equal number of cc, the end result should still be about 22% more hits from the team that has Chronos. These calculations also assume every unit is alive.


LB3+ Philosopher’s Stone:

Philosopher's Stone Otogi World Boss MVP?

Unless your team works better with Miss Santa, Joan of Arc [Fireworks] or Nekomata, Philosopher’s Stone should be on your main team. Otherwise you can put her in reserve and receive a permanent 20% Crit DMG buff for all allies.


New Year Game:

New Year Game will often help your nuker and wild card (Philosopher’s Stone, Miss Santa, or Joan of Arc [Fireworks]) do 12.5% more damage or heal 12.5% more. The heal in particular, can be crucial for survival in higher level world boss.


LB3+ Beethoven:

Like Chronos, Beethoven increases all allies’ speed by 10%. This equates to 16.66 more hits for each team member, which is about an 11% total DMG increase. If you had to choose between Tanuki or Beethoven, then definitely choose Beethoven.


LB1+ Gyobu Tanuki:

World Boss Tanuki

Similar to Chronos, Gyobu Tanuki increases timer by 30 seconds. This equates to 15 more hits for each team member, which is about a 10% permanent damage increase by every member on your team, assuming they all survive the full 5 mins and 30 seconds.


10% Crit Passives Daemons:

If you do not have better reserve units, you might as well use units such as Poison S Brew, Zhuge Ling, Poison S. Brew [Flower Viewing], and Ame-no-Uzume that boosts all allies’ Crit DMG by 10%.


LB3+ Guillotine:

Guillotine is interesting because she can reduce boss’ total DMG by 20%. She may have situational uses.

15 thoughts on “Otogi World Boss Team Comp Guide”

  • I am not sure when to hit the World Boss, or start the combo. I attack after he hits with his fist, the moment he starts casting on Philosopher Stone, and I use Katsushika, Amanojaku, Ravenna with healers New Yeak Game and Philospher Stone. I tried using Kondo Isami [Party] lv 70, instead of NYG, but for now it didn’t work. I will lb him and see.

  • Still, can’t make sense. Can we survive boss’ nuker skill without damage decrease nor defensive healer?
    Is it enough with heal from offensive healer and P stone?

    • My friend survive boss level 16 with Freyr lb2 and Philo mlb. I cannot do that, have to bring Edo but yeah, you can survive.

          • by the way, if you use P stone, not for treating slow but to deal with nuker skill, all party members will survive at least to 4:30

        • If you have trouble with surviving, try not to speed up the game (x2 or x4). Pay close attention to the boss’ skill pattern, you will be able to expect that skill that often kills your nuker.

          • I already play with x1 . thanks for recommendation! I think I should be more intended to use P stone to save P stone like using her skill at least twice (juse for after 4:30 passed). by the way, if you use P stone, not for treating slow but to deal with nuker skill, all party members will survive at least to 4:30

      • Aurum should never be inside the main team since her skill isn’t good (it adds a flat damage increase at the end which cannot be scaled by anything), so yes change (I use elf team too! I’m top 50 so its definitely a decent team!)

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