Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Pandora, Belphegor, Dojigiri, Gjallerhorn, Gobluild, Charles

Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Pandora, Belphegor, Dojigiri, Gjallerhorn, Gobluild, Charles

As part of the Anniversary celebrations, Mitama has released a huge batch of Limited Jewel Summons. There are 6 daemons on offer this time (normally there are 3, maybe 4).  As usual the 5 ★ are exchangeable for 200 mochi, and the 4 ★ for 50 mochi. To get a copy of every daemon from the exchange, one needs a massive 900 mochi!



5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 11000/13126

Max/MLB HP: 8000/9546


Box of Hope and Despair (MAX): Restores 2486/2966 HP to all allies, with a low chance of inflicting Weak Poison.

Trial by Catastrophe (lvl 40): Normal attacks have a high chance of inflicting Burn.

Hope Within (lvl 80): All divina allies immune to Poison


Pandora is a double-edged-sword type daemon. She provides a good sized HP buff to your team with her skill, but has a chance to inflict damage to her targets via Weak Poison. Fortunately, if you use a level 80+ Pandora along with a Divina team, she gives her fellow Divina daemons immunity to the very poison she inflicts.

In terms of base stats Pandora is satisfactory. She is well within the norm of her class and rarity. Her skill is unique among 5 ★ daemons. There are no other daemons that provide this exact skill set. If the comparison is extended simply to look at daemons with HP recovery as part of their active skill, one would mainly be looking at shield-healers, and support type ranged and melee daemons. Even compared to healers with the highest HP recovery attached in the active skill, Pandora’s HP recovery exceeds even Orihime and Asclepius, and these 2 heal only 2 allies rather than the entire team.


With her high team HP recovery skill, Pandora seems to be great for Divina teams that one might plan to run without a healer. In mixed teams it might be a tad too risky to go without a healer when the daemon you plan to use to recover HP might deal you damage instead. At this point it still doesn’t seem viable, but with a few more daemons with HP recovery attached to their skills (most of these are Divina type already), such a team might take shape.

Belphegor Party

Belphegor [Party]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 11700/13961

Max/MLB HP: 9100/11575


Roar off Sloth (MAX): Deals 1872/2232 DMG to 3 enemies (melee priority), and decreases targets’ speed by 9%/11% for a limited time.

Temptation of Sloth (lvl 36): High chance of reducing all enemy’s ATK speed at the start of every wave.

Perfection of Sloth (lvl 75): Very high chance of inflicting Silence to skill targets.


Belphegor, Daemon of Sloth, has gotten lazy. After her original version went full out with a damage focused skill, the Anniversary Party Belphegor has given in to her slothful nature and is slacking off again. One can’t deny that she has nice base stats. But these days almost every 5 ★ released has either record breaking HP or Attack or at the least, ‘very high’ stats. Belphegor [Party] belongs to the later group.

In terms of skill, Belphegor has swapped a very good 3 target damage focused skill, for a much weaker 3 target damage plus crowd control skill. Her original version does 2674/3194 Skill DMG at MAX/MLB; and a level 80 ability boosts that damage further by 20%. At MLB, Belphegor [Party]’s skill DMG does no match even match that of original Belphegor at LB0.  The crowd control that is attached to the skill is also very weak, at 9%-11% only. The one redeeming feature for Belphegor is her level 75 ability – ‘Very High’ chance of Silence is a good crowd control, similar to what Himiko has. Himiko, also a 3 target hitter, does 1773/2113 skill DMG, but runs a 90% Silence chance at MAX, which grows to pass 100% at MLB.

Belphegor’s first ability – ‘high chance of reducing all enemy’s ATK speed at the start of every wave’ is a slightly different version of her original’s level 39 ability: ‘Slightly decrease (5%) the ATK speed of all foes at the start of each wave.’ Belphegor [Party]’s version is likely to reduce the enemy’s ATK speed to a larger extent than her original’s, but with a chance of not reducing the enemy’s speed at all. Original Belphegor is almost never selected for battles based on her slight enemy speed debuff ability. This slightly different version is likely to receive the same treatment and will most probably be ignored in a player’s decision for selecting a daemon in a team.

Belphegor [Party] seems to be the Phantasma team’s version of Himiko – the greatest utility for this daemon is in her crowd control via Silence. But unlike Himiko, whose Silence is part of her skill from the very beginning, Belphegor [Party] needs to be at least LB1 for her to achieve her potential. Unless one gets lucky and draws Belphegor from summons, one is likely to need to drop 200 mochi plus at least 1 LB orb to unlock her potential.

Dojigiri Serious

Dojigiri Yasutsuna [Serious]

5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8500/10143

Max/MLB HP: 10000/11933


Proof of Love (MAX): Deals 3417/4097 DMG to enemy with highest ATK, target receives 45%/54% more DMG for a limited time.

Five Great Blades (lvl 55): Sharply increases DMG dealt when one of the Five Swords under Heaven is on the team.

Body and Soul (lvl 80): Sharply increases Crit Rate.


Dojigiri has finally released in the form Mitama had teased the player base with in New Year’s postcard giveaway. Dojigiri has long been a fan favourite, and one of the very few daemons who retained her general appearance from her release in Ayakashi Ghost Guild. After MLB Dojigiri is fully skill bonded (15%), and her 5 Swords ability is activated (20%), her Skill DMG output would be 4097*1.15*1.2=5653. With a boosted Crit Rate (assumed to be 20%), her effective skill DMG will be 5653*1.275=7207. With the Crit Rate boost ability, expect Dojigiri, a melee daemon, to crit about as much as a regular ranged daemon.

This version of Dojigiri is kitted with an opponent debuff skill. She is now one of 2 5 ★ melee enemy debuffers, similar to Titanium Elf, Azi Dhaka and Amanojaku. Here’s a quick look at the more commonly seen single target debuffers.


While Dojigiri is unlikely to replace Titanium Elf, Azi Dhaka and Amanojaku on teams, she is a good option for players who lack an enemy debuffer of this class. Her improved crit rate would make her crit more than Ghoula, about as much as Amanojaku, but still less than Titanium Elf and Azi Dhaka, while providing a good deal more HP. Dojigiri [Serious]’s targeting is also a plus point – she should automatically target the enemy boss regardless of her positioning, whereas with Titanium Elf and Azi Dhaka teams one needs to either clear mobs before starting the debuff combo, or have the debuffer positioned at the correct spot on the team. The degree of debuff is also very satisfactory, even if not quite as high as Amanojaku. Her weakness, however, would be her needing a second 5 Sword Under Heaven to be on the team to maximize her damage output. This means either selecting Dojigiri [Bride], or Onimaru or Onimaru [Defiant] as multi target damage dealers, or using Outenta as a further debuffer against the enemy, or Juzumaru as damage reducer, or sacrificing a reserve slot for any one of these daemons. Overall, while not perfect, she is definitely still a better option as a debuffer compared to the last debuffer on offer through limited exchange – Daji [Seductive Swimsuit].



5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7900/9428

Max/MLB HP: 9300/11079


Sound of Battle (MAX): Increase damage dealt by 2 allies (ranged priority) by 74%/89% for a limited time

Flute of the Gods (lvl 75): All melee allies take moderately less DMG.


After Kondo Isami, comes Gjallerhorn. Mitama has suddenly offered 2 very good team damage boosters which are relatively easy for players to acquire. Gjallerhorn has broken the damage boost record of all daemons, in exchange for a more limited 2 target boost. He is the 5 ★ version of Azukiarai, rather than an upgrade on the team-wide boosters currently available. His more targeted skill can possibly challenge players’ team construction, and is less flexible than a full team wide booster like Kondo or Freyr, Orpheus, and Cherry Blossom Front.

The targeted skill suits teams with fire power focused from preferably only 2 ranged daemons, with the other daemons on the team acting as support (and therefore not suffering much in terms of damage output if they are not buffed). An example of such a team could be: Qilin, Gjallerhorn, Amanojaku, Leonardo and Edo Castle. Qilin and Gjallerhorn are both support daemons, providing limited damage output themselves, but boosting the damage output of the team’s heavy hitters more. Gjallerhorn would provide the damage boost to Amanojaku and Leonardo 100% of the time in this team, providing a boost that would previously have cost 3 skill shards (2 activations of Freyr/Orpheus/Cherry/Kondo) to achieve. Another possible setup could include Dojigiri [Serious], Gjallerhorn, Titania (New Year), Belphegor with a healer. One sacrifices the damage boost on the debuffer (Dojigiri) while choosing to buff the single target and multi-target hitters instead.

With the boost targeted towards ranged daemons, team construction using Gjallerhorn would therefore likely exclude the use of ranged type support daemons. Teams using Katsushika Houkusai, Apollo’s Harp, Joan of Arc [Fireworks] and even Kong Ming will generally struggle with the use of Gjallerhorn as damage booster. With these ranged damage boosting daemons, they stand a chance of receiving Gjallerhorn’s boost, which would mean your main nuker might miss out instead. Similarly, teams making use of melee type damage dealers and nukers will not prefer to use Gjallerhorn – the melee nuker will almost never receive the boost unless no ranged daemons are on the team, in which case whether the nuker gets boosted turns into a matter of random chance.

Another way to construct a team with Gjallerhorn is to select daemons which all have very similar damage output effects, and be indifferent as to which of the 3 or 4 potential boost candidates receive the buff. One such example could be: Gjallerhorn, 2x Titanium Elf, Platina Elf, and a healer. It would be entirely acceptable for Gjallerhorn to boost both Titanium Elves, or one of them along with Platinium Elf. However, such a team would probably work equally well with a regular full team buffer since every daemon benefits.

A potential niche useage of Gjallarhorn would actually be in incomplete conquest teams running 3-4 daemons rather than a full 5 (mostly in order to save SE at stages 40-80 where 4 SE fails, and full teams aren’t quite required yet). One could potentially run: Gjallarhorn, Amanojaku and Leonardo for 9 SE in conquest, and have Gjallarhorn boost the only 2 other daemons on the team to massively high damage.

Superficially Gjallarhorn has increased the power creep among the damage boosters. However, his use isn’t as straightforward or flexible as that of full team boosters. He favours teams with other melee units present playing support roles (Best Friends Forever with Qilin!), while not doing too well on teams with ranged type support daemons messing up his targeting. While he certainly provides a record breaking damage boost, it is up to players to construct teams to maximize the benefit of that boost.



4 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7800/9563

Max/MLB HP: 5700/6988


Prayer to the Old Gods(MAX): Restore 3718/4578 HP to self, increase crit rate by 20% for a limited time.

Divine Goblin Protection (lvl 59): Slightly increases max HP of all allies


Gobluild is a ranged daemon with a self HP recovery skill and a self DPS boost via crit rate improvement. A 20% crit rate boost on a ranged daemon would boost her effective damage from 1.225x to 1.425x, which is a 16% increase if one looks at it multiplicatively. Her HP recovery is a good amount, but self recovery daemons are not generally favoured – they neither help in skill killing the enemy, nor in killing the enemy faster, nor in protecting other units on your team. The closest comparison currently available would be Dom Pedro Aquamarine – her skill provides a 1503/1843 self HP recovery, with a 51%/63% DMG boost. Aquamarine has a lower HP recovery but a greater DMG boost compared to Gobluild.

From the first copy, Gobluild has an ability that would work on reserve to boost your team’s total HP. This might come in handy for players without a good range of 5 ★ daemons with enough HP to tank the heavy fire from harder stages. However, one could easily achieve a better result with the use of healers (especially those with damage reduction skills). That team wide HP boost ability is fairly unique, but still relatively unlikely to see widespread use. The only other daemon with an ability that improves HP of other daemons on the team is Nurarihyon, but she limits her boost to Phantasma daemons only.

Charles In Boots

Charles in Boots

4 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 5600/6866

Max/MLB HP: 6000/7456


Memory of the Hunt (MAX): Deals 4420/5440 DMG to an enemy (ranged priority)

Master Manager (lvl 69): Moderately increases the EXP gained from battle.


Stats and Skill is relatively irrelevant on a daemon whose main purpose is to be placed on reserve for farming purposes. If one really wants to make a comparison, Charles can be compared directly to Drop Rate boosting daemon, He Shi Bi: she has 5900/7234 ATK, 5700/6988 HP, and does 4064/4982 DMG to an enemy with the lowest HP. Charles has lower attack, higher HP and higher skill DMG than He Shi Bi. And is therefore a potential 20 points farming attacker (but being melee, not ideal).

Charles joins Hermes and Genjo as ‘moderate’ EXP farming daemons, but unlike the other 2, Charles has his farming ability locked at the third copy rather than the second – Genjo and Hermes both had their abilities unlocked at lb1. For most players this means purchasing him for 50 mochis and feeding him 2 4 ★ LB orbs, which might be relatively high price for the opportunity cost of orbing another worthy 4 ★ daemon like Katsushika Houkusai. For newer players desperately looking to level up faster, Charles is a good long term investment. However, he and his ability definitely does not come cheap. For more experienced players already at a high level, additional EXP really isn’t the priority. And if one already has Hermes, Genjo or even Wakatoshi, Charles can be safely passed.

36 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Analysis: Pandora, Belphegor, Dojigiri, Gjallerhorn, Gobluild, Charles”

  • I don’t have any debuffer like Dojigiri so I’m thinking if I should take one copy of her or not, but I am really short of mochis. I can sell most of my 3 and 4 stars to get her but is she really worth it that much?.
    I mean, If I already have buffers like Kondo, do I still need her for bosses?

    • Decent debuffers are generally quite rare. Dojigiri’s effect is multiplicative with that of buffers like Kondo. Adding a Debuffer when you currently have none is a way to see a sharp increase in damage output in World Boss and Conquest. If you really can’t afford her though, then hang on and be reliant on your friends to supply a helper Amanojaku etc.

  • I have realized that you’re missed Sessho Seki. Till today(Sep 4th 2017) , there aren’t any review about her, and I want to hear the analysis and opinions about this daemon. Please fix on the 238-241 jewel summons daemons or upload an article about her

    • This site was launched after Sessho was released. So far I’ve been doing reviews only on newly released daemons. I have no intention to retrospectively review the entire jewel summon pool.

      Specifically about Sessho – nice art, nice stats, good CC and poison. But her skill damage is very low. Good for collection but hard to use.

      • Thanks for the quick review. But I thought Sessho was released at the same time with Azi Dhaka and Azuchi ? If so, then why would only Azi and Azuchi got reviewed ?

        • I don’t remember the exact dates and which daemons were released when. The 3 daemons mentioned might have been released around the same time, but Sessho was probably released just before the launch of this site, while Azi and Azuchi just after.

          Edit: I checked back site history. Sessho was released in a batch that was skipped just after the initial launch of this blog. We were fairly unstable and getting into the rhythm of getting reviews written and published, and was playing catch up in terms of review writing at that point in time.

  • Hi, i would like to ask about your opinion… So i have belphegor lb2 and mephisto fireworks lb1, and i managed to get kondo {party} . And i also have mlb amanojaku… For melee im going to use ravenna lb2 and ranged im going to use mephisto fireworks… With only 200 mochi i have, which one Gajellehorn or Dojigiri Serious should i get? Thanks

  • I don’t have Amano or Orpheus (or any daemon that has a similar skill). I only have enough mochi for one exchange of the limited jewel summon daemons and I’m wondering whether I should get Doji or Gjall.

    • doji is my suggestion,

      if you happen to have great melee buffer such as qilin, kondo and have great ranged nuker, in this case gjall would be more worthy
      to use gjall effctfively you some some good daemon, so if you dont have good daemons to begin with the different in your dmg increase will not be as apparent as getting doji

      since kondo is easily obtainable, you already have a dmg buffer (of course if we look at the %dmg boost, kondo may be weaker, but it is a good tank and its buff applies to all which is easy to build a team with)

      if you already have a solid team and want to get more dmg on top of that, then gjall is the daemon for you

  • Would dojigiri be nice for cq? (LB0) What team could be constructed from these daemons?, Dojigiri serious (LB0) ,Meph FW LB0, Kondo isami party LB3, Platina LB1, Hera MLB, Belph LB2?

    • doji is good to have for conquest to increase your dmg,
      i would put doji, meph (i would lb1 it). kondo and the last one it depends the boss, if the boss is more troublesome than the mobs, i would go for platina, if its the mobs the. belph to wipe out the mobs quickly as for the helper i recommend adding a crit buffer like qilin

      use crit buff first (1skill orb) > dmg buff x2(3 skill orbs) > def reduce by % x2 (3skill orbs cost) > Meph skill (1skill orb) > platina (1 skill orb)
      for conquest its always good to have a burn and poison in your team because both last until the time limit is reached ~ every few secondes it deals 999dmg ~ and if you used doji on boss it will break the cap for a short while

  • I wonder should i go for Belphegor, i got her from.summon, but i wonn’t mlb her soon as i got other demons which i should mlb, so is it worth to spend another 200 mochi and get her or pass away?

    • That depends on your mochi budget. If you have a lot of mochi you might get 1 copy to unlock that silence ability. But because even with the silence unlocked Bel isn’t that likely to be extremely useful, you might be better off passing, especially if you have other demands on your mochi.

    • pandora’s heal is her main feature. You aren’t bringing her for the burn or the poison immunity.

      you’re bringing philo stone first because of her broken (on WB) slow, second for her crit buff, then for the status effect cleanse and only after that for her heal.

      so yeah, I’d agree that pandora is better compared to demons you bring along for their heal (so healers), not with philo where the heal is just a cherry on top

    • Hmmm yeah, I meant to have put Philo Stone on that table. It somehow managed to slip. In terms of HP recovery, Philo Stone is exactly the same as Miss Santa at 1347/1607 MAX/MLB HP recovery.

    • Yes, MLB Dojigiri’s attack after her 5 swords passive is activated would be in the region of 12k.
      It would be interesting to see how a full melee conquest team of : Double Dojigiri, Kondo Isami, Qilin, and a melee Nuker or multi-target might perform for conquest. One might not need a healer on that team with melee’s excess tankiness.

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