Part 1: Otogi & Ayakashi Artwork Comparisons

Part 1: Otogi & Ayakashi Artwork Comparisons

Several daemons in Otogi can also be found in Ayakashi Ghost Guild. This is the first of a series of artwork comparisons. Credit our friend Ren for his work compiling the artworks.

Meito KotetsuKotetsu

She was the starter that always complained about her lack of power and finesse, and had been searching for her true self. To overcome all limitations, she had to become a Shounen protagonist in manga and anime. Unfortunately the protagonists were mostly middle and high school males. She went to a famed surgeon for daemon transmutation, but did not know that the Yelp reviews were terribly wrong. As a result, she ended up transformed into a male with terrible OCD for cutting, and when he demanded a refund, the crackpot doctor told her: “Sorry, but Mitama only funded me to this extent.”

Pipe Fox


Pipe Fox was one of the three starter daemons in Ayakashi Ghost Guild. AGG made Pipe Fox male in some events, and female in other events even though her gender as a starter is female. AGG fans certainly loved their fox – there were two events with her (him?) as the ranking reward. Unfortunately Otogi made our Pipe Fox mochi fodder. We hope that Mitama will do something about this foxy situation.

Dojigiri Yasutsuna

Can we just say how glad we are to see Dojigiri remain a girl in Otogi? As the love interest of Shuten Doji, Dojigiri’s story touched the heart of many in Otogi. Mitama is giving us a second Dojigiri in the near future (see bottom left artwork).

Old Clock ChronosOld Clock Chronos

As the keeper of time, Chronos is arguably the oldest living daemons in AGG and Otogi. Mitama gave us the infamously lazy Belphegor X Chronos ship, while AGG threw us a killer robotic teddy bear. Did we mention the bear had an adorable growl?

Emperor SutokuEmperor Sutoku

AGG never released Emperor Sutoku, while Mitama made sure he was one of the earliest daemons to be released. He is considered to be quite lonely but has overwhelming powers. Considered one of the three evil yōkai of Japan along with Shuten Doji and the nine-tailed kitsune Tamamo-no-Mae.

Ibaraki DojiIbaraki Doji

When told that Shuten had decided to go back to his manly ways, she felt she had to follow her master no matter what. But when Shuten Doji told Ibaraki that the hardest trial was to become the other gender and live life righteously, Ibaraki was hesitant. She did not know what it meant to be a male. All she had ever lived for was to serve her lord and enjoy life, including plenty of sake to go in between. One day, while particularly drunk, she ended up reading one of her master’s bl doujin, and discovered… how a male should behave. Thus she searched high and wide for the mysterious surgeon that disappeared after one particularly nasty Yelp review. Upon locating the elusive spirit, she beseeched him to help her become the manliest man that would not lose face for her master. With her new found looks and six packs in a weirdly open display of garments, she returned to her masters side hoping she had made the right choice.

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  • Just finally saw this, awesome job. I never got to try AGG so its like a history lesson. They really screwed over Kotetsu didnt they? From a starter with a million forms to a 4* scrub with bad art and bad skills.

  • Yay, my picture comparisons get Desu’s commentary beneath them. I’m so happy. ♡ (even though he thinks that I’m male. I feel flattered :P)

    I love the comments you wrote, they are awesome! Keep up the good work ( I know exactly how many pictures there are so I know how much work it will be)

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