Poison S Brew [Valentine’s Day] & Carbon Elf

Poison S Brew [Valentine’s Day] & Carbon Elf

Poison S. Brew [Valentine’s Day 2]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 12,000 / 14,319

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Full of Whiskey (MAX):Heals 4,229 / 5,004 HP to the ally with the highest ATK. Increases targets Crit rate by 60 / 72% for a limited time

Obligation? Chocolate (lvl 40): Increases Skill targets Crit DMG by 100%

Nectar of the Gods (lvl 81): Increases all allies Crit DMG by 20%


Nice, just nice. I think the obvious comparison to be made for our 3rd installment of Poppy is to the only other single target crit buffer who adds a Crit DMG element on their skill hit and that’s Grail, so let’s instantly dive in and compare:

Poison S. Brew [VD2]Holy Grail
Auto ATK1,8831,637
Skill Heal8,1254,943
Skill Crit Rate Buff72%36%
Skill Crit DMG Buff100%60%
Other Passives20% Crit DMG to Allies28% Chance to full heal Target

Looking at this it’s pretty clear that Poppy [Valentine’s Day 2] is a strict power creep of Holy Grail, excluding only the EHP stat. Better autos, a bigger heal, double the Crit buff and (including her second passive ability) double the Crit DMG buff. Her second passive also means she’s giving the rest of the team a boost as well which Grail fails to do. Now ignoring the whole “wah wah power creep” thing (I’ll probably write a piece about this later), what does this mean for Poppy.

Well Grail was a high tier buffer for a very long period of time, and is even still used by a lot of people to this day. What made her so powerful was the ability to stack a huge amount of Critical DMG onto one target by applying her skill twice, and this also guaranteed the maximum Crit rate on the target too. Poppy can provide exactly the same buff – but for the price of 1 energy orb instead of 3. OR alternatively, you can still use 3 orbs and apply Poppy twice but now you will get a total of 220% Crit DMG compared to 120% with Grail. In both scenarios if the target is ranged it will have the maximum 85% Crit rate, however a small side note is that a Melee target (if you end up using one for this in the future I guess) will only have 79.5% with Grail buffing twice, but will have 85% with Poppy buffing twice. Essentially Poppy provides extra power through her massive Crit DMG boost and extra flexibility by already providing maximum crit rate with just 1 orb. Poppy is a fantastic buffer for World Boss, and will be incredible for mid stages of Conquest – assuming you can live through the waves.

There’s no real need to prattle on since Poppy’s strength and use is clear, however, there are a couple of things that are fairly important to note. Firstly before everything thinks that the days of a single nuker will reign supreme again in world boss, looking into the immediate future (i.e. leaks, so those who don’t like spoilers should stop here and skip to the final paragraph) there are 2 leaked daemon who significantly benefit double nuker teams (Stella: Leo, and Cheshire Cat – although he actually benefits both I guess). Not to say Poppy will be bad, by no means at all, I just don’t think there’s a need to go all in on her – especially with her in the Permanent summon pool. This is also pushed by the second point which is the majority of her strength is already unlocked at LB0. This was similar to Grail although Grail’s bigger HP stat meant you could get away with having her on the team a bit more when she was low level. This means that a newer player who gets 1 copy of Poppy can be happy to have a very strong buffer, and other players who have a lot of invokers can just secure 1 copy and hope for the best later. My suggestion would be to make sure you have enough summons for Cheshire Cat next month – and he will probably be in a 50/50 summon with Hermes :/

But overall Poppy is essentially a very high end/the best crit buffer who is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.7 / 10 (God Tier)

Carbon Elf [Valentine’s Day 2]

4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Pure at Heart (lvl 80): Increases Skill DMG by 35%


Any pure damage assist daemon will always have the issue of being directly compared to Basho who currently leads the way with 45% damage on the final wave.

Carbon Elf isn’t bad overall but naturally won’t take Basho’s place on nukers in general. 35% skill damage is far better than previous options such as Chaos (20%) and Tristan (10%), but falls just short of Eihort at 40% (who additionally gave a small stun chance on auto attacks). The advantage both Eihort and Carbon have over Basho is that they are not limited to final wave, so can be better served either on a wave clearer in Conquest, or just on damage dealers in Endless mode in general. Neither however can compete with the overall massive damage boost that Basho provides at the end and hence why he is the preferred choice. I would still likely take Saigyo and Star atop a X-mas Tree above Carbon Elf if Basho wasn’t available.

Overall however, Elf sadly needs level 80 to unlock her ability, so probably won’t get used ever unless you have tons of spare 4* orbs (I wouldn’t suggest using them on her). Also sadly, Carbon Elf does not proc Titanium Elf’s passive, so this is not a cheap way to make Titanium Elf broken!

Emilio Rating: 7.7 / 10 (above average Assist)

Qtphi21: The following is a series of videos taken with Titanium and Carbon Elfs on the same stage. It isn’t terribly interesting since I’m hitting the same 2 SE Mag dungeon repeatedly and observing the size of the skill hits vs Melee and Ranged mobs respectively. Feel free to skip.

Video 1: Titanium no Carbon
Video 2: Titanium with Carbon bonded to Gryphon
Video 3: Titanium with Carbon bonded to herself
Video 4: 2 versions of Titanium Elf (this is when the level boost passive works)

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