Ranking Daemon Analysis: George Washington

Ranking Daemon Analysis: George Washington

George Washington

George Washington

5★ Ranged Divina


Max ATK: 10900

Max HP:  7850


Purge of Deception (max): Deals 1773 DMG to all enemies


Mr. President (lv 75): Sharply increases skill DMG by all team members when this daemon is Team Leader (20%)

Special bond:

Increases Forge Washington’s skill DMG


The First President of the United States as a daemon would definitely demand to be placed in the leader spot. Stats wise, he has very good attack, and reasonable HP for a ranged daemon. His AoE skill damage is not particularly high, similar to Mjolnir (1951), QSH Tomb (1664), Gilles (Knight) (1773), Azuchi (1852). After taking the passives available to these other daemons into consideration, Washington’s skill damage continues to be on average compared to these other daemons, but Washington must take the leader spot. Without activating Washington’s leader ability, Washington’s skill damage would be relatively poor.

Washington’s passive boost stacks additively with skill damage bonds. At MLB, with 3 5 star divina range units bonded (22.5%), and his placement in leader spot, Washington’s skill skill damage would be 2113 x (1+ 0.2 + 0.225) = 3011.

The advantage that Washington has over other AoE daemons is that the skill damage boost is not limited to himself when he is placed as leader, while most of the other daemons with abilities that further boost their skill damage limit the boost to themselves. So running Washington as leader means that other daemons on the team would stand to benefit.

There are several different daemons that have leader position activated passives. Luminous pearl increases Anima team members critical rate (12%); Mayflower increases team crit DMG (20%), Titania (NY) increase Phantom team crit DMG (20%), Ohina increases Festival Doll DMG dealt (20%). George increases skill damage also by 20%.

An ability that increases DMG dealt would be the most universal buffer, affecting skill DMG, auto DMG and crits. However Ohina’s superior passive is severely limited by the number of Festival Dolls available for use. Mayflower and Titania (NY) are more flexible, with increasing crit DMG of their team members, Titania (NY) restricting the boost to Phantasma team members only. While crit DMG boost might increase average DPS, it is not possible to control exactly whether and when the crits occur, unless one uses a crit rate booster like Katsushika Houkusai, Hanzo’s Uniform or Komodo Dragon; or has daemons with innate high crit rate (eg Titanium Elf at lb3+, Azi Dahaka at lb0). George Washington’s Skill DMG booster would be more reliable in boosting damage on the stage at the exact time that the skill is used.

Overall George is of fairly limited use, especially if you have other better options for the roles that he fills. AoE daemons that hit all targets for light damage pale in comparison to daemons with 2-3 target skills that hit much harder. Examples include Belphegor, Beelzebub, Angra Mainyu and Mayflower. Players with Titanium Elf (lb3+) or Azi Dahaka would likely prefer a Mayflower lead over using Washington, since their damage is boosted without needing the use of skill shards. Likewise, phantom heavy teams would still prefer Titania (NY). Divina teams might even consider the use of Momotaro or Himiko as leader for moderate (10%) Divina damage boost that applies to autos as well as skills and crits. However, for players with none of the above daemons with leader passives, running a mixed team, and are lacking a multi-target nuker (ie, no Belphegor etc) then George might prove useful.

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