Saigyo vs Matsuo Basho – Small Addition

Saigyo vs Matsuo Basho – Small Addition

So as was detailed in the review whether Matsuo Basho or Saigyo gives you more damage will depend on the level of Damage and Critical Damage buffs you have in a given situation. To illustrate this a bit better I have created this little graph which allows you to add the critical damage and damage buffs you will have a unit, place it on the graph, and see whether using Saigyo or Matsuo Basho will give you a bigger damage boost. Now of course there is naturally another variable which is critical rate. If you never land a crit then Saigyo never gives you any damage! I have made the graph so that I can edit the critical rate and it automatically updates. Let’s look at examples.

I have also made a (crappy…) version online here (can’t do the nice formatting in online excel sadly):

100% Crit Rate (e.g when I land a critical hit):

To read this properly you have to add up your total critical damage (just the values that are on the daemon so Sola is 40%, Nautilus 18% etc.) and add up your total damage buffs (things like Gjallerhorn, Sola skills are damage buffs as well as Amanojaku’s 40% passive!), see where they plot you on the graph and then see if it’s in the yellow area – which implies Basho will give you more damage – or the green area where Saigyo will give you more damage (the blue line is where they are equal). As an example if I had 200% critical damage and 200% damage buffs I would be where the red star is so using Basho will give me a bigger damage boost when I land a critical hit.


Varying the Crit Rate:

Here is the same graph but with 3 different critical rates – 85% (the cap), 45% (just a middle ground thing), and 22.5% (Base ranged daemon crit rate).

Notice how as crit rate lowers the line moves up more and more. This is because the less crit rate you have the less damage boost Saigyo is giving you, and so the more damage boosts there has to be in the team to dampen Basho’s effect enough for Saigyo to provide more damage than him.

A couple of minor points:

  • I ignored Saigyo’s 4% skill damage bond to make it easier. The difference would be very small in any case
  • The closer you are to the line the smaller the difference (remember at the line they provide equal damage boosts). This also means if you are “deep” into yellow Basho will be giving a lot more damage and “deep” into green means Saigyo will give a lot more
  • All of these are still graphs for individual instances. If you are using a crit buffer you still need to consider how much of your damage occurs when you are buffed or unbuffed and perhaps look at more than one graph.

I hope this makes sense but feel free to message me on Line or in the comments if you have any questions 🙂


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