Scenario Question #1: Solution

Scenario Question #1: Solution

Scenario Question

First of all, wow! We weren’t at all expecting the number of responses generated from the fun scenario question. What was suppose to be a brain teaser, ended up becoming a community challenge. We are definitely going to be posting more of these questions on a weekly/biweekly basis. In case you’re not sure what we’re referring to, please visit the scenario question here.


General Comments

Generally respondents had the right idea – using tanky daemons with silencers, damage mitigation, and healing. Some mentioned Philosopher’s Stone slow, and others mentioned Guillotuine’s beautiful 20% DMG reduction passive. However, I’d like to highlight two users who came up with the top answers.

Congratulations Vanel and Cedrane.

Both players knew that the key daemons were Aya Waka x2, and that strategically activating her skill at certain time can indeed make her 107% reduction in DMG debuff block every one of the boss’ ATK and skill DMG. We would like to congratulate Vanel on being the first out of all the respondents to point out about the double Aya Waka debuff tactic, and Cedrane for expanding on the double Aya Waka team comp. You can read their comments under the comments section of the first scenario question.


Ideal Answer

Witch Ravenna (medium chance of silence)

Philosopher’s Stone (20% slow)

Nyarlathotep (high chance of silence)

Aya Waka (107% DMG debuff)

Helper: Aya Waka (107% DMG debuff)

Reserve: Chronos, Beethoven (10% ATK speed boost each)


The key here is to understand the restrictions that you’re given. We know that the goal is to prolong survival. The first question that we ask ourselves: Is it possible to survive for an infinite amount of time? We know that at a certain point in time, the boss’s normal ATK DMG will be so high that unless it can be blocked completely, one normal ATK will completely destroy any daemon regardless of their tankiness. This question lead us to one daemon: Aya Waka. His skill at MLB, completely shuts down the boss from doing any real DMG. One Aya Waka’s debuff lasts for 8 seconds, so having another one on the team via helper would be even better. This gives you 16 seconds of debuff time.


Skill Activations

Aya Waka’s debuff lasts for 8 seconds, with a cool-down time of 20 seconds. We will alternate between the two Aya Wakas. Mana shard recovers at a rate of one every 10 seconds. Thus, our limitation in terms of skill activation, is 1 skill max every 10+ seconds. Looking at it from a practicality standpoint, we’re going to raise this to 1 skill max every 11 seconds because we’re human beings and we can’t possibly activate a skill the moment it cool-downs to 1 shard.



The slow debuff from Philosopher’s Stone auto attack is important to give ourselves a larger window of time to activate Aya Waka’s debuff. Philosopher’s Stone will slow the boss by 20%. This means that the boss will attack once every 3.6 seconds.



We need two silencers because one isn’t enough to guarantee 100% silence rate over a large enough period of time. We also need Chronos and Beethoven to boost the speed of Ravenna and Nyarlathotep’s auto attack to once every 1.67 seconds, to increase the likelihood of silencing the boss. Assuming Ravenna rate of silence is 35%, and Nyarlathotep rate at 50%, then the union probability of silencing the boss during the time it activates it’s skill is 98.88%. All silence CC lasts 5 seconds.

Cumulative Probability of Silence

The actual silence rate for Nyar and Ravenna may be higher, but we have used conservative figures. It is important to make sure that the boss is silenced at all time because AOE stun not only prevents the team from taking any action for 4 seconds, but also freezes the cool-down of skills by 4 seconds. Those who knew about this fact can be proud of their gameplay mechanics knowledge.


Complete DMG Mitigation

Aya Waka DebuffBy using Aya Waka’s skill at the right moments, we can completely mitigate all normal ATK DMG from the boss. We activate the first Aya Waka’s skill at ~3.5s, just before the boss attacks. This buff lasts until 11.6s. We then activate the second Aya Waka’s skill at ~14.3s, just before the boss attacks again. This buff will last until 22.3s. We then wait until ~25.1s before activating the first Aya Waka’s skill again. By now, the first Aya Waka’s skill cooldown will have reached 1 shard. We can repeat this for an infinite number of times, as long as the silence permits.



With this team comp, we have a 98.88% chance of surviving for an infinite amount of time. Of course in practice, nobody has the mental capacity or energy to time the activation of their skills for long periods of time. With that said, we hope the scenario question helped you think more critically about the game. Stay tuned for our next fun scenario question!

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