Scenario Question #1

Scenario Question #1

HINT: The last condition is very important.


Fun Scenario Question:

You are facing a new kind of boss:

  • Normal attacks once every 3 seconds
  • Each normal attack hits for 600 against melee and 800 against range daemons
  • Normal attacks have a 25% chance of Crit (2x DMG)
  • After 4 normal attacks, the boss will use a skill attack
  • Boss’s normal DMG increases by 10% after every 4th hit
  • Skill attacks hit all for 1000 DMG (non-crit value)
  • Every skill attack has a 100% chance of Crit and Stun for 4 seconds
  • There are no other minions on this stage

You are also faced with the following conditions:

  • Team of 4, with 1 helper and 2 reserves
  • One healer MAX
  • You can use any daemon at any LB
  • You may only use existing daemons, and not upcoming daemons
  • You start off with 10 mana shards. Mana shards recover once every 10 seconds

The goal is survival. You must come up with a dream team comp that can survive the longest. If you think you’ve came up with a good response, leave a comment below.

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  • Yay for no brutes! However since this looks like an immortal boss, I’ll focus more on stalling.

    Assumptions: all daemons mlb ‘cuz y not.

    1. Philosopher’s stone – Chosen for her passive that sharpy reduces target’s attack speed.

    2. Aka “Red” Chochin – she’ll provide the healing that we need for this lineup. If you’re curious how she’ll be enough, check explanation below 🙂

    3. Aya Waka – at mlb she debuffs boss’ attack by 107%. Cool kid. Aya Waka’ll be the highlight of this team comp.

    4. Komodo Dragon – the only tank you’ll ever need

    1. Cheerleader #1
    2. Cheerleader #2

    1. Aya Waka – yup. Aya Waka again.

    Team composition explanation:

    Before that, some assumptions first. I assumed that the boss’ attack and skill shares the same animation and interval, that is, the boss skills at 3 seconds after the 4th attack.

    Aya waka’s debuff only lasts 8 seconds. Two Aya waka’s debuff will only last 16 seconds. And for this to be a sustainable team composition our max skills usage should be 1 for every 10 seconds or 2 for every 20 seconds. This is where Philosopher’s stone passive will come in. If we could make it so that Aya waka’s debuff will last for effectively greater than or equal to 10 seconds then we’re good to go.

    Boss attacks once every 3 seconds, With philo’s debuff boss will attack once every 3.6 seconds. With this our boss will attack at: 3.6, 7.2, 10.8, 14.4, 18, 21.6, 25.2… and so on. With this we could see that one duration of aya waka debuff would be able to hold for three attacks. Now next is we need to know when to cast our skill. First cast will be at 3 second mark. It will last until the 11 second mark being able to contain three attacks. We recover our shard at 10 second mark so we’re staying at shard count 10

    Second cast (note, we have 2 aya wakas) will be at 14 second mark which will last until 22 second mark. Regain another shard at 20 second mark still staying at shard count 10

    At the 23 second mark, our first aya waka’s skill will be on 1 shard cost only since it has been 20 seconds already but hey look, next boss attack won’t happen till the 25.2 second mark.

    Do note that running this team comp would be hard as it will depend on timing if your team will last or not. But hey at least I have shown theoretically that it could be done infinitely. (I do hope that my “attacks once every 3.6 seconds” assumptions are correct). If you notice that I treated the boss’ skills and auto attack as the same, it is because: 1.) They’ll do the same damage which is 1, 2.) As per my assumptions, I said that attack and skills shares the same animation speed and interval.

  • “Boss’s normal DMG increases by 10% after every 4th hit”
    I forgot this was a thing. I’ll reassess my team suggestion hahaha

  • Yay for no brutes! However since this looks like an immortal boss, I’ll focus more on stalling.

    Assumptions: all daemons mlb ‘cuz y not.

    1. Philosopher’s Stone – as much as possible we want to silence/delay the skill attacks of the boss. Since he can only skill after 4 attacks, (as assumptions have stated in the post) delaying his attack animation will allow our next daemon more chances to silence the boss. Plus at lb3 she sharply increases all allies’ crit dmg (meaning more health regained for crit heals)

    2. Nyarlathotep – hopefull philo will buy us more time so nyarly will have more chances to silence the boss. That’s pretty much the sole reason for picking nyarly

    3. Orpheus – if I read the effective stats guide in this website right, orpheus is the healer with the highest auto attack/heals at mlb. She’ll be counter-healing the 600-1200 auto attacks of our boss to our melee stunner (I decided to take a sure stunner instead of a tanker).

    4. Kondo Isami – don’t know if at what level he’s a 100% skill stunner. But my lb3 kondo isami before states that his chance to stun is 100% .

    1. Okita Resto – to activate Kondo’s passive.
    2. Katsushika Hokusai – #MakeCritHealsGreatAgain

    Shard Usage:
    If nyarly-philo stalling doesn’t work and the boss was still able to start casting it’s skill, use Kondo Isami. If kondo’s hp drops to critical level (below 2k) due to auto attack crits use Philo’s Skill. Yup that’s it. Damage is trashy as hell but with the given assumptions, I think this team’s survival is as immortal as boss could get.

  • Since there are no annoying brutes, there’s no use in using multi target daemons and since there doesn’t seem to be any specified health, I’ll just go on and say this guy’s immortal.

    My team would probably be… Luminous Pearl to heal, Witch Ravenna to reduce damage and silence to hell, Mikhael to heal too because you can never have enough of these and Nyarlathotep to silence to hell with a Witch Ravenna (or maybe Nyarla? Both work I guess lol) helper (oh yeah and everyone”s mlb because dream teams are always mlb) and Miss Santa and Lemegeton in reserve.

    I guess this team focuses on staying alive (forever, hopefully) rather than dealing damage but since I can’t see a single mention of what the boss’s hp is, so I’ll just assume it’s infinity and roll with it.

  • Team:
    MLB Pearl as leader -heal and defense buff + moderate increase crit rate for anima members

    LB2+ Ravenna tank- with moderate silence that can prevent Boss from skills

    MLB Philosopher stone- Sharply decreasing Boss attack speed and will benefit from Pearl’s leader passive. Her skill will heal but debuff will not be useful for debuffs as everyone is hit with skill with 100% stun .

    MLB Juzumaru Tsunetsugu- Skill that reduce damage dealt by enemy and passive of Swords under Heaven

    MLB Outenta Mitsuyo- Together with Juzumaru, her damage dealt will sharply increase, but also her passive that sharply reduces damage taken.

    Old Clock Chronos- Depending on what type of battle, story or conquest, it will help with the battle time limit and the moderate increase in attack speed.

    Miss Santa- Sharply reduce crit of boss.

  • Ravenna (tank, silence)
    Philosopher stone (major slow, crit boost)
    Nyarlathotep (more silence, stun with skill)
    Guillotine (reduce atk passive, slow with skill)
    Yamata-no-Orochi (major slow with skill, self crit boost)
    Reserve :
    Beethoven (atk speed for boosting silence)
    Miss Santa (sharply reduce crit dmg)
    I don’t know if the boss is ranged or melee. Excalibur’s passive would be nice if the boss is a melee.
    The key here is survivability, right?
    I personally think that a way to fight this boss is to prevent even the boss’ normal attacks to be executed, that’s why I put a lot of slow debuffs on the team, since the boss’ normal attack starts off pretty slow already, which can makes it a loooot slower,
    (1 hit every 3 seconds, you can always pause the game and calculate the interval of the next attack) preventing the boss’ damage increase boost. Attacks can regularly be cancelled with skill. Little bit of additional stun is nice. The boss using skill problem can be prevented by silence boosted by increase in attack speed. But sometimes, you just gotta man up and receive the crits, that’s where miss santa comes in.
    *This team is pretty risky tho because of the lack of healers, but I find healers here are less needed in terms of effectiveness.

  • LB2+ Ravenna
    Deals 4962/5921 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK. Target deals 45%/53% less DMG for a limited time.
    Moderately reduces (10%) DMG taken and restores 2.5% HP every 5 seconds.
    Normal attacks have a moderate chance of inflicting Silence.

    LB1+ Ghoula
    Deals 4259/5079 DMG to enemy target. Target receives 30%/36% more DMG for a limited time.
    Moderately increases (10%) max HP.
    Restores 5% HP every 5 seconds.

    LB2+ Nyarlathotep
    Deals 1258/1498 DMG to all enemies, with a moderate chance of inflicting Stun.
    Normal attacks have a significant chance of inflicting Silence.

    LB1+ Hatsuyume
    A high chance of inflicting Stun to all enemies.
    Slightly reduces (5%) DMG received for all melee allies.

    MLB Aya Waka
    The 3 enemies with the highest ATK deal 107% less DMG for a limited time (8 seconds).

    LB2 Lemegeton – All melee allies absorb a portion (5%) of DMG dealt as HP.
    LB3 Loki – Skill attacks by Phantasma team members have a slight chance of inflicting Paralysis.

    • I suddenly realised I had overlooked a simple fact: I can go double on a unit if I take it as helper. I would go with either double Ravenna or double Nyarlathotep and drop Hatsuyume from the team.

  • New team,
    (1) mayflower (2) ghoula (3) ph stone (4) lemegeton (helper) nyg
    Reserve (1) beethoven (2) miss santa?
    l was thinking use nyg just before skill to reduce dmg during stun and with ph stone slowing it down, beethoven speeding all up, ghoula hp renewal increased by lemegeton, crit dmg reduced by santa and mayflower increasing crit rate & dmg, it could be good.

  • With the daemons I have, I’d use a full Phantasma team:

    – Amanojaku, for nuker and debuff.
    – Ravenna, for nuker, tank and silence.
    – Ibaraki New Year, for silence.
    – New Year Game, for healing and “last wave buff”, if it works.

    Ravenna would also includ on debuff.

  • I think…
    Ravena (Tank 1)
    Okita Restore (Tank 2 / tank’s healer)
    NYG (if Aya Waka cant skill)
    Aya Waka (Debuffer when nearly skill)
    Gabriel (Silence)

    Nurarihyon (Reserve increase Phantasma Hp)
    Belphegor(Reserve slow enemy)

    • Changing my answer

      Ravena (tank1)
      Okita (Tank2)
      Aya waka (skill reduction)
      Nyg (Healer /damage reduction)
      Aya waka (helper)

      Nura(helper hp)

      1x atk = 3s
      4x atk= 12 s => skill every 12s
      Aya waka(1) reduce 1st skill damage
      Aya waka(2) reduce 2nd skill damage
      0:36 [aya waka(1) cooldown]
      Aya waka(1) reduce 3rd skill damage
      0:48 [aya waka(2) cooldown]
      And so on this will go infinite mana shard
      Repeat this

      When NYG can’t auto heal Tank (Enemy atk more than auto heal)
      Okita Rest skill (heal and damage reduction)(do after enemy skill)
      Nyg Skill (heal and damage reduction)(do after next enemy skill)
      Always wait cooldown

  • philo daidarabotchi guilotine ravenna pearl

    reserve: lemegeton uesugi kenshin

    daidarabotchi: tank while self sustaining and decreasing damage taken at himself
    ravenna: secondary tank, damage reduction, ensure silence on boss (no skill cast, if silence fails, use skill cancelling)
    guillotine: sharp decrease atk of enemy (highest hp is him since no other daemons), skill also gives speed reduction on boss if needed (probably after daidarabotchi can no longer tank the boss)
    philo: passive decrease attack speed by 20%, while being a ranged daemon (not counted as healer i suppose), providing secondary heals despite the minimal amount
    pearl: healer, chose pearl because he’s best all rounder healer, considered asclepius but without the damage reduction seems pearl will be more effective

    since SE recover every 10 seconds, and cooldown is 20 seconds for each skill, alternate between pearl heal and daidarabotchi self heal every 10 seconds, so that when skills are used it always cost 1 SE shard only. since buff lasts 8 seconds, it is enough to reduce the damage of all of the boss’ attacks (use skill when the attack is going to land).

    healwise it will be very sufficient because daidarabotchi also grants himself decreased damage taken, while given lifeleech by lemegeton and damage reduction by uesugi.

    once heal provided isn’t enough, start using guillotine/ravenna’s skill on the boss to decrease damage or speed, hence making the heal sufficient once again.

    if battle progresses far enough, then start using moreskills, balancing between heals and damage reduction/speed reduction to achieve least damage received per second.

    well probably it will last until the moment the boss is able to outdamage the heals and kill daidara and ravenna.

  • Ravenna(lb2orUP) can work too… I think~ I dunno what would happen but if Lemegeton was put in reserve instead of NYG, so I guess Lemegeton’s alright too, Ghoula and Ravenna can leech more…?

  • Team:Ghoula(MLB)/Meph(MLB)
    Miss Santa
    Helper: NYG/Luminous Pearl
    Reserve:Philosopher Stone(passive unlock). NYG/LP
    Preferable the first three with skill damage bond.
    Hermes would serve as a wave clearer(semi lol) but since at MLB her paralysis is 100% it would be a breather that on a wave of 5 brutes only 3 is attacking, Ghoula/Meph would probably survive the onslaught since they’re leechers, they can deal damage with Gabby and Hermes. Well if they’re dying you can either use Miss Santa or NYG/Pearl. Anyway, Boss wave. As soon as they enter it use Hermes skill, paralysis, one’s it’s gone wait for the fourth hit or when the boss starts to *blink* red then use Gabby’s skill, 100% silence. One’s Gabby’s skill is gone you can use Ghoula/Meph to cancel the skill one more time… So, yeah, one’s all attackers are on 2 orbs let the boss unleash his skill and use Miss Santa and/or NYG/Pearl until Hermes is on one orb again or use Hermes’s skill already, which ever suits the situation… would probably work…? Well at least they can manage to survive for at least less than a minute or minute? Any demons would do as long as the Paralysis and Silence is on 100%, I guess :3 Ghoula/Meph’s are just a fodders for normal attacks Ghoula can survive 54 secs without leech assuming the 25% crit damage of the boss gets interrupted with the Paralysis and by some luck, well when 25% happens Ghoula can still survive for… I dunno, didn’t do the math. Anyway, Meph can survive 36 secs without the leech and crit and I’m not sure if he can survive but there’s NYG/Pearl for that… Normal attack(w/o crit) + the skill damage with crit I guess they’ll have around (Ghoula) 7000~ and Meph would have 6000~ per 4 secs that Hermes~Gabby skill wasn’t activated. With 25% crit… lol, anyway, that’s a team with a positively very bright outlook on life..

  • Ah sorry i realised that NYG wont be affected by umibozu and lokis passive because healing isnt considered skill attack….
    Ill switch out NGY and replace with Luminous pearl. Luminous pearl as leader spot

  • Assuming all at max LB

    1. Nyarly (damage reduction + self heal + silence)
    2. Ravenna (damage reduction + self heal + silence)
    3. New Year Game (damage reduction + heal)
    4. Lemegeton ( offensive buff, stun, heal)
    5/helper. Loki (burn, all phantasm skill can paralyse)
    6/reserve. Umibozu (all phantasm skill can stun)
    7/reserve. Beethoven (speedboost)

    Main objective is to keep cards alive thus the damage reduction skills and almost every member having some sort of self or team healing ability.

    Team is majority phantasm to make the most out of lokis and umibozus passive

    Stun/paralyse skills are needed to stall for time
    Silence/paralyse skills are to prevent the boss from using his/her skill
    Beethoven’s speedboost is to increase the chance of ravenna’s/nyarlys normal attacks silencing the boss

  • Pearl, for healing and decreasing amount of damage received.
    Mephi, for his poison and attack damage.
    Titanium Elf, for attack damage and increase damage boss receives.
    Gabriel, for attack damage and silence
    Ravenna, for attack damage, debuff, and self healing
    New Year’s Game, for the extra damage
    Nurarihyon, extra HP for Phantasma
    Other possible Reserves, Muramasa [Thanksgiving], Nimbus and others

    Use Belph and/or Nurarihyon instead of Mephi and/or Titanium Elf if needed.
    Use Gabriel when boss is about to use skill. Slow down boss. Fight. Repeat.

  • pearl juzu outenta nyar ravenna

    no clue what will happen haha

    EDIT: pearl juzu outenta nyar ravenna

    also reserve gabriel, loki

  • 2 Melee Leech (Utility):
    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Orochi, Nyarly, Nimbus // Lemegeton, Loki. A team with multiple syngergies. This team focuses on Ghoula and Ravenna being a leech frontline using their own % heals and Lemegeton’s reserve passive. Ravenna and Nyarly for the 100% silence. Orochi for the 100% slow, delaying each AA. Nimbus to buff Ghoula and Ravenna’s attack speed, which works well with Loki’s paralyse passive and Lemegeton leech.

    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Philo Stone, Nyarly, Nimbus // Lemegeton, Loki. A variant of the above, perhaps Philo Stone’s sustained slows are more useful than Orochi.

    – Ravenna, Outenta, Nyarly, Nimbus, Orochi // Lemegeton, Loki. Another variant. Outenta’s raw stat debuff may be more useful than Ghoula.

    – Ravenna, Outenta, Nyarly, Nimbus, Philo Stone // Lemegeton, Loki. A variant of the above, perhaps Philo Stone’s sustained slows are more useful than Orochi.

    4 Melee Leech:
    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Astaroth, Outenta, Nimbus // Lemegeton, Loki. This team would be insane if the silence and paralyse can proc enough times. Outenta with the raw stat debuff for higher AA damage, Nimbus for the super fast AA’s, Ravenna for the damage reduction, Ghoula for the % debuff, Astaroth just a great leecher with her passive, Loki for the paralyse and Lemegeton for the leech passive. The dream leech team, however silence may be an issue.

    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Astaroth, Outenta, Orpheus // Lemegeton, Loki. Perhaps tanking one skill shot from the boss isn’t a bad idea with an Orpheus to provide a team attack buff to sharply increase leech, coupled with Outenta, from 0-100% health in just a couple of auto attacks.

    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Astaroth, Outenta, NYG // Lemegeton, Loki. Maybe a big heal and damage mitigation works too.

    3 Melee Leech:
    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Outenta, Nyarly, Nimbus // Lemegeton, Loki. If the above team doesn’t work, this may be a weaker replacement. However perma-silence may be a better trade-off than getting hit by a 4 second stun. 3 members to get through instead of 4.

    – Ghoula, Ravenna, Outenta, Nyarly, Orpheus // Lemegeton, Loki. A healer variation. Unsure of whether Nimbus or Orpheus would provide more overall survivability.

    Explanation: My team compositions are centred around finding the balance between heals and CC. Synergies between paralyse, leech, heals, defence debuffs, attack buffs and slows all need to be considered to maximise the leech/heal capabilities whilst also delaying the scaling of the boss’ AA damage as much as possible.

    Silence is also another factor that needs to be considered.

  • All cards mlb,
    (1) pearl (2) susanoo (3) kogitsunemaru (4) Gabriel (helper) nyarla
    (1) lemegeton (2) beethoven

  • Main Team: Luminous Pearl [LB1+] (Healing + defense), Witch Ravenna [LB2+] (for tankiness and silence), Loki [LB3+](Paralysis skill + chance Paralysis for skill attacks of all Phantasma daemons), Brinicle [LB2+] (Freeze for skill attack + Freeze for normal attacks).
    Reserve: Georgius [LB2+] (Slightly increases atk speed of all allies; Slightly reduces DMG received for melee units) , Beethoven [LB3+] (Moderately increases speed of all allies) The reserve team boosts the attack speed of all allies in order to increase the chances of the boss being silence or frozen.

    The main goal of this team is using status conditions to hinder the boss’s normal attacks and skills as much as possible, in order for maximum survival.

    Also, Luminous Pearl + Witch Ravenna (Ravenna’s moderately reduce dmg & 2.5% hp restored every 5s passive + lumi’s heal & further damage recieved reduction) will stall a lot of time as it will take quite a while to kill them.
    Another nice thing is that Witch Ravenna , Loki and Brinicle (the ones with offense skills) are all Phantasma , which synergizes very well with Loki’s passive.

  • Daemons: Gabriel, Nyarlathotep, Ravenna , belphegor
    Helper: NYG
    Reserve: Frey. Barbatos

    Nyarlathotep for Mobs clearing \ silence, Ravenna for silence and tank for the team ,Gabriel if silence didn’t trigger (worst case) and belphegor for mob clearing if first mob clearer failed. since 10 second recovery i use frey and barbatos. . NYG will support the whole team.

  • Reserve: miss santa lb2, kiyo [christmas]
    4 units: pearl lb1, ravenna mlb, guillotine lb3, nyarlhatotep lb2,
    Helper: mikhael mlb

    :^ contribution of [silver sword] so we may survive forever

  • Titania NY, Ravenna, astaroth, nyarlo. Helper NYG. Reserve: Loki and Umibozu. Ravenna and astaroth can heal themaelves while nyg heal them well. Titania increase team’s crit dmg. Most importantly ravenna and nyarlo can inflict complete silence with their normal atk. Loki sometimes give paralysis to boss while umibozu give stun. Also astaroth and nyg can increase dmg in last round. Ravenna can halve dmg of boss. Since this team is pure there is chance of atk speed increase or defence buff.

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