Mochi Exchange Review – Seel Imperio

Mochi Exchange Review – Seel Imperio

Seel Imperio

5 ★ Range Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 10,900 / 13,006
Max/MLB HP: 9,300 / 11,097


Hide and Seek (MAX): Heals 1,565 / 1,866 to 3 allies (melee priority) and increase their speed by 42 / 51% for a limited time
Emperor’s Symbol (Lvl 82): Increases all allies damage by 15% when this Daemon is Team Leader


This one is quick and easy because it’s basically like this:

Take Charles D’artagnan

Add a chunk to his base stats…cool!

Add 5% to his passive ability…ooh, nice!

Give his skill additional heal for survivability…awesome!

And then …

Remove the second passive so base normals are weak…wait what?

Half the speed boost…hold up…

Go from the best targeting possible to one of the worst for this skill type…”stop stop! It’s already dead!”

Not a card that is going to see much use. Boosting melee speed is pretty meaningless so the skill is just an expensive heal. The best part of this daemon is it’s passive which is actually pretty strong but that alone doesn’t allow it to take a slot on people’s teams. Even a newer player shouldn’t try take advantage for the passive because if they did have 450 mochi to buy 4 copies it would much better be served obtaining something else.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Below average 5*)


P.S: What the hell was wrong with “Imperial Seal” ? Please fire the translator for giving it a Pokemon name.

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