Farewell Rooster Hello Year of the Dog Event Daemon Analysis: Senri, Bastet, Fyre Chariot, Tomcat Charming, Orthrus [Festival]

Farewell Rooster Hello Year of the Dog Event Daemon Analysis: Senri, Bastet, Fyre Chariot, Tomcat Charming, Orthrus [Festival]

“Wake up!” Mira roused Sola from her deep slumber. “It’s the New Year, let’s go watch the first sunrise!”

“10 more minutes please?” Sola groaned, as she buried herself deeper in her blankets.

“No, we need to go now!” Mira grasped the ends of Sola’s blankets, and ripped them off. “It takes 90 minutes to get to that temple at Mt. Yoake, and it’s already 4 AM.”

“Ok, ok…” grumbled Sola, as she groggily rolled out of bed.


3 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5500/6998

Max/MLB HP: 4300/5471


Kitty Fury (MAX): Deals 1682/2142 DMG to the 2 enemies with the least HP


It’s a strange sense of deja vu, with the event 3★ daemon being a cat. Not much is expected of the 3★, since they are generally no more than mochi fodder. This drunken cat’s stats and damage are well in line with other 3★ 2 target damage dealers (who are they? I can’t quite remember), which means that she is much much weaker than the starter 3★, Muramasa, who hits 2 ranged targets for 2121/2701.

Perhaps the only thing of note for this daemon is that Senri is the first piece by new artist Naryuu. Hopefully we see more pieces by this artist in future, to introduce a fresh style to the game.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Useless Drunk

Emilio Rating: Just another 3*

Ashla Rating: I’d keep her just for the art. But only for the art- she’s a trash card.

Mira and Sola made their way towards the station, shivering in their winter cloaks. It was mid-winter, so the temperatures were freezing. As they passed an alley, they were startled by the noise of breaking glass.

“What was that?!” Sola gasped, stopping in her tracks.

“Let’s take a look, but be careful.” Mira urged.

Cautiously, they approached the alley, and peered into the dimness.They could make out a dumpster at the far end of the alley, with some broken glass around it. A cat appeared, wandering aimlessly about the alleyway. It stumbled and fell over its own paws, completely lacking the grace so often seen in felines.

“Ah, it’s just a cat,” Mira noted.

“Looks like it’s had too much to drink,” Sola observed.

“You know, I never knew cats had a taste for liquor,” Mira said.


4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8000/9808

Max/MLB HP: 5550/6804


Look of Desire (MAX): Deals 75/92% more DMG for a limited time.

Nighttime Me (lvl 60): Moderately increases Skill DMG by Divina team members at the start of the final wave.


Mitama trolled the English language player base with a typo on Bastet’s ability – it was initially released as a ‘Damage Dealt’ boost rather than a more limited ‘Skill DMG’ boost. The original would have been incredibly unfair to players who ranked in the previous event – Ono-no-Takamura had an actual ‘Damage Dealt’ Divina team boost on the final wave, and that ability was unlocked only on the 4th copy, or LB3. Fair is fair that Bastet’s ability, much more easily acquirable on the base copy, affects a more limited skill DMG.

Back to Bastet herself – she is a self boost daemon, whose skill simply serves to improve her auto attack damage output. There are few self damage boosting daemons available for comparison, and in general players do not favour them. So far the self boosts have been paired with self HP recovery.

Examples include:

    1. Susanoo [Studious] (2600/3130 HP RCR with 66/79% DMG boost)
    1. Dom Pedro Aquamarine (1503/1843 HP RCR with 51/63% DMG boost)
  1. Kyuso (2403/2946 HP RCR with 36/46% DMG boost)

A brief look will show that Bastet’s self boost is much more than any of these other daemons, because she lacks the self HP recovery aspect of their skills. How much damage does a single proc of Bastet produce? Assuming no interruptions of her auto damage, MLB Bastet’s crit considered auto damage is 1201. Boosting that 79% over 4 auto hits after the skill activation would lead to an increased damage output of 3795. While 3795 DMG from a single skill does not seem bad (lots of 4★ single target hitters have MLB Skill DMG in that range also), the difficulty in stacking this buff with others, and the lack of instant gratification (not seeing large numbers when the skill is triggered), and overall lack of synergy with anything else means that Bastet is unlikely to see much utility in most teams (unless one does not have other better alternatives available).

Bastet’s ability provides a 10% boost to Skill DMG for Divina team members on the final stage. As mentioned earlier, this is more limited that Takamura’s 11% damage dealt boost for Divina team members. An alternative daemon that provides Divina team Skill DMG boost would be Zirco Elf (3% per wave, stacking). For battles that have more than 3 waves, Zirco elf would be preferred, and for shorter battles, Bastet would be better but only on the last wave.

Overall with the plethora of daemons suitable for reserve released recently, in general there is hardly any space for a mediocre reserve that is type and final wave limited. For use on team, Bastet with her selfish skill is unappealing.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Useless Harlot

Emilio Rating: Funny, “technically” a pretty strong 4*, but has literally no use.

Ashla Rating: Which Bastet at Mitama thought sticking a crap version of Ono-no-Takamura’s second ability onto a daemon with a crap skill was a bright idea?

As they neared the station, Mira and Sola passed another alley. This time, loud yowling could be heard. Peering into the alley first, Mira pulled back and tried to stop Sola from looking.

“What’s going on?” Sola asked.

“Uh…” Mira started, before the yowling from the alley got even louder.

“Well?” Sola pushed past her to take a look. It was a pair of cats in the process of mating, which they were doing loudly and enthusiastically.

“Urgh!” Sola retreated to the street. “I wish I didn’t have to see that.”

“Told you so.”

Fyre Chariot

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8400/10298

Max/MLB HP: 5250/6436


Extinguish (MAX): Deals 959/1179 DMG to 3 enemies (melee priority), with a moderate chance of inflicting Freeze.

Arbitrator (lvl 64): slightly reduces skill DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave.


There seems to be some irony here that Fire Chariot inflicts Freeze on her enemies, rather than burn. On paper, Freeze is a powerful crowd control skill, stopping the enemy’s movement and simultaneously increasing the damage taken. This means that with the freeze attached, the size of the skill damage is clearly penalized.

Her closest comparator would be the original 3 target freezing 4★, Yuki Onna, who deals 356/436 to 3 enemies (melee priority), with a moderate chance (36%/44%) of inflicting Freeze for 5 seconds. Mitama seems to think that Freeze is incredibly over-powered; Yuki Onna has the record lowest 3 target skill damage among 4★, as the penalty of having a good crowd control ability.

Placed side by side with Yuki Onna, Fyre Chariot has higher skill damage. However, her skill damage is still low compared to damage focused daemons, for example, 4★ Titania with 1849/2269 plain Skill DMG.

Fyre Chariot has a defensive ability that reduces the enemy’s skill damage. This is a more limited version of the ability that Amano Iwato and both versions of Lucifer have – ‘slightly reduce DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave’. Expect the reduction to be 5% of skill damage. Given that the 5★ with a fuller version of the damage reduction passive are hardly ever used on reserve, one can extrapolate that the more limited ability that reduces skill damage only would be even less useful.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Useless fake villain

Emilio Rating: Snore

Ashla Rating: I think the chariot must have caught fire, because it’s a smouldering heap of crap.

Finally, reaching the station, the pair made their way to the platform. The PA system crackled to life.

“Happy New Year, passengers! The train at Platform 2 towards Mt. Yoake is now arriving. Please keep clear of the tracks, and stand behind the yellow line.”

“Is that our train?” Sola asked.

“It is,” Mira replied. “Looks like we’ll make it on time.”

However, the train that rolled into the station wasn’t the usual express train that Mira and Sola. Instead, it was old and dingy, and steam powered to boot. 

“Due to engine failure, the Mt. Yoake express has been replaced with an older engine.” The PA had come on to explain the predicament. “Journey times are expected to be 30 minutes longer.”

“We’re going to miss the sunrise if we take this train.” Mira consulted her watch. “We’ll be better off if we take a cab instead.”

Tomcat Charming

5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7900/9428

Max/MLB HP: 9150/10918


Lucky Punch (MAX): Deals 2808/3368 DMG to current target; reduces target’s DEF by 634/761 for a limited time.

Sales Success (lvl 35): Sharply increases the number of soulstones received from battle

Luck be a Cat (lvl 75): Significant chance of restores HP to the ally with the lowest percentage of HP at the start of each wave.


Tomcat Charming is almost a duplicate of Outenta Mitsuyo, one of the 5 Swords Under Heaven. But not having a group ability like the 5 Swords synergy, Tomcat runs a soulstone farming ability, which is very much in line with his storyline persona as a charming salesman.

Here are the single target defence reducers placed side by side:

As you can see, Aurum does no damage but has a much higher defence reduction, and is ranged, unlike the other 2. Outenta Mitsuyo and Tomcat Charming are very similar, with Tomcat having very slightly more defence reduction but a good deal less skill damage. Also, despite having the higher listed HP, Outenta’s effective HP is still higher, thanks to her damage reduction ability. Outenta would also have higher auto attacks than Tomcat if her 5 Swords ability is activated.

In general, defence reducers have limited use in the current meta. Reducing the defence of the opponent adds a fixed figure to any auto or skill attack that follows; that figure adds to but does not multiply with other buffs and debuffs. This limits the effect of defence reducers on skill stacking, and thus their utility in the game.

Where Tomcat comes in useful is in his soulstone farming ability. Expect him to provide a 20% Soulstone boost in battle rewards. Most farming daemons have quite poor skills; farming teams tend to not be able to tank difficult stages. Although he is not a specialized tank, Tomcat will likely prove to be a decent damage absorber to shield other more fragile ranged farming daemons on difficult stages like the final stage of tower, while providing a reasonable skill damage output.

Nex Rating: Junk unless you need more Soulstones

Athora Rating: This is why cats are not in the zodiac, useless

Emilio Rating: Just a soulstone farmer.

Ashla Rating: Meowth used Pay Day! It’s not very effective… Oh well, at least you’re a little bit richer.

Mira and Sola ran to the taxi stand and clambered into a taxi to head to Mt. Yoake instead. The cab driver was a friendly older man who greeted them warmly. Unlike the replacement train, the taxi was nice and clean, with a crispy heating system and a smiling, waving, solar-powered Fortune Cat on the dashboard.

“Happy New Year!” The taxi driver ushered Mira and Sola into his vehicle. “There is a surcharge for rides before 6 AM.”

“Yes, we know that.” Money was of less importance than watching the first sunrise of the new year.

“And where are you ladies headed this morning?” he asked. “To Mt. ___? Oh dear, there’s a toll road, so there will be an additional charge for that…”

By the time Mira and Sola reached the foot of Mt. ____, their cab fare had ballooned to an astronomical amount.

“Happy New Year!” the taxi driver chirped, as they paid the fare.

“Argh, that was one expensive ride,” Sola complained.

Orthrus [Festival]

5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8200/9786

Max/MLB HP: 9600/11455


First Bite (MAX): Deals 921/1101 DMG to the row of enemies directly in front. Decreases target’s speed by 42/50% for a limited time.

Watchdog Might (lvl 75): Significantly increases Skill DMG.

Receives Special bond from Cerberus and Hydra: Increases Orthrus [Festival]’s skill DMG (10% each, in addition to standard attack bond from a 4★ melee daemon 6%).


Like previous event daemon Satan, Orthrus receives several special bonds to increase her damage output. Unfortunately, she starts from a really low skill damage base, and her skill is not particularly useful. Hitting the row in front is one of the skills that can be difficult to time and use: activate it when your daemon is moving from one row to another, and she’ll end up hitting nothing but air. This skill typically hits 2 or at most 3 opponents, occasionally only 1.

Orthrus receives special bonds from Cerberus and Hydra, 2 Phantasma melee 4★ daemons. They provide 10% Skill DMG boost on top of the standard 6% Attack boost from a fellow Phantasma melee. Orthrus’s ability further increases her Skill DMG. At this point we shall assume the ‘Significant’ boost is 50%. MLB Orthrus with both Ceberus and Hydra bonded, along with another 5★ ranged daemon (for 5% Skill DMG) shall receive a total of 12% boost to attack and 75% boost to Skill DMG. Fully bonded, her skill damage would be 1927. After consideration of her crit rate and crit damage, her MLB effective skill DMG would be 2071. Her MLB auto attacks, after crit consideration, would be 1178.

To put things into perspective, here are the other ‘deals damage to the row directly in front’ 5★ daemons and  their effective skill damage and true autos:

Thanks to her special bonds, Orthrus ends up with reasonably good auto damage – the competition received full ranged bonds which do nothing to boost their autos. However, despite the 75% boost in Skill DMG, Orthrus still has one of the lowest MLB effective skill damage, barely edging out Aegis, who was considered to be one of the most underwhelming exchange daemons released. Her speed debuff is a good percentage, but a large number of the competition also carry some sort of status effect – Durendal has a damage debuff, Sanada has damage reduction attached to their skills – and Orthrus succeeds in being poorer than both of them in skill output.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: What the fudge, dog? Useless

Emilio Rating: zzzzz weak

Ashla Rating: Orthrus is quite simply all bark and no bite.

To get to the best spot for viewing the sunrise, Mira and Sola had to hike through a wooded park to the top of a hill where the temple was located.

“Hurry,” Mira exhorted, pulling Sola along. In her haste to climb up the dirt path, Mira suddenly felt her foot sink into something soft, moist and warm.

“Urgh!” she squawked. She had stepped into a pile of fresh dog manure.

What a terrible start to the new year.

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