The Great Fireworks Showdown – Event Daemon Analysis: Shiranui, Joan of Arc [Fireworks]

The Great Fireworks Showdown – Event Daemon Analysis: Shiranui, Joan of Arc [Fireworks]

Here we take a closer look at the event 5 stars, Shiranui and Joan of Arc. For the review of the lower rarity daemons, please click here.



5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8800/10501

Max/MLB HP: 10500/12529


Arcane Fire Transformation (MAX): Deals 1347/1607 DMG to all enemies.

Flames of the Ninja (lvl 57): Skill attacks have a significant chance of inflicting Burn.

Mystic Flame (lvl 75): Sharply increases Skill DMG.


Apparently Mitama has very little concern for HP power creep. First we saw Nekomata released with a then record breaking 10,000 HP (first daemon with 5 digit HP). Next, she was soon overtaken by Murasamemaru – a pure stat based daemon with 10,100 HP. Now, Mitama has made a daemon with even more base HP available, and very widely available at that, being accessible through an event rather than needing to be drawn from the Jewel Summon or traded with Mochi. The base copy of Shiranui will get each player a tank with a good 10,500 HP. 8800 is also a high base attack stat for a melee 5 ★. Only Murasamemaru (again) beats that at 9000, and Kuji Kanesada matches that with 8800 also. With melee typing and innate damage reduction considered, MLB Shiranui has an unbonded effective HP of 12,529*1.075=13,468.

However, in terms of Skill damage, Shiranui hits very lightly, even after the level 75 sharp skill damage boost. Her effective skill damage at MLB after ability, full skill bonds and crits is 2384. This is around 56% of the effective skill damage of the top AoE hitter, Mjölnir. It is even less than the effective skill damage output of 4 ★ Tenjin, Lupin and Empress of Uruguay (and this lot are really mediocre 4 ★ in terms of skill damage output). She does hit harder than some other 5 ★ like Nyarlathotep, Aegis and Loki, but Nyarlathotep makes up for it with focus on crowd control – stun and silence both in her kit, Aegis was judged to be quite bad, and Loki was probably Mitama’s idea of a joke.

Is the ‘significant chance of inflicting Burn’ likely to make up for Shiranui’s poor damage output? Burn removes a percentage of the enemy’s HP over time. However, Burn has been tested to be less effective than Poison, removing a lower percentage HP. With AOE skills most used to clear brutes with relatively low HP, the effect of burn on those mobs is insignificant. It is only in cases where one encounters a stage with multiple high HP enemies (possibly in PvP) where the increase in damage output from burn becomes more notable, especially when the enemy is debuffed heavily by Socrates.

Overall Shiranui is worth getting as she is easily attainable from the event. She provides almost the entire active player base a daemon with very high base HP and Atk stat. Other than that, her skill is relatively weak, with Burn needed to up her damage output to barely acceptable levels. There is some small potential for use in PvP where majority of your opponents are of similar HP (at least at the start) and Socrates is widely used.

P.S. Please also keep a copy of Shiranui for potential use on PvP farming defence, if you don’t already have an accepted awful farming defence.


Joan of Arc Fireworks

Joan of Arc [Fireworks]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 10700/12768

Max/MLB HP: 8000/9546


Sacred Fires (MAX): Restores 1020/1220 HP to all allies. Targets deal 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.

Saintly Defender (lvl 70): Restores HP to the ally with the lowest percentage of HP at the start of each wave.

Yukata (lvl 80): Moderately reduces DMG taken.


Joan of Arc returns to the game with a new skill kit. Her original version was a passive Divina team booster with an all target hitting skill. Her skill kit has been completely revamped, and she takes on a hybrid skill, both recovering HP and providing a damage boost. Her abilities focus more on survivability rather than damage output. However, it is very unusual for a ranged daemon to be provided with a damage reduction ability.

First of all in terms of base stats Joan is good but not spectacular. 10,700 base attack for a ranking daemon is very close to what Ohina (10,400) George Washington (10,900), Platina Elf (11,000), and Shuten Doji [Bridegroom] (10,500) have. 8000 base HP is average for her class and rarity.

Joan’s skill provides a HP recovery together with a team wide damage boost. Because of the combination skill, she is more similar to Miss Santa and Nekomata, than to Freyr, Cherry Blossom Front, Orpheus and 4 ★ Ame-no-Uzume. Among the 5 ★ boosters, her damage boost does not match that of even Freyr (36%/43%). Cherry and Orpheus provide even larger damage boosts at 43%/52% and 42%/50% respectively. Even Ame-no-Uzume, easily acquirable as an event 4 ★, has a pure damage boosting skill with 30/37% boost. Compared to the hybrid healer/boosters, Nekomata provides more damage boost, similar to Freyr (36%/43%), but with less HP recovery (723/863) than Joan. Miss Santa provides the weakest boost (15%/18%) and strongest HP recovery (1347/1607). Generally the healers with pure boost skills are preferred over non healer class daemons with hybrid HP recovery and damage boosting skills. The healer class is able to keep your team alive much better than skill dependent HP recovery does, with their auto attacks able to heal your own team. And because the skill is focused entirely on team damage boosting rather than having a HP recovery element in it, the extent of the damage boost is generally higher as well.

Joan’s level 70 ability typically is not very noteworthy. Recovery of HP at start of wave does little to keep your team alive during the wave itself. Socrates, Mikhael, Freyr, Mazu and Pearl have similar start of wave HP recovery abilities. Such an ability fits well on healers Freyr, Mazu and Pearl, and defensive tank Mikhael. However, Socrates is almost never selected for use for his wave heal ability. This ability might fit in with Joan’s hybrid healing skill, but the start of wave healing is generally insignificant and unreliable for improving survival.

Damage reduction abilities are mostly given to melee units, placed on the frontlines to absorb damage. Mjölnir (significant reduction when near death) and Leonardo Da Vinci (slight damage reduction) are the only 2 non-melee daemons with damage reduction abilities. As a standard, Ranged daemons take more damage (7.5% more), and Melee daemons take less damage (7.5% less). A 10% damage reduction on a ranged daemon would therefore increase the effective HP by 2.5% from the HP listed in the daemon’s stats. Therefore MLB Joan’s effective HP is 9546*1.025=9784. This is good for a ranged daemon, but melee daemons in general pack a great deal more effective HP and tankiness. Compared once again to Nekomata, who has 10,000 HP at lb0 (effective HP = 10750), MLB Joan still ends up much less tanky.

Joan could potentially fit the role of a Ranged frontline daemon providing team wide damage support and healing. However, this role is still best filled by a conventional healer like Freyr, Orpheus, and Cherry Blossom Front (healer types neither take more nor less damage) as they provide more reliable healing through their auto heals, and a larger amount of team damage boost. Nekomata is also preferable – she provides a larger damage boost, and has a higher effective HP of her own compared to Joan. In situations where your team is put under very heavy fire, and one does not have Freyr, Orpheus or Cherry Blossom Front as ideal healer/boosters to tank, one would likely use a defensive healer like Orihime, Pearl, New Year’s Game or Mazu, in addition to a damage boosting support daemon for survivability. Therefore the amount of healing provided by the damage boosting daemon is of secondary importance compared to the size of their damage boost.

Overall Joan is a useful team wide damage boosting daemon that players without Freyr, Orpheus and Cherry Blossom Front will benefit from acquiring. Unfortunately she does not surpass the established team boosting healers. The combination of hybrid skill, start of wave HP recovery, and damage reduction sits fairly awkwardly; Joan has multiple abilities with different useful effects, but performs none of them particularly well.

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