Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Shiva, Ono-no-Komachi, Nibelunga Ring

Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Shiva, Ono-no-Komachi, Nibelunga Ring



5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 13,000 / 15,513

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Pounded to a Pulp (MAX): Deals 1,773 / 2,113 DMG to all enemies.

Creation & Destruction (lvl 68): Increases 25% DMG dealt.

Greatest God (lvl 81): Increases Skill DMG by 20%; Increases Max HP by 5%


The power creep in the range of super premium cards just progressed that bit further with the release of Shiva. Just look at the stats: 13k/9k at LB0. And the abilities that boost all of damage, skill damage and HP.

After all those abilities are considered, MLB Shiva would have:

True Normal Attack: 0.1 * 15,513 * 1.25 * 1.225 = 2,375

Effective HP: 10739 * 1.05 / 1.075 = 10,489

Skill Bonded Effective DMG: 2,113 * 1.25 * (1+0.2+0.225) * 1.225 = 4,611

This is a jump ahead of the recently released Mara (4,236 effective skill dmg) and long standing leader Mjolnir (4,069 effective skill dmg). However, Mara with his farming ability and debuff on hit ability is much more unique than Shiva who is simply a daemon focused on self damage output.

I suppose the whales will MLB Shiva for the sake of Guild Conquest. But for the average folk the difficulty in acquiring sufficient copies to unlock Shiva’s full potential makes her prohibitive.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.2 / 10 (High Tier 5*) – obviously an absolute beast damage dealer, but the lack of a team ability is quite hindering so I would prefer Mara, and put her sort of equivalent to Phoenix/Huanglong. Too big an investment required for most players to bother with, unless ur sitting on 10 5* orbs for some reason.

Ono no Komachi

Ono-no-Komachi [Festival]

5 ★ Assist  Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG (5% for Phantasma and Anima; 7.5% for Divina)

Earnest Singer (lvl 59): Increases attack speed by 20%

Still Dreaming (lvl 82): Normal attacks have 5% chance of inflicting stun.


Ono-no-Komachi is a speed boosting Assist daemon. In terms of stats, while not quite as record breaking as Shiva, she is still Guild Conquest worthy, if one can get her MLB.

As Emilio pointed out in his initial piece about Assist daemons, a speed boost assist would synergize best with on-hit abilities. Examples would include Mara’s debuff on hit, or Kada’s freeze on hit. Bonding Komachi to Mara would increase Mara’s normal attack speed, hence increasing the frequency and thus the number of stacks of damage debuff the enemy is likely to be affected by at any one time. Komachi herself also packs an ‘on hit’ ability – a low chance stun. Perhaps with each stun lasting 8s and the inflicting daemon hitting at an increased speed Mitama decided that 5% is an appropriate stun rate. On paper it feels like a very low activation chance and hardly worth acquiring 4 copies of Komachi for. Anyone with experience using a daemon with LB3+ Komachi bonded is welcome to comment.

Other uses of a speed boosting assist daemon like Komachi would include bonding her to a healer to increase speed of heals. In this situation you probably do NOT want her second ability unlocked, lest the healer’s autos to heal your own team starts inflicting stun instead. (Once again anyone with a LB3+ Komachi available for testing is welcome to verify this).

As the first 5 star Assist daemon released, it is hard to predict how frequently more assist daemons are going to be released in the future, and hard to make a comparison when we have a baseline of none. While not particularly high, 20% speed increase is potentially useful, so if one’s mochi stockpile allows, one might want to acquire a copy in case Mitama dallies in releasing a second speed boosting assist daemon.


Emilio’s Rating: 6.5 / 10 – Of course assist ratings are a bit rough guessing at the moment, but for this card I feel the 20% is just a bit low, especially on a 5* assist. Can be put to use straight away however since there’s limited other options available. 20% healing power can certainly be worthwhile and it’s only 1 copy required!

Nibelunga Ring

Nibelunga Ring

4 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect (MAX): Increases Max HP (4% except when bonded to Anima 6%)

Sacred Saga (lvl 70): Reduces 10% DMG taken


Here we have an Assist daemon released with the purpose of bulking up the health and tankiness of other daemons.

Here are some examples of daemons and their effective HP before and after Nibelunga Ring is bonded.


Daemon (level) HP Effective HP (no HP bonds) EHP (with 5% healer bonds) EHP with Nibelunga Ring and other 5% healer bonds
Katsushika Houkusai (80) 6376 6376/1.075= 5931

(ranged takes 7.5% more damage)

6375*1.1/1.075= 6523 6376*1.09/(1-0.1+0.075)= 7128
Amanojaku (80) 6866 6386 7025 7675
Gjallarhorn (70) 9300 9300/0.925= 10,054

(melee takes 7.5% less DMG)

9300*1.05/0.925 = 10.556 9300*1.06/(1-0.1-0.075) = 11,949
Philosopher’s Stone (90) 8591 7991 9190 10,221

Nibelunga Ring has a greater effect on effective HP compared to a 5 star healer bond which provides 5% boost to HP. Her effect is greater on Anima daemons due to the additional 2% HP boost for the same daemon type. Unfortunately for Katsushika Houkusai, even with Nibelunga Ring bonded, his effective HP is still on the low side, making him still incredibly fragile.

Bear in mind that only 1 copy of the Limited JS daemons can be exchanged, so Ring needs to be orbed or drawn twice more in order to unlock her assist ability.


Emilio’s Rating: 7 / 10 – Overall I think offensive assists will be the best in the game, but this is just a hunch. As a starter defensive option Ring is a very nice. Combining HP and Damage reduction means this one bond is making a daemon 20% tankier (or 27% if it’s Anima). That’s quite significant and can be useful for ensuring the survival of crucial units in situations (like Philosopher and Gjallerhorn in World Boss).

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