Spirit Idol Competition: Event Daemon Analysis

Spirit Idol Competition: Event Daemon Analysis

After a long drought since the release of Titanium Elf in mochi exchange more than 6 months ago, Mitama has teased with a number of lesser elf releases, with Nickel reappearing as Mata Hari, Neon in limited jewel summons, Selenium in Jewel Summons. Finally in this event we encounter more of the ELF118 group of idols, and have the chance to acquire a few of them.


3 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max Attack: 3900

Max HP: 4650


Business Card from Hell (MAX): Increases DMG dealt by a random ally by 57% for a limited time


Orias has very average stats for a 3 star daemon. He acts as a team damage booster, like Azukiarai, and actually has a larger boost than she does. Azukiarai’s DMG boost is 54% at max (68% at MLB). However, unlike Azukiarai, Orias has random targeting, which means in a team of 5 daemons, you cannot control which of your allies (including Orias) will receive the DMG boost. Also, being melee, he will take a front line position, rather than sitting (relatively) safely at the back as Azukiarai does (most of the time, unless the player positions her otherwise). Players who use Orias in place of Azukiarai for conquest will experience the same frustration as those who had to use Hanzo’s Uniform as an alternative to Katsushika – the booster (Hanzo’s, and Orias) is quickly unable to tank the frontlines and does not survive to the final stage to be of use in the skill combination sequence.

Overall Orias is a poorer alternative to Azukiarai. With Azukiarai being fairly common in the Jewel Summons, patient players should be able to MLB her through lunch summons given enough time. She also appears occasionally as the evening EXP dungeon boss, and can be farmed that way too.

Sodium Elf

3 ★ Ranged Divina


Max Attack: 5280

Max HP: 4120


Feeling Salty (MAX): Deals 3009 DMB to a random enemy, with a low chance of inflicting Burn


Like Orias, Sodium Elf has relatively average stats for her status as a 3 star ranged daemon. Like Orias, Sodium Elf has random targeting, which makes her unreliable as a single target hitter. Skill wise, she hits for a fairly high amount, equal to that of Tokarev Pistol and Yoichi’s Bow. Sodium Elf here has the advantage of further increasing the same skill damage slightly, by burning the enemy target at low chance.

As usual, one does not look towards 3 star daemons for pure DPS (Muramasa being the exception), so despite being decent for her class, Sodium Elf is easily replaced by any good single target hitter of a higher rarity.


4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max Attack: 7500

Max HP: 5000


Ancient Dance (MAX): Increases DMG dealt by all allies by 30% for a limited time

The most Venerable Dancer (lvl 75): Moderately increases all allies Crit DMG


Stat-wise Ame-no-Uzume is unremarkable for her class as a 4 star ranged daemon. However, she is a full team damage booster which players can get to a high limit break with relative ease and reasonable cost. Other full team damage boosters include Freyr (Thanksgiving event daemon, no longer available), Orpheus (Jewel Summon), Cherry Blossom Front (Limited Jewel Summon, and no longer available), Miss Santa (Christmas event daemon, no longer available) and Barbatos (Jewel Summon 4 star, but inflicts damage to your own daemons as a drawback). Among the 4 stars in the Jewel Summon pool, there are others with more limited damage boost: Princess Saho (37% boost to 3 ranged priority daemons) and Hare of Inaba (45% boost to 2 melee priority daemons).

Given the team-wide nature of Ame-no-Uzume’s boost, the amount of damage boost is less compared to Princess Saho and Hare of Inaba. However, because her boost affects the entire team, team construction becomes easier without type priorities having that much effect.

Ame-no-Uzume also packs a team wide Crit Damage boost at level 75 (lb3). This is similar to the passives that Poison S. Brew and Zhuge Ling have. The presence of a damage boosting passive further improves Ame-no-Uzume’s utility on the team.

Do note that while Ame-no-Uzume might substitute Freyr with her damage boosting skill, the lack of a healer on the team might compromise its survivability on more difficult stages.

For players without better alternatives like Freyr/Orpheus/Cherry Blossom Front looking for a team wide damage booster, getting Ame-no-Uzume to MLB is highly recommended.



4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max Attack: 7100

Max HP: 5400


Free-spirited Performance (MAX): Restores 890 HP to 3 allies (melee priority); increases targets’ speed by 42% for a limited time

Imperial Treasure (lvl 65): Moderately increases the EXP gained from battle.


Genjo has slightly less attack and slightly more HP compared to Ame-no-Uzume; her stats are still decent for her class. Genjo’s skill heals your melee daemons, and increases their DPS by increasing their speed. Unfortunately speed boost as a damage improver isn’t highly favoured in the current meta, because speed boosts increase the frequency of the target’s auto attacks, and not their skill attacks. Genjo’s combination of a small heal with a speed boost is unlikely to be favoured by many players.

However, Genjo’s passive increases EXP gained from battle. The degree of EXP boost is ‘moderate’, which is on par with Hermes (10%), and more than what Wakatoshi (slight, 5%) has. Orpheus boosts battle EXP sharply (20%), but being limited to the Jewel Summon and requiring lb2, he isn’t precisely readily available.

EXP in my opinion, is the best long term investment one can make in one’s account. More EXP from battling means that one would level faster. Levelling faster means that one gets a larger SE bar, which means one can afford a longer down time, which possibly means less SE overflowed during sleep/school/work hours when one is unable to access the game. A larger SE bar also means much better value for every Spirit Dose or Spirit Tonic used.


5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max Attack: 7800

Max HP: 9300


Performance from Hell (MAX): Deals 1654 DMG to all enemies

Lord of Pride (lvl 60): Slightly reduces DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave

The Seven Sins (lvl 80): Sharply increases Skill DMG


Lucifer hits all enemies for light damage. Other melee daemons with similar skills include Commodore Perry (Demonic), Uesugi Kenshin, Astaroth. Lucifer’s closest comparison would be with Commodore Perry (Demonic), with both of them available to the masses through events.

Stat wise, Lucifer has better base attack and HP stats than Perry (7200/9000), but Perry has a higher base skill damage (1773). At level 80, both unlock their passives – for Lucifer a sharp (20%) increase in Skill damage, for Perry a moderate (15%) increase his damage dealt. At MLB, and fully loaded with 5★ skill bonds, their effective attack stats and skill damage are 9308, 2665 (Lucifer) vs 9880, 2795 (Perry). Perry also further boosts his own DPS with a slight boost to his auto attack speed. On the other hand, Lucifer marginally improves the survivability of your team by slightly decreasing damage dealt by your enemies (5%), and by boasting a higher HP.

Other than in tankiness, Commodore Perry (Demonic) seems to have the edge over Lucifer. However, if tankiness and high effective HP is a priority for the player, other recently released daemons like Ravenna and Forge Washinton perform significantly better (but are single target hitters) than Lucifer. Only where you need a higher HP all target melee hitter than Perry, would Lucifer become the daemon of choice. 

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