Stat Calculator

Stat Calculator

Ever wondered what stats and skill damage your daemons will have at certain levels and after abilities have been applied? Or what a daemon’s stats will be after putting bonds on it? Introducing the Otogi Stat Calculator!

What is it?

It’s a calculator is used to determine the stats, skill values and skill % to help users predict what stats daemons will have at certain levels after the application of certain bonds. The calculator can also account for skills and abilities.

How do I use it?

Visit the Google spreadsheet here, and follow the instructions. The calculator is designed to work as is on Google Sheets, so there is no need to download it, but you can if you want to for offline use.

Remember, this calculator will only calculate stats and can only account for abilities and skills which affect the stat values only. To determine the effect of abilities that affect attack speed, crits, and so on, please refer to the Effective Stats Spreadsheet.

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