Mochi Exchange Daemon Analysis – Stella: Felis

Mochi Exchange Daemon Analysis – Stella: Felis

Stella: Felis

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12400/14747

Max/MLB HP: 8300/9904


Star Lord (MAX): Restores 4229/5049 HP to ally with the highest ATK, increases 54/65% Crit Rate to target for a limited time.

Constellation of Dream (lvl 85): Increases 25% of Crit DMG by Phantasma team members.


In the previous Guild Conquest (where Stella: Libra was released), Felis was introduced, and threw a hissy fit for being a defunct constellation. There is indeed background for this: So far all of the other Stella group of daemons are named after real constellations.

Felis is a single target crit rate booster and a passive crit damage booster for Phantasma daemons. In the existing spectrum of crit rate boosters, we have daemons that target single, 2, 3, or the whole team. There is variance for their crit damage boosts as well, where present: some increase crit damage on skill, others passively or on wave start.

Briefly, ignoring ATK and HP stats since they are largely irrelevant on daemons whose main aim is to boost other daemon’s damage, here are the main crit rate boosters in use:

*Self boosters and boosters with much lower percentage are ignored


Daemon Crit Rate boost Active skill targeting Crit DMG boost Crit DMG Targeting
Hanzo’s Uniform 54/68% Highest ATK
Holy Grail 30/36% Highest ATK 60%, on skill Highest ATK
Morin Khurr 60/72% on skill


5%, increasing every wave (passive)

Highest ATK (on skill)

2 highest ATK (for passive)

10% / wave 2 Highest ATK
Stella: Felis 54/65% Highest ATK 25%, constant Phantasma only
Katsushika Houkusai 45/55% 2 Highest ATK 35%, constant 2 Highest ATK
Onyudo 42/52% 2 Melee 25% on skill 2 melee
Naphula 48/59% 2 Highest ATK
Marsha L. Shrine 61/73% 3 Ranged
Apollo’s Harp 23/31% All 25% on skill All
Qilin 42/50% All 5% / wave Divina only
Minamoto no Yoritomo 45%/53% All 10%, constant All


Felis is a bit awkward because her skill targets the highest attack daemon, while her crit damage boost targets phantasma type. It would be fine as long as the highest attack daemon is a Phantasma type, and your main damage dealer. Not much point to get Felis and her ability unlocked if your key damage dealer is not a Phantasma.

Since Felis is a single target crit booster, her closest comparators would be to other single target crit boosters Holy Grail and Morin Khurr. Grail has the lowest crit rate boost but pairs it with absolutely massive crit damage boost. Grail users typically use 3 skill shards (2 skill activations) in their damage combination to boost their damage dealer’s crit rate by 72% (plus 22.5% innate crit rate) to hit the 85% Crit rate cap and also increase 120% of crit damage. Morin has slightly awkward active and passive targeting – her active skill targets one but her passive abilities target 2. Despite that, Morin is incredibly powerful because of her passives. Morin’s main use is on multi-wave stages like Conquest and Endless Challenge, where her crit rate and crit damage boosts stack every wave, so much so that active crit rate skill might not be needed at all during battle.

Looking at Felis next to Morin and Grail she seems rather one dimensional – a straight crit rate boost with flat crit damage. Unlike Grail she cannot further boost the damage dealer’s crit damage. And team construction is rather limited to using a single main damage dealer, unlike with multi-target crit rate boosters like Yoritomo, Qilin and Harp, which allow for flexibility in team construction with more than 1 damage dealer on the team. I find even 4 star Naphula quite useable, especially when run together with Gjallerhorn and 2 ranged damage dealers – both Naphula and Horn would always target those damage dealers, and Horn also provides tanking and Naphula provides healing for a concise but functional team. 

Overall if one has Grail, Morin, Yoritomo and Katsushika (or some subset of these), Felis adds little. However, she is a good crit booster for players starting out and who do not have access to the other 5 star crit rate boosters at this point in time, given that these were mostly limited edition daemons from events. If one is limited to the lower rarity crit rate boosters, like Hanzo’s Uniform and Katsushika, then Felis could be worthwhile, given Katsushika’s thin HP and poor survivability especially on the World Boss stage.


Tl;dr: an acceptable crit rate booster for players who mainly use Amanojaku [Valentine’s] as a nuker, and do not have other crit rate boosting alternatives.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.3, noting that Qilin, Katsushika and Grail were rated 8.4; Yoritomo 8.9; and Morin 9.3. 

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    • Felis was released first, and the review written before that of Book of Five Rings. That’s why she was not included on the comparison list.

  • Even if she is outclassed by the obvious BIG ONES, she is still pretty good if you unlock her passive and have Valmano at mlb as teammate or helper from a friend. Plus, she is absolutely beautiful :3

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