Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Libra

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Libra

Stella: Libra

5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8000/9546

Max/MLB HP: 10500/12529


Grand Crush (MAX): Deals 2387/2847 DMG to 2 enemies (ranged priority). Targets deal 60/72% less DMG for a limited time.

The Libra (lvl 75): Reduces 15% of DMG taken and Increases 15% of max HP.


Libra is a tank. Beyond high HP stats and innate tankiness of her melee typing, she has a 15% DMG reduction and 15% max HP boost. Her active skill also has a defensive component: it deals damage and then reduces the damage that the opponent can dish out.

When used together with a daemon like Lady Musk (with further 8% DMG reduction for anima, and 2% boost to Max HP per wave), Libra’s tankiness would increase even further. This makes her really ideal for absorbing the damage on the frontline, mostly in competitive PvP and the Endless Challenge – the 2 modes where having a lot of HP is more advantageous. *Not to say you don’t need HP for World Boss, Tower or Conquest, simply that for these, having enough HP is good enough, one would rather gear towards having more damage instead.

On her own, MLB Libra’s effective HP is:

12529 * 1.15 / 0.7 = 20,583

1.15 (15% increase to Max HP)

0.7 (Melee takes 15% less DMG, with an additional 15% DMG reduction)

This gives her Effective HP at 60s surpassing Ravenna and Hikoboshi but behind Asmodeus. But Libra’s advantage among all of the other top EHP candidates is her Anima type which would benefit immensely from the presence of Lady Musk especially on the Endless Challenge. The next highest EHP Anima type daemons would be Outenta Mitsuyo, Durendal and Mikazuki Munechika.


For fun’s sake, let’s calculate Libra’s EHP with Sola and Lady Musk present, on the 50th stage of Endless Challenge, and with 2 5% HP bonds and Ptolemy assist bonded.

HP at level 105 = 14051

50 levels of 2% boost per level = 100% boost

Innate HP boost = 15%

Bonds HP boost = 10%

Total HP boost = 125%

Melee type DMG reduction = 15%

Innate DMG reduction = 15%

Lady Musk’s ability DMG reduction = 8%

Ptolemy bond DMG reduction = 25%

Total DMG reduction = 63%


Effective HP = 14051 * (1+1.25) / (1-0.63) = 85,445


Theoretically if you throw in a high percentage Shield healer’s (example Siren, Edo Castle, Mazu etc) skill that further reduces her DMG taken, you could end up at or beyond 100% reduction in DMG taken by Libra for a limited time, which theoretically means that Libra takes 1 point of DMG from all attacks. Unfortunately there seems to be a cap to DMG reduction (as with other buffs and debuffs), so even with Edo’s skill active the maximum damage reduction is 85%.

With Libra’s ability locked at just level 75, it makes her a great budget tank for future proofing, even if one never intends to play competitively on the Endless Challenge. Simply do 1 mil DMG with a guild that reaches level 30 (you’re simply earning your level 30 guild copy with that contribution), and you’ll have a very good tank at your disposal.


Click here to see video proof of the DMG reduction cap

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