Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Orion

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Orion

Stella: Orion

5 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Betelgeuse (lvl 84): Increases 20% of skill DMG of Phantasma team members. (Only takes effect once to the team)


If I thought that Mitama was getting lazy with Sagittarius being an Anima version of Aquila, I’ve been greatly mistaken in the degree of sloth that Mitama can descend to. Orion is almost exactly the same as Stella: Aquila. The only difference, and a very minor one at that, is the base bond – Orion boosts Max HP, while Aquila boosts Skill DMG. The review and opinion regarding Aquila is still current and applies wholesale to Orion as well. This is an opportunity for players who missed Aquila to acquire an almost identical daemon. This is also an opportunity for players with Aquila to double down on that lovely 20% phantasma skill damage boost and acquire a second such boost so that you can run total 40% phantasma skill damage boost to the team from your reserves. Notably missing from all this repetition is a Divina version of the same assist.

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