Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Phoenix

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Stella: Phoenix

Stella: Phoenix

5 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Phoenix Constellation (lvl 71): Increases 40% of the ATK speed of all allies at the start of the final wave. (Only take effect once to the team)


Stella: Phoenix, not to be confused for the daemon Phoenix (Divina Ranged all target hitter), is an assist daemon that boosts the entire team’s speed.

40% speed boost is a huge boost, especially with it affecting all daemons on the team. While the effects of speed boosts tend not to be as obvious as damage, skill damage and crit damage boosts, with those aforementioned boosts hitting their game limits in certain builds, speed remains one of the few ways left to further improve your damage by inflicting more frequent autos.

Stella: Phoenix is designed mainly for the World Boss mode, especially for players who are hitting damage and skill damage caps routinely. The final wave limitation means that he serves no purpose on the Endless Challenge (I would have loved a non final wave limited team wide speed boost daemon to allow for even faster clearance of Endless Challenge, but that’s not to be this time). The short length of conquest battles limits Phoenix’s utility on conquest. And as usual, Towers favour EXP and Drop Rate boosters over any sort of damage boost.

Speed boosts have a 100% cap in-game. Other daemons (non exhaustive list)  that one can use to maximize this cap include:

With his ability locked at level 71 (LB1), Stella: Phoenix’s ability is easily unlocked by the player base. This is a welcome gift from Mitama after a long streak of GCQ daemons requiring LB3 for ability unlock.

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