Exchange Daemon Analysis – Stella: Virgo

Exchange Daemon Analysis – Stella: Virgo

Stella: Virgo

5 ★ Assist


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Bond Effects

Base Bond: ATK DMG

Virgo (lvl 89): All allies take 10% less DMG (only takes effect once to the team)


Virgo is an assist daemon that improves the team’s survival. This puts her in comparison with other assists like Ptolemy, Kane Doji and White Queen. The major difference is that Virgo affects all team members whilst most other survival assists affect only their bonded daemon. Virgo can be bonded to your reserve daemon and still help your team with survival, while other survival assists need to be bonded to the daemon that you want the assist to take effect on.

Once again this is a comparison between assists that are focused versus team wide assists. As a team wide assist, the aid to survival provided by Virgo to each individual daemon is low compared to Ptolemy, Kane Doji and the like.

Very simply, if you need a very large effective HP boost on a single daemon, you would be better off with Ptolemy bonded to that particularly fragile daemon. However, if multiple daemons on the team face marginal survival issues, then Virgo with her effect on the entire team would resolve the problem at the cost of a single reserve assist slot.

Unfortunately Virgo costs a bomb to have her ability unlocked for marginal usage. Having an ability that would mostly benefit weaker players locked at MLB and thus costing 625 Mochi is pricing the daemon beyond her target market’s budget. Veteran / stronger players who have accumulated MLB daemons tend not to have many survival issues, and don’t need her that much. Weaker players would benefit from her, but would be way better off investing their mochi in getting their main team to MLB rather than dropping 625 mochi on her. If she was priced at LB2 (300 mochi) or less (considering daemons like White Queen and Green Jasper cost 250 mochi and those are already over priced in my opinion) I would be inclined to advise weaker to moderate strength players to acquire her; even veteran players might be inclined to insure against the marginal need for a team wide survival assist. But priced at MLB and 625 Mochi, her price exceeds her potential marginal use.

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