Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Sumizome Zakura, Tokugawa Yoshimune and Theurgia Goetia

Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Sumizome Zakura, Tokugawa Yoshimune and Theurgia Goetia

Sumizome Zakura

4 ★ Ranged Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 7,800 / 9,562

Max/MLB HP: 6,000 / 7,356


Dance of Ink (MAX): Increases the DMG of 2 allies with the highest ATK by 60 / 73% for a limited time

Cherry of legends (lvl 73): Increases the Crit DMG of the 2 allies with the highest ATK by 40%


We previously had Book of 5 Rings as a crit buffing 4* with the same passive for 2 targets and this was considered incredibly strong. Sumizome is in a very similar category, and can in some ways be considered to be a miniature Alice who was the last events ranking daemon (and pretty difficulty for people to MLB).

Sumizome’s 2 target damage buff is not the best in the game – there’s Alice with 90% and Gjallerhorn with 89% – but at 73% to 2 targets is better than all the rest and is a very strong buff. Her passive is also super strong and in terms of Crit Damage boosts only Sola’s is really better – 40% to everyone when she is Leader. Team wide buffs have shifted out of meta slightly with 1 or 2 targets coming to the fore again (Poppy, Alice, Cherry [Black Sakura] etc), providing larger buffs but to more focused targets (the big damage dealers), and Sumizome can take her place among desirable buffers within a team through her buff strength and correct targeting.

Being a 4* and a LJS however brings her a couple of problems. First is naturally availability, however having said this it is possible to buy a 50 Mochi copy and use 4* orbs to max her which some players will have an abundance of. Secondly would be survivability, notably in world boss. You would likely be forced to use a defensive assist on her (Ptolemy, White Queen etc.) which then takes away a slot for an offensive team boosting assist.

Overall however she is simply a very high power level 4*. Combined with Book of 5 Rings I imagine this would be a pretty devastating 8 SE combination for Conquest.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.2 / 10 (Second best 4* behind Book of 5 Rings).

Tokugawa Yoshimune

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 13,300 / 15,870

Max/MLB HP: 9,000 / 10,739


Take This! (MAX): Deals 2,387 / 2,847 DMG to 3 enemies (Ranged Priority)

The 8th General (lvl 74): Increases Skill DMG by 15% at the start of each wave

Gentleman (lvl 88): Increases the max HP of Divina allies by 2% at the start of each wave


The 8th General to me only really has one purpose and that is to allow a Divina endless team to survive. In terms of damage output whilst gaining skill damage per wave is great I never really like this that much on a wave clearer – I want to clear the initial waves quickly rather than gain damage so that I can clear the final wave better. On wave 1 his effective skill damage is 4,795 which is okay but nothing special – less than Yatagarasu (5,890) who is an old standard, but more than other fairly recently released 3 targetters (Zeus, Knecht Ruprecht [Xmas 3]). On wave 4 Tokugawa’s skill increases to 6,365 effective damage. This is 3rd compared to all other 3 targetters, but still lies behind Mercury Elf (6,452) who was so easily available as a Mochi exchange. His auto attacks are simply average despite his high Attack stat.

The only other real advantage he has therefore is his stacking 2% HP buff to Divina – which only really serves a purpose in Endless mode. He is essentially built for this mode only, but as a 5* LJS, and in a dual guaranteed summon with Goetia, really isn’t worth the price to obtain (I would never promote spending for something that is solely for endless!).

Overall then he’s slightly better than the average 5* but really not worth the price to obtain. Getting Mercury Elf or Yatagarasu would have been a significantly better option.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.3 / 10

Qtphi21: As an aside, the Divina Type Endless team options currently look like this: Qilin, Phoenix, Miss Santa and Tokugawa Yoshimune

Theurgia . Goetia

5 ★ Assist


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Bond Effects

Base Bond: Skill DMG

The Tome of Demons and Spirits (lvl 61): Increases ATK speed by 45%

Clavicle of the King (lvl 86): Increases DMG of all allies by 6% (only takes effect once to the team)


The best comparator for Goetia would probably be Ninetails fox in that they provide a very similar boost to the wielder (45% and 50% ATK speed respectively) and have a secondary part which is a team boost. The difference however is that Ninetails’ boost is significantly better. I would much rather take 10% time – an almost invaluable asset – than a fairly small 6% DMG boost to all. With teams being able to hit damage caps with some ease (and getting easier over time too) the best way to increase damage further is to simply have more time for more combos. The time boost is also invaluable in Conquest allowing for lower SE clears, and in Tower allowing for easier 3* clears.

The other similar comparator would probably be Aquarius who provides 11% DMG to all allies. Again if you asked me which I would rather take – Aquarius or Goetia – Aquarius would win out, simply providing a much stronger team boost which is preferable to boosting the wielders’ auto attacks by 22.5%.

The nail in the coffin however is that the second ability unlocks at MLB, on a daemon that isn’t particularly better than predecessors who were more easily attainable.

Overall as a high cost 5* LJS with a 50/50 summon Goetia simply isn’t good enough to go for, which was also true of his counterpart in the summon Tokugawa. Save your invokers is my suggestion!

Emilio’s Rating: 7.6 / 10

Qtphi21: Theurgia Goetia’s art is done by Murakaruki – it seems like Mitama has hired a new artist? I particularly like the contrasting colors used in this piece – the red accent on the book against the greenish background.

5 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Sumizome Zakura, Tokugawa Yoshimune and Theurgia Goetia”

  • this event is so generous.
    1. gift free healer + crit rate + crit dmg sumizome sakura buff

    is like all u need for any stage in the game

  • why people always forget antikythera when comparing 3 target sweeper ? 23% increase crit rate and 20% crit dmge for anima is no joke. as for me she is better than mercury and yatagarasu.

    • I haven’t forgotten her xD She’s ranked just above Yata and below Mercury and Muramasa Anniversary (don’t forget that one too!)

  • Theurgia really does have striking art, its a pity the skills aren’t as useful to match. Not bad by any means, but definitely not great. I almost want to get him to bond on some auto attack team with Ketill or something just for fun though.

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