Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Susanoo, Lady Kushinada, Dullahan

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Susanoo, Lady Kushinada, Dullahan

Sola: It’s been a year since Orochi cursed everyone to turn into little girls, has the curse been lifted yet?

Mira: Let’s see… hmmmm… nope


Susanoo [Studious]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8400/10,024

Max/MLB HP: 9900/11,813


Adorable Hero’s Summer (MAX): Restores 2600/3103 HP. Target deal 66/79% more DMG for a limited time.

Fervent Study (lvl 75): Moderately increases DMG dealt at the start of each wave.


When Tsukuyomi was released in Mochi Exchange 2 months ago, with an ability that required the presence of another of the 3 Noble Children on the team, it suggested that either Susanoo was getting a re-release, or that Amaterasu would be released soon. Looks like Mitama chose the former option… but changed Tsukuyomi’s ability to not require another Noble Child on the team.

Susanoo has much better stats than, er, her (mythologically Susanoo is male, but in the Otogi-verse, he was been cursed and turned into a cute little girl) original version (7000/9300). These stats are in line with the higher tier 5 ★ melee daemons.

Susanoo swaps a skill that dealt damage to the row in front, for a self HP recovery and damage boost. The only other unit with a similar skill is 4 ★ Dom Pedro Aquamarine, with a 1503 HP recovery and 51% self DMG dealt boost. Susanoo’s skill is superior to Aquamarine’s, for both for HP recovery and  damage boost. At level 75, Susanoo unlocks an ability that further increases her damage every wave.

With this skill set, Susanoo is entirely focused on self-recovery and normal attacks. MLB (melee bonded +22.5%) Susanoo would have her effective normal attacks (with 7.5% standard melee crit rate) boosted from 1320 to 2363 after skill activation. With an additional 1043 DMG per normal attack and the boost lasting 8s (which allows for 4 normal attacks), a single skill activation of Susanoo’s skill would inflict an additional 4172 points of damage (possibly less, if there is time wasted in between hits with daemon movement or damage action). This isn’t actually that bad, when one considers that on top of additional damage, Susanoo also recovers a large portion of her own HP. However, unlike single heavy hits from traditional nukers, where one might choose to use the nuking skill multiple times along with other buffs and debuffs, this setup does not stack quite so well. Of course, skill killing is also impossible.

Overall, like Aquamarine, Susanoo with her skill set is not likely to be of much use in the current game meta. Unless there comes a day with a boss that takes is specifically immune to skill damage, and boosted normal attacks turn out to be the way to go.


Nex Rating: Junk

Emilio Rating: Possibly the worst melee daemon currently available

Ashla Rating: Looks like putting a character in a schoolgirl outfit has made them worse for a change.

Athora Rating: Useless skill comp. Maybe play around for competitive PvP, if anything.


Sola: Susanoo is still so cute!

Mira: If Susanoo is here, his darling wife cannot be far away either!


Lady Kushinada [Determined]

4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 6900/8459

Max/MLB HP: 7050/8643


Dance of Culture (MAX): Restores 1335/1635 HP to 2 allies (melee priority). Increases target’s’ speed by 30/37% for a limited time.

Love and Mischief (lvl 59): Moderately reduce the DMG taken by skill targets.


For a 4★ healer, she actually has very good stats, with 4★ healers generally averaging only 6k each for Attack and HP. She has the top stat total for her class.

For skill, she (clearly) prioritizes her husband’s type (the same way Orihime is melee priority also to cover Hikoboshi), recovering HP, increasing damage output via a speed boost, and reducing damage taken.

For a benchmark, one can look at another 4★ healer, Wakatoshi: Wakatoshi restores 1691/2071 HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP, and provides 30%/37% damage reduction. Lady Kushinada’s HP recovery and damage reduction are less than Wakatoshi’s, but this is in exchange for the speed boost. Another difference is in the targeting, with Wakatoshi prioritizing the most badly damaged daemons, which is more ideal. Melee priority sounds like a logical idea, but this isn’t as practical as it seems- the previous world boss Kinoe targeted the highest attacker (typically a ranged daemon) and the current world boss Hinoto targets ranged and healers with its nukes. A melee priority shielder is pointless in these situations.

As with all couple daemon pairings, Kushinada is designed to support her husband Susanoo.  Susanoo tanks and heals himself; Kushinada heals him further and reduces the damage that he takes. Kushinada’s speed boost is a good complement for Susanoo’s normal attack boost, because if means you can potentially squeeze one extra normal attack into the time that Susanoo’s damage is boosted.

On her own, she is a nice 4★ healer, good for new players who missed out on Edo Castle or have not drawn a healer from the Jewel Summon, but is let down by melee priority targeting.


Nex Rating: Junk

Ashla Rating: The poor man’s Kong Ming, but without what makes him a standout: crit stacking.

Athora Rating:  Aya Waka and Genjo had a baby. If you really need a healer defense buffer.


Sola: Lady Kushinada really takes good care of her husband, doesn’t she?

Mira: Yeah, in her eyes her husband is always first.

Master: Sigh… too much public display of affection…. Yikes what’s that?! Sola! Why did you throw a pumpkin at me!



4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5800/7112

Max/MLB HP: 6800/8337


Headless Horseman (MAX): Deals 2383/2923 DMG to an enemy (ranged priority), reduces target’s DEF by 611/753 for a limited time.

In Search of a Head (lvl 26): Significantly increases DMG dealt at the start of the final wave.


Just after Halloween brings the release of the headless horseman. In terms of stats he is within normal for his class.

Dullahan is one of a very select group of daemons with defence reduction skills. Others in this class generally deal no damage in their skill, the exception being Outenta Mitsuyo. Dullahan combines a moderately low single target damage skill with defence reduction.

Defence Reducers

Dullahan’s skill damage output before considering his defence reduction starts at a fairly low base. At MLB (2923) with 2 skill bonds (+10%) and melee base crit rate (7.5%), his effective skill damage is 3456 (regular wave), and 5184 (final wave, assumed 50% boost). His MLB auto attacks under the same circumstances would be 765 and 1147 on regular and final wave respectively. Defence reduction adds a fixed value to the autos that follow the skill. In a 1v1 situation with 4 auto attacks following Dullahan’s skill, on the final wave, 1 skill activation of Dullahan would produce 5184 + 4*753 = 8196 points of damage on top of normal autos.

Defence reduction as a skill is generally best when we have a single enemy to be ambushed by many of your own daemons, because each auto attack from each daemon would be boosted by the reduction in the single enemy’s defence. Such daemons are also commonly used in competitive PvP battles, but those generally favour multi-target defence reducers like Socrates. It will also be interesting to see how Dullahan fares in 1v1 PvP for farming purposes. Very likely he will be capable of farming 20 points against single 5 star healer defences. I have not tested this yet, not having drawn Dullahan. Anyone able to verify that Dullahan is good for farming is welcome to comment.


Sola: Sorry Master… it’s a Halloween joke.

Master: Hmmm this pumpkin actually looks quite interesting. The carving of the face is very unique.


Nex Rating: Junk?

Emilio Rating: A good 4* though not of much use in current events.Would keep for potential uses.

Ashla Rating: The poor man’s Outenta Mitsuyo, but with a more offensive build. 

Athora Rating: Dad jokes haha. Not worth spending, but if you have a copy, play around with. Maybe good for PvP farming?

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